Zygor Guide for Patch 5.4 Changes

Since patch 5.4 is well enough underway and there is nothing we can do about it I so decided to focus a little (more than usual on them Wow updates) and off course guide updates as well. Thus in this petite post here we’ll have a look at the changes that we’ll have to cope with in the final serious raid of the patch (maybe they’ll be more who knows, patch 5.5 perhaps? … anything be possible) and while we’re at it I’ll also take this occasion to fill you in on the updates to the official guide that Zygor is making so that it may include the tip top tricks on how to bash the overgrown skulls of these Sha messed up ronsters (dunno why, but they kinda remind of The Hybrid from Starcraft 2). So here’s for the video then with a nice glimpse on the changes that come with 5.4 (by JoeDrag0n):

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 (PTR) Orgrimmar Raid Changes

Also there should be some more serious improvements to the whole gig, since the making of the videos (cause they’re two in fact). Anyhow, the Official¬†Zygor Guide¬†for Patch 5.4 should cover everything to the smallest detail by the time the patch goes live (which is going to be pretty soon if things move at this pace. So if you somehow haven’t joined up yet, then bloody hell, do so at once cause you’ll miss out on yet another launch complete with a crazy race for the best gear and those elusive “Realm First” Achievements and Titles. Or you could just simply try to figure it out on your own using the free info provided on the web. It’s your choice.


So for next time, I recon that we should also mention something about the updates as they come and off course see if the other guides also feel the need to keep up with the ever changing atmosphere of the game.