Xbox 360 Fix for 3 Red Lights

OK guys so real quick with this one. As I assume you must have figured things out by now, there is a guide on how to fix almost anything by yourself at home (from your pathetic toy that makes that “chaching” sound, till a bloody space craft, provided you actually own). On previous posts (Like last year and the year before that and so on) I talked about some fixes for Movies on PlayStation and Blu-ray players. Plus If you take a look at the menu there is also a page there about how to fix your “red light” problem on a PS 3.

Now because I made all these things I really thought that it would be good to bring up the word about another guide, this time for Xbox 360. Cause you know, many people like gaming on those as well and in terms of construction they differ a little from the traditional computers (Really ?! You don’t say now …). Yeah , so without making this longer than necessary here’s the gig: Xbox 360 Lights Fix┬áby James Dean.

Without worrying too much about that guy’s face (which can get quite annoying, really), just take a look at the page and make sure you understood the whole idea. I mean guys this is after a DIY Project (Do It Youself) – So if you think you can handle your Xbox with a screwdriver and some wire while reading through that chap’s manual (with him starring at you all that time with his schmunk expression) then go on ahead and get the guide he’s offering. Making abstractions of all the bad things I’ve said so far, the damn thing actually works and if you take this way you also save a nice amount of money plus the time it takes for some specialized services to fix that thing for you!


With all these being told, do feel free to take a good at all these things and if you feel like it looks helpful don’t hesitate to give it a try! Well that’s quite it for today, take good care and be sure to check back soon for some info and updates on some of the latest gaming stuff (I was thinking about another short article on Grand Theft Auto V, but who knows)!