WoW Schools – Reaching the Gold Cap

Alrighty then, time for yet another interesting (well so to say …) World of Warcraft gold guide. Now you all know that there are plenty of so-called that teach you virtually nothing and that I am here to tell you a few words on those who do (and some even on those who don’t). So this time we are dealing with this so-called gold guide from the guide providing website called (pretty useless name if you ask me, but nah let’s just slide with it).

Now y’all know that great guides need to simple and give you exactly what you are seeking, right? Such as Tycoon Gold Addon by manaview (yeah and while we are at it, allow me to tell you that they have a special spring discount, so do take this into consideration should you want to get a gold guide to improve your gameplay any time soon). Now back to our sheep, I was telling you that these fellas from wow-schools have a different way of putting it. So that they hit you with a “statistic” (we have lies, big lies, huge lies and statistics in case you didn’t knew) that the average WoW player makes bout 3 K Gold / Day, thing which is rather obvious given the fact that the game is constantly evolving and the gold making items just simply grow in numbers as well …


Anyways, they claim that if you are a player that doesn’t make at least 3000 Gold/Day in a video game you are a Loser (with capital L). And this they call a marketing strategy … Jeez … (face palming myself). And then they just simply begin to tell you that you too can become a pro and learn how to make over 10 K, 20 K or 100 K golds or you know even hit the gold cap, which I believe was raised again with Patch 5.2, still not quite sure.

Now that I’m done picking on these guys allow me to tell you that their guide, once you get access to it is decently structured and no matter how many things you know, you’ll still learn one or two about all new gold making strategies. I would rate it’s effectiveness somewhere in the vicinity of 75% to 85% and give it an overall grade of 6 out of 10. But you know that’s just my opinion, if you want to convince yourself about their services feel free to drop by WoW Schools Gold Guide and see for yourself how the product is advertised and what they have to give. And off course should you decide to give’em a chance, you can also support’em by getting signing up!

P.S. They are seriously lacking MoP content, but if you ask me they compensate with a minimum price, still you guys decide all these things, I’m just here for the cookies.