WoW Patch 5.2 Trailer and Guides

Yet again Blizz has blessed us with several sneak peaks on previous notices to the content they so kindly provide to their avid fans, but now it’s time for the real deal. Although the content for World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 was available several weeks ago already, the actual story behind this patch, that of the “Thunder King” and implicitly the raid opening for it only came out a few days ago, so please allow me to keep this short and nice and let you review the trailer (which I’m sure you will find to your liking):

Patch 5.2 – The Thunder King Official Trailer


Yeah … it had to be trolls again, It’s like patch 4.1 and the other one 1.6 or something, the one with the original Zul’Gurub is going all over again :)) … But yes that is how the story of Warcraft continues. The Zandalari resurrect an old Pandarian tyrant and hope to make him rule the world again … Epic really! Anyways, you are to stop them all and in the process get rich, famous and covered with glory and precious jewels and legendary items (more or less).


And yes, since (almost) all the patch 5.2 is finally available, I am pretty certain that all the guides will soon be (if they weren’t already) updated to suit this new stuff. And … just to point’em out to you, on specific needs off course:

Tycoon WoW Addon helping you bastards out with farming over 30 K gold / day, plus several other addons (on special discount off course, if you get this one).

Zygor Guides providing support for virtually all the other known aspects of the game (stuff like gear, professions, achievements … leveling for that matter).

Dugi Leveling Guides being focused strictly on leveling, this one really provides you with everything you need to go from zero to hero (aka 1-90 leveling) in no time. I know that it’s less relevant to put this one here, because the level cap wasn’t modified, but what if you want to make an alt and leveling him real quick? Huh? What then? See …

No y’all keep in mind that these here are them best guides for World of Warcraft that one can get out there and once you have’em you won’t have to bother with any other new stuff, because they are all included for free. Off course I will still buzz round and about them, for all those unfortunate bastards who yet don’t have them and still struggle leveling those characters, aye? Good! Well it was a nice chatter and all, but that was all about it! Alright now, good luck to everyone at kicking the thunder’s ass!