WoW Impulse Addon

Now guys this here is the last of the addons (slash guides) provided by the fellas from And as luck would have it we’re always saving best for last, aye? Without stretching this further than it would necessary, let me say that this addon works on any patch given the nature of it and it really has little need for updates, but I’ve noticed that the friends who put it out there also offer updates for the sole reason of compatibility in-game. This off course applies to the addon alone, while the extra stuff you get (like the pdf guide for correct use of macros and some other things that are supposed to make you feel the “power” of your character) are less frequently updated …

And with the things I’ve said so far I recon that everything was told. Thank you and goodbye! … Just kidding … Impulse Addon is that thing that you don’t find on the web anywhere else. Why? Cause Impulse handles the things the usual guides don’t! So if you are thinking that there is another guide out there that messes (in a good sense) with your keybindings just to make you tougher than you really need to tell, because I wana test that one too! Anyways, changing your keys and getting the right macros (I guess you all should know by now what are those and how to make’em) means the difference between a player on the top and one among the last in the ranks! Or if we put it in other words, getting the right “extra” stuff boosts your game and makes you character an all-star raider or player vs player champion!

Impulse Addon

Quite frankly I’ve been using this for some time and I must tell that the results are visible and I actually mean that, I mean titles, gear, items and achievements are at their prime (really the only thing that stops me from getting most of’em is the time, nothing else). So if you think you need a little extra help (among the other places you visit to enhance your gameplay) I strongly recommend you check up on Impulse Instant Pro Keybinds and Macros Addon (there I said the whole damn name … ) and you will get as it says the macros and keys of a pro-player (in an instant, like you don’t have to change any of them or create any for yourself)!

Alright guys, so just go and have fun, but remember that if you want to be a pro, you need to seize every opportunity! Till next time, have a good time playing!