Wow Gold Guides: Tycoon vs Hayden

People have been asking me why do I review most of the stuff I do because some of it is really good while others are nothing else but crap in its purest form. Well it’s quite simple to tell you the truth, for the same reason that you need darkness to know what light is. The true quality of a decent guide can only come forth when discussed as in opposition to something else from the same branch, but that’s done in a completely different way.

So then today in the versus arena we have two major gold guides for World of Warcraft. At a first glance we might say that they are all pretty well balanced (just as in the case of a previous post when the battle was tagged asĀ Zygor vs Dugi), but truth be told here things are a bit more different and I will tell you why in a moment. The guides we’ll analyze today are Tycoon Gold Guide by and Hayden’s Gold Guide by herself I guess …

Now first thing we notice is the fact that Tycoon is actually put together by a team of specialists that had three more successful guides for this game along the years (Booster, Impulse and Edge of which we discussed in earlier ages so to say) while Hayden’s Secret Gold Guide is virtually put together by this gamer girl (and possibly her team of gold making specialists) that have no other guides whatsoever and truly give the impression from the first round that they never even played the cursed game.


As for the website any new coming idiot in the game can clearly notice the difference between a the pro design of Tycoon that is simple and straight to the point as opposed to the large and complex sales page that pokes your eyes out every time you land on it that Hayden has on her guide. If you ask me the simplicity in this case always stands for a confident and excellent product that doesn’t promise you more than you can actually have, while the other is … Well you all see well enough what it is, I won’t be going into any other details!


And finally we have the spiky problem of the prices that the two guides have. While Tycoon sells for a couple bucks that instantly gives you access to all the features of the product, including free lifetime membership and updates. In opposition to this, Hayden’s Gold Guide sells 10 bucks cheaper, but having a monthly recurring payment it is not advisable to stay signed up for more than 2 months. And off course I won’t even star mentioning the fact that one updates much faster than the other one and the quality of the tips offered is by far superior and not to even mention that the results can be seen without any trace of doubt!

And that was quite it, to tell you the truth I just love doing these VS posts cause they so nicely allow me to state my opinion on things I like and on those I don’t without offending (too much) either of those. Now don’t just take my word for it, feel free to check out both guides and only get the one that you deem worthy of your money (if any) and stay tuned for some more serious updates on the marvelous World of Guides here on!