World of Warcraft 5.4 PTR

So I recently heard that Blizz eventually decided to launch that cursed raid that they have been anticipating ever since the expansion was launched. Thus in a matter of weeks (give or take) we’ll finally have the chance to do some serious capping on the big orcish butt of Garrosh and off course since good things never come alone one must wonder what exactly has the big company in store for their beloved bill payers?


Well you can all just relax, because most reviews have been negative (as usual for Mists of Pandaria, everybody considered that pandas were quite faggish to be honest), so nothing is considered surprising at this point anymore. But anyways let’s just try to cheer up a little and mention the other features as well that we’ll be dealing with in this update.

  • The Siege of Orgrimmar (Yeah just that … Alliance and Horde (again) against Hellscream and his Kor’kron fanatics)
  • Timeless Isle (Some washed up new zone that will serve a certain purpose)
  • Flexible Raiding (for those fools who can’t cope with the damage and strategy behind making a cursed successful raid).
  • Proving Grounds (Like a nice dueling area with dummies that hit back)
  • And off course the Legendary Quest continues (no really … are we getting anything legendary at the end? no? damn …)
  • And finally … Virtual realms … (well it could have been worse)

So this is what expects us, but don’t despair boys and girls I am sure that someone will probably have some bright idea to do something and revive our interest for this marvelous game and bring back those feelings we all experienced when we first played it (good old times those were). Anyways just to cheer you up and spend a few of your money I recon you should know that the Armored Bloodwing is on sale and if you have some extra left from the previous meal then just drop by and get it. Here you have him in all his magnificence:

Alright so since we mentioned this darn mount that is exclusively available for cash alone, I recon that it’s worth also mentioning the fact that the fellas of Zygor and the boys from Manaview (the people who designed Tycoon Addon) also began working their magic on those darn guides and started improving them with the latest info starting from the beta testing that began a week ago.

So we all anxiously look forward Patch 5.4 and The Siege of Orgrimmar and we still keep hope that it might just relight that spark of joy that the first games of Wow had in them so y’all be happy newbies cause that won’t last forever 😛