World of Tanks Short Overview

Alright so let me tell you that I’m still pretty pissed because of the hardware change, but that small inconvenient is virtually shadowed by how dazzled I was when I started reading some facts on … Yeah, you guessed, World of Tanks! Here’s a little intro in case you missed the last add on our favorite video provider website or on TV for that matter (cause in case you haven’t figured it out by now the lines between these become increasingly blurred):

World of Tanks: British Tanks Trailer

Now don’t get me wrong, with all due respect what they achieved is really amazing, but that does not change the fact that their cursed advertising campaign is almot as irritating as a sneeze that refuses to come out when it is announced (or anything else that’s very annoying).


Leaving the jokes and useless comparison of titles such as World of Warcraft VS World of Tanks (that’s really not a very competent placement of words, but nah anyway …) one must know that ever since the fellas began advertising (like a few months ago) they gained about 30 million extra players (give or take and counting). So, any idiot must consider that to be a success, right? Well NO! I mean not really. At least from my point of view. Let me explain:

Just like League of Legends or Travian or any other washed up “Free to Play” game (which I profoundly hate in case you didn’t figure it out by now).┬áThis one too had to have a shop where idiots can buy stuff instead of just playing for them upgrades or other buyable stuff. And the best part is that out of them 60 million chaps there have to be at least some that will share their wealth with the minds behind it all. And that … skipping of whole days of gaming with a few bucks is one pretty annoying situation for any serious online gamer … (do correct me if I am wrong)!


Well anyways, overall the game is pretty cool for a little co-op tank action on some random WWII battlefield using some decently shaped vehicules. But still with all that advertising they really should begin working on some seriously new and improved stuff or at least that’s what I would suggest so that maybe in the near future (if they keep up the cursed ad campaign and continue to fund televisons such as History) they might just double those players yet again and achieve some new heights of success in the world of online gaming … That’s quite all I had to say for now, hope to be back soon with some more decent articles.