World of Guides – Zygor vs Booster

Been a pretty long time since we had our last VS in terms of guide feature comparing, so I recon now it would be the appropriate time to have ourselves a nice little “arena fight” between two top World of Warcraft guides (hereby called World of Guides post type). This time have in the ring yet another pretender for the best leveling guide title. So to speak we’ll make little comparison between Zygor’s Leveling Guide and Manaview’s Booster Leveling Guide.

Now almost every World of Warcraft has heard about the infamous Zygor and his top selling guides that actually transform a noob player into a serious pro within a matter of hours. However fewer people have heard about Booster, just because they didn’t get all that much exposure. But now we aren’t going to bother about the past and about how well known them guides, but about their other qualities.

Let us start with Booster by saying that their new and improved formula of “following the fastest quests” in-game has a power leveling rate of 1-90 in about 5 days (depending on the player as well) and to tell you the truth that’s quite fast (12 x the normal leveling rate of your average guideless chap). On the other hand Zygor promises little speed, but a true step-by-step game walkthrough, however with a custom interface that can be set on leveling speed as well. Still in terms of speed if we are to add them Booster wins!




In terms of price they both have the Alliance and Horde Special Package Discount, while also offering a single faction leveling guide for any of the two (for those fanatics who only stick with one single side forever and after and beyond …). However you need to know that Zygor has a 1-20 Free Trial Leveling, while Booster (that focuses solely on speed and leveling leaving out the lore of the game) has no such offer. This round thus goes to Zygor!

And finally if we are to compare the number of customers and positive reviews each product has from all possible we can find online, you would notice a pretty huge gap that places Zygor atop all the other guides in terms of Leveling (this includes Booster as well and even Dugi). So from this final “popular opinion” point of view the point goes to Zygor as well, leaving us with a winner!

So there you have it, if you search for an excellent guide from nearly all points of view that you can try for free and experience it to the fullest without any financial effort involved, then Zygor has what you need! However if you are already familiar with the game, some guides and only search for speed I can’t help, but recommend you try out Booster Addon  … Who knows, you might just find it useful enough to enjoy it!