Warcraft The Movie (2015)

By now you’ve probably heard the news or if you didn’t then you’ll hear it now … The big boys finally decided on a launch date for the Warcraft Movie. If memory serves I recon that was the 18th of December 2015, so it still ain’t quite “around the corner” if you ask me. Plus the movie already got postponed several times and suffered quite a number of changes so you know basically anything can happen in this 2 years + time.


For now however we’ll work with what we have and that is the somewhat official content that IMDb provides on the picture. So to speak after those failed attempts at the movie from 2009, this time things appear to be on the move and it would seem that they will be wrought in the vision of Duncan Jones who will be directing the movie and Charles Leavitt who provides the screenplay alongside Chris Metzen who kinda wrote the whole Warcraft franchise from the very roots till today.


In terms of actors it would seem that Mrs Paula Patton (aka Robin Thicke’s older sexy wife) has the only fixed role alongside some possible rumored chaps such as Colin Farrell and Anson Mount. We’ve yet to receive news o whatever the plot of the movie will be about, but that shouldn’t be a problem cause they have plenty of possible stories to choose from. I just hope that if they will make it (cause there is always a chance that the “plug will be pulled” in the last minute) they’ll turn it into a great fantasy movie.

But then again, how many movies that were made after games actually enjoyed even a glimpse of the success their video game versions had? I recon only time will truly answer this question regardless of big a budget the movie will have (they say its over 100 millions). Now even if the movie turns out to be a fairly stupid one, we can always lean on the idea that the game is much better … And if we still want to see some good movies in two years time there should be plenty to choose from (Star Wars: Episode VII, Avengers 2, Jurassic World and so on … ). That’s all for now, I do hope that they’ll have more info soon alongside a decent trailer soon enough so that we may talk about those a little as well. Till then however, I wish you all a fine day and a mighty successful weekend filled with plenty of games!