Valentine Special: Video Game Romance

Alright you guys, since the word is out this month for romance and love and pink, fuzzy things, I recon we should succumb to that pinkness ourselves (Snap, pinkness actually is a word!!! I would have never guessed) and take a look at how well romance was depicted in the “Books” we all so much love to read (aka Video Games). So this one right here is a short list of my favorite romance moments in the whole video game history (hey it’s my own pics, so if you don’t find one of your favorites here, just go and write your own list!). Let us begin then:

Isaac and Nicole from Dead Space 2


One of the best love stories that I have encountered in my long gaming career (if we may call it as such) is the one between Isaac and Nicole from Dead Space 2. I man who can virtually beat the everlasting love that goes far beyond our time (like 5 centuries ahead of us) and still remain so very much promising.

The Romance from The Mass Effect Series


Now there is nothing else better than a good love story, except perhaps for when you (well the video game character that stands as you in the fictional world to which we’ll hereby refer to as YOU, YOURSELF … and Irene, no pun intended!) are the one who gets to participate in your very own love affairs in-game. Mass Effect gave us the opportunity to do just that. My fellow developers, I salute you!

The Romance from the Dragon Age Games


While we’re still at the point where you get to choose who do you love and who you don’t while playing a video game, let’s just say that Dragon Age, really pushes the bonds out the way, by allowing you to have an affair with virtually any “pretty and young” co-character. Cool faces such as: the Witch (Morrigan), the Templar (Alistair), or the Rogue (Leilani) or even the dwarf for that matter (but honestly I can’t recall his name and I’m too lazy to look it up). Anywhore, the many possible love stories from Dragon Age, really make it into a nice and cozy RPG, totally recommended fro all them loners out there.

Cloud and Aerith of Final Fantasy VII


Getting back to those original love stories that really don’t involve you too. It’s always nice to remember the nice and heartwarming relationship between those two special characters from Final Fantasy VII. Now the whole series has plenty of romance and quite sufficient love stories and couples, but quite frankly Cloud and Aerith, rank in as my favorites.

Gordon and Alyx from Half Life 2


It’s quite weird to find out that a game such as Half Life, which you know is basically, a video game where you get to shoot and kill countless non-playable characters (or the so called Npc’s or even Mobs) or if you’re one of them ambitious and obsessed bastards you get to play it online and kill others like you (without actually hurting anything except their pride and probably sections of the mind), could contain a love story. But quite weirdly it does, and these two stand as a testimony for that!

The Prince and Farah from Prince of Persia


You how they say, nothing beats an epic story, better than an epic love story, but when you take the two and you mix’em up you get the story from the new Prince of Persia Trilogy (of which we’ll probably have some rewind pretty soon, but that’s another story). Anyways the way in which the story goes, you know how they work together and then how he loses her and then he gets her back while he’s actually committed to another babe that goes by the name of Kaileena is just simply awesome … And we haven’t said anything about the gameplay here, which yet again ranks in pretty high for a game of his time! Anyways, Prince of Persia = Cool Game with Nice Love story, most suitable for the list!

Mona and Max / Max and Mona of Max Payne 2


And the story of stories which ends this list of mine, is that of master chief cop and detective that calls himself, Max Payne. Now the game is pretty weird, given the the condition of the character you get to play. I mean it’s interesting and cool to play, but all those memories and flashbacks and so on really make it worth played at least a few times on all possible modes. And yes the best part of the game is the romance that really gets you r feet back to the ground. Plus you also get to play the babe yourself here (quite a rare thing to be honest in these type of games). And as a few points of reference please do note that it has a shower scene, plus a pretty nice comic book styled sex scene, which is really quite a moment to savor, not to even mention the epic reply of Vlad about the assassin babe: speaks with a Russian accent “Mona Sax? <…> I would F**K her!” (and then comes the scene with Max and Mona, get it? Good)

And my dear fellow gamers that’s quite about it for this special posting, hopefully I will manage to find some more serious game guides to review by the end of the week, because really most of the stuff I’ve been through lately is pure crap! So till next post (provided the fact there will be one such post) let me bid you all a Happy Valentine and Good Luck with that affair of yours …