The Next WoW Expansion After MoP

Since the fellas of Blizzard want to delay the launch of Patch 5.4 as much as possible (in order to make it as good as a World of Warcraft patch gets) I was thinking that this one might just be the last patch for Mists of Pandaria (again they could keep something safely stored just in case, but I doubt it). So if this is going to mark the end for this, let’s call it a “decent” expansion, what will come next? Because it’s kinda obvious for everyone that the fellas who made all of this possible still need a day job, right?


Now there are many possibilites out of which the minds behind the greatness of Azeroth must chose only one (preferably the best)! As with anything they vary from the most stupid to some that should partly restore the feeling that we all had when we played Vanilla WoW for the first time a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away …

Now to make my job a lot easier, because I’m one truly lazy gaming blogger I stmbled across this video some time ago where this dude (whose channel I do recommend with this ocassion as well @ The DD Guides)¬† tackles the next expansion issue on all the possible sides. So to make things easier for you other lazy munchers too, just watch the video bellow and we’ll take it from there:

Alright so did you watch it? Great! Now you know almost all the possibilites (I mean at least a few of them cause they should be almost endless given the fantasy status of the whole game). Anyway most ideas such as a revamping of Outland, another invasion of The Burning Legion and one final push to The Nest of Evil seem like some pretty interesting ideas. So interesting in fact that some top notch webite claims there are is some leaked info on several features that we will encounter in the next WoW Expansion. So are you ready for it? World of Warcraft: Rise of the Legion does it ring any bell?


However since this video was made, the big boys in charge of the future of gaming in the greatest MMO have also announced some interesting things and if you feel like sparing some half an hour of your precious time, the same dude that is responsible for the previous video, also made this other one, where the issue of continuity for World of Warcraft as a game is put to question, so sit back, enjoy and comment on this video as well if you feel like adding, approving or disapproving something (cause it ain’t called a discussion for nothing):

Well if you did manage to go through both videos allow me to congratulate you f0r being one true hardcore WoW fan and leave you with one final thought on the fact that no matter what the next expansion will be on, one thing remains certain: The guides and addons provided by Dugi and Zygor¬†will still be the best source where one may go asking for help in almost any variety of in-game problem, from leveling, questing, raiding and so on up until farming gold … Oh, wait! I mean except for gold farming, cause for that you’ll need the Tycoon Gold Adoon from Manaview.

So regardless of what might come next I am pretty sure that Blizz should be perfectly capable of handling yet another seriously epic expansion for their most epic success, World of Warcraft!