The Babes of Red Alert 3: Uprising

There are certain things that gamers like more than others and without a doubt I can confirm to you that cosplaying babes are one of those things that rank pretty high on my list as well. And what better way to enjoy a little feminine beauty than by reviewing the extra babes of the one and only Red Alert 3 Expansion: Uprising. We have several new faces and some old ones too who were just too good to pass … Enjoy:

Brenda Snow (Holly Valance)Holly-Valance-Red-Alert-3

Let us begin with the sexy little reporter that goes by the name of Brenda Snow. She is played by the aussie beauty named Holly Valance, whom you probably know from Dead or Alive where she had the memorable role of Christie. Quite honestly no one really knows what that movie was about, but everyone seems to know that she gets out of the shower and starts dressing while having a serious fight (not the domestic type of fight).

FutureTech CPO Kelly Weaver (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Red Alert 3

The next pretty little face in a suit that helped us through the rough campaign of Uprising is Miss Kelly Weaver. Now quite frankly I can’t recall what exactly was her role in the game, except that she probably had something to do with some kinda of evil corporation, but she sure does look pretty damn hot in that business outfit, don’t you agree?

Commander Lydia Winters (Louise Griffiths)

Louise Griffiths - Red Alert 3

When we talk about Red Alert 3 it is impossible not to mention at least one cute field commander to assist our sorry arses in the process of finishing the game. Lydia Winters, because that’s the name she bears during her hradcore cosplay role is on your side as long as you serve the allies, so make sure you don’t switch sides all that often or you’ll have to deal with her.

Lieutenant Eva McKenna (Gemma Atkinson)


Now I just couldn’t resist not showing her pretty face again, could I? Not only this pretty little girl is one of the only innocent looking things through the whole game series, but she also proves quite helpful and loyal through the whole saga as opposed to many other well known alternatives. So basically she’s the american sweetheart nextdoor (although she’s actually British, don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Gemma ain’t all that popular of a name over the ocean). Woman I salute you!

Commander Takara Sato (Jamie Chung)


One of the new additions to the Empire of the Rising Sun is this commander babe, Takara Soto, who is played by Jamie Chung. Quite frankly I wasn’t all that impressed with her, in spite of her petite clevage and badass look. Now I know she’s the sporty type and probably she had better days than we she made this picture, but still I’m all about looks.

Izumi (Julia Ling)


One of them babes that we previously encounter only briefly in the main campaign of the game and who gets a much more proeminent role in the expansion is the asian lethal beauty, Izumi, portrayed by the pretty Julia Ling. Truth be told I kinda enjoyed seeing her pony tail swing around through various stages of the game. Not to even mention her schoolgirl outfit that kinda became a cliche for asian fetishes … Damn girl!

Commander Vera Belova (Moran Atias)


And as always (or almost always for that matter), I’m saving the best for last. Take a look at this hebrew beauty here present who plays the role of Commander Vera Belova in the Soviet side of the campaign. I don’t realy know if her face seems familiar to you guys, but if it doesn’t you should really look her up because I tell you a face like that can’t go unnoticed for that long. I mean just look at her and tell me that you’re not in love yet?

So that’s it for me fellas, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the second and final part of the small review series on the favorite video game/cosplay babes from Red Alert 3 as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. And before you go just take a good hard look at the wallpaper bellow and tell me what do you see …


Hell, there really ain’t nothing to be seen except for those same old babes from the previous post in some very weird positions and beaing clearly photoshopped to stand all in a single pic… But that doesn’t make it any less cooler, right? I knew you would love it!