The Babes of Devil May Cry

Since there still are a few days of summer left and for now there is little news that interests me in terms of gaming, I recon that this is the perfect time for a nice article on a single gaming topic that we all love: Babes (from video games of course).


And because there are just so many I guess that the best way to remember all of our favorite female characters is to split them according to the games where we first saw their lovely faces. Today on the list we have Dante’s friends and foes during the many episodes of the Devil May Cry series. Enjoy:



One of the best babes in the series has to be without any trace of doubt, Trish. This prety demon in disguise starts out as the lure for Dante, but ends up by falling for him and helping his sorry ass out all along the series. And we sure enjoyed her presence in the games as well, mostly due to the … corset.



Some of the best parts of Devil May Cry 3 must have been the Lady encounters. Besides being a very strong feminine figure, Lady/Mary also gets a special look by having those weird naturally different colored eyes and one messed up heritage (her pops killed her mom to become more powerful, so she kills him, with the help of Dante of course, to break even). For your prowess and courage in our favorite hack’n’slash game, we salute you, Lady!



What better way to change the pace a little, than by introducing a cute little girl that has no fighting skills whatsoever into a slasher game such as this one? Cause you know, nothing spices the action better than a helpless damsel in distress that requires rescue. Kyrie played that role perfectly by messing up Nero’s mind in DMC 4!



So I was a bit unsure about what to do with this babe, cause you know she actually isn’t a real character in the true sense of the word (just the way Pinocchio isn’t a real boy), she’s more of a demon in disguise that we already mentioned as the tip top babe of the list. However eventually I decided to count her in as well and add her as well cause you know, she looks the part and also adds a little variety to the game by bringing the exotic beauty in the mix. Trish dear, your Gloria disguise was nearly perfect, but you know what betrayed you? … The corset!



Now how could we forget about one of the most tempting little vampire rock’n’roll ladies who we’ve encountered back in DMC 3. Nevan truly made an impression despite the fact that the dance with her was quite short it was truly intense. I recon we can blame the flaming red hair for that, it never stoped where we wanted.



Cute and sexy the latest addition to the list of the Devil May Cry babes comes from the latest reboot of the series, in the persona of Kat. This young lady accompanies and helps the new and improved version of Dante through his adventures in the alternate universe of DmC: Devil May Cry and boy she fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. Katie dear no matter what the critics said about the game, we still enjoyed it and it was mostly due to you being in it!



And finally, although we only get to see her in pictures and some very brief moments in the latest game of the series, Eva (aka Dante and Vergil’s mother) is without a doubt one of the most proeminent figures in the game, having most of the other female characters fashioned in her image. Now wether you take the good old classic blonde version or the newer redhead vixen look into consideration, Eva has to be one of the best absent characters in the Devil May Cry series or at least the prettiest.

That’s it for now, I do hope you enjoyed the little babe recap and I hope to have the time to produce some more of these relaxing and pleasant articles in the days to come as well. Cheers!