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WoW Patch 5.4 Final Notes

So we are just 8 days away from the launch of Patch 5.4 and Blizzard slowly draws towards the conclusion of what we might call a rather successful expansion in spite of all the controversy and debates that surrounded the launch for Mists of Pandaria. Since the patch goes live on all realms only by the 10th of September, this gives us plenty of time to analyze a little all this brand new content just before we’ll play it and check out some of its best new features. Let me count out some of them for you and give you some advices on each and everyone of them:

The Timeless Isle


This new area addition to the game will provide an excellent place for players to spend some time in searching for some new rewards (pets, mounts and other stuff) which in return can bring a lot of gold if one manages to harness the potential behind the rarity of these items. Meaning you get them and then you sell them in the Trade or Auction House.

The Proving Grounds


Now considering that not everyone is a renowned gladiator with full Tyrannical gear, title mount’n’all, this new system should allow new players to also experience a little of action while not having to worry to much about the frustration of real fighting, at least until they might feel ready for it. So I dig this update quite a little too.

Interconnected Realms

One of the base principles of the game is that you are supposed to team up with other people in order to get stuff done, but since lately some realms became too crowded and others had little active population the simple migration system just simply wasn’t enough, so a development such as this interconnection is more than welcome.

New Arena System

As much as I enjoyed the good old arena fights I recon that there is an end for everything, because it seems that from now on each player will fight for himself and no longer shall the rating belong to the team. Personally I don’t really like this all that much, but nah I guess it’s better this way.

The Raid and the End of the Rebellion finish the Legendary Questline


And finally allow me to quickly squeeze in my last thoughts on the topic by telling you that if you still have some unfinished business with the Darkspear Rebellion, you should tend to it cause after the launch of the raid on Orgrimmar it will be a bit too late to do so. And if you haven’t completed the legendary questline in Pandaria so far, you probably should start doing that too cause there are some serious rewards for those tough guys who finish it.


With this I finish my few thoughts on this last update for Mists of Pandaria, but not before reminding you to also check out the tip top guides offered by Zygor¬†and Dugi¬†should you require any kind of extra help in almost any field of the game (from leveling, questing, raiding to how to bind your keys and what macros to create in order to make things work). And for an excellent gold guide allow me to say that you won’t find any better guide out there than Tycoon, by Manaview. Feel free to check these out for they are some of the few premium World of Warcraft Guides that are updated fast enough for you to enjoy them as soon as the new content is released.