Strategy Guide to Top 3 Video Game Nude Scenes

So lately I stumbled upon some pretty cool articles on some of very weird topics that somewhat relate to gaming. After careful consideration I thought about  making a few of those as well, by adding a little bit of originality to the mix as well.

First one up is my guide to the top 3 best nude scenes in video games. Now do bear in mind that this a very subjective guide and it only contains those scenes that I thought were the very best (cause there are plenty of other scenes that were good as well, but these really rocked when I first got to them while playing). Let’s begin then:

Number 3: Madison Paige from Heavy Rain 


I have to admit that many video rpg games were pretty interesting due to many aspects that came in with them, but somehow nudity was rarely among these. Heavy Rain changed this by giving players the opportunity to see one of the main characters naked in more than one sequence. Thus, Madison Paige, entertained us with one great strip show and an amazing shower scene.

Number 2: Aphrodite from God of War 3


Who could possibly forget the memorable sequence with our friend Kratos entering the “love nest” of the beautiful and lustful Aphrodite. Certainly God of War is pretty famous for all the mythological nude sequences, which kinda spiced up the whole game atmosphere in a pretty nice way with the courtesans spread all over the storyline. But without a doubt the scene with the goddess of love has to rank in as the best.

Number 1: Triss Merigold from The Witcher 


And off course the number one had to be chosen by several criteria, out of which the bunny magazine was also pretty important, since this video game babe here was also featured in a pictorial for Playboy. But before that, we knew Triss from the fine RPG known as “The Witcher” where she also sheds her vestments on numerous occasions, alongside many other obscure figures of the game. But anyway, she tops off this fine guide of mine for today by being the lead girl in the best nude scene from a video game.

Alright so there you have it, a small strategy guide to three of the best “skinny” scenes from the video game realm. Feel free to check them out and play the darn games as well if you somehow haven’t, cause those scenes are truly impressive only if put in context, other they are just … material … you know … Ah, yes and talking about material, I should put up a gallery with these 3 babes, right?