Strategy Guide to 3 RTS Games

It would have been a bit too repetitive and awkward to just simply entitle this “Strategy Guide to # Strategy Games”, so obviously that I had to use a synonyme that would fit in well for all the games I chose to mention in this petite guide as well. Allow me to get straight to the point and give you the titles:

  1. Age of … Empires (I,II,III), Mythology (The Titans)
  2. Total War (Rome, Medieval, Shogun, Napoleon)
  3. Craft (Starcraft, Warcraft – No Minecraft here!)

And now that you still have small general list that covers the three main topics that I’ll slowly buzz about in this article concerning the 3 grand games and genres they stand for let’s get to talking!

Age of … Mythology


Age of Empires was the first ever strategy game that I actually played and enjoyed till exhaustion when I was a kid. Then came the additions that took the series to the next level with AoE II (and all the extra expansions). And finally I was somewhat disappointment when I played AoE III because you know the game generally sucked, unfortunately (low funds and high piracy they say … I say lack of skill and creativity). But over all these titles we have the great Age of Mythology that I personally consider one of the best and that should rank in the highest among all the games that begin with this “Age of … “. So if you are on the lookout for one these games to play I do strongly suggest you go straight for AoM and only try out the AoE if you are a history junkie!

Total War Rome II


So whenever talking about a strategy game played in turns with real tactics that virtually allow you to reenact almost any of the major historical battles that scared this world, then you’re talking Total War. Personally I played quite a few games of the series, but still I consider Rome (the first I played) to be their greatest achievement. Also the news that we’ ll be playing an upgraded version of that sometime in September this year really managed to get me excited and turn my mind away from the dailies and dungeons for a moment. Thus my suggestion in this category is Total War: Rome (I / II)!

Warcraft and Warcraft in Space AKA Starcraft


I really want to emphasize the fact that Warcraft actually is an RTS game at its origins and if you have problems with your lore I do strongly advise you to look up the story a little or even better play the good old classics Warcraft I, II & III once again (I mean you did play them, right? If not, then what the hell are you still doing here?!). Also for those of you who abandoned the mighty Brood Wars for the new and fancy Wings of Liberty / Heart of the Swarm / Legacy of the Void (still to come), do allow me to remind you that it all started with “Warcraft in space” (to quote our good friend Artanis). So you cannot possibly call yourself a true Blizzard fan unless you own and finish these games at least a few times every decade :). Just kidding, but anyway, for the last type of RTS that I recommend I have to say that my favorites are Starcraft (Original) and Warcraft III, but off course all the other games in the series are premium quality so if you wish to learn all that there is about Azeroth/The Koprulu Sector I do suggest playing them all in the ascending order of their release.


And so to speak if you are on the lookout for one serious RTS/Strategy game to test your mettle in, do take my advice on it and go for AoM, TW Rome and Warcraft / Starcraft and don’t just leave out a game because it’s old, cause you know … a masterpiece (and yes most of these games can be considered as such) never gets old!