SimCity Overview

We finally got to that part of March in which most of the anticipated games of this year are finally coming out. Among them the much expected expansion for Starcraft 2, Tomb Raider and for those of you with a little bit more sense of responsibility and reality, SimCity! And since we talking about Sim games it’s good to mention the fact that these type of games are a very funny and nice way of showing you how God would be able to watch us on a daily basis, giving us a glimpse at the life we live in our homes from a vantage point of view, if you understand what I’m trying to say …

Now I’m relatively new with SimCity, cause I’ve actually had time to play it only a few months ago for a short while, but I did realize that it’s beauty consists of the mash up between the routine and unexpected events in the life of a city. In other words it’s a very nice counterpart for Sims (1, 2, 3) at the city scale. And off course The Sims are one of the most successful game series ever made in case you didn’t knew. All this means the game is a valuable asset to the collection of any respected gamer. And to make things a bit more relevant let’s just watch the trailer:

SimCity Official Trailer


I just love the part with Pegi 7, cause you know most of the stuff we talk about is (directly or indirectly) tied to something that has mature and adult themes in it, but this one is good fun for all ages (well almost … I mean if you ask me kids under 7 shouldn’t really have to play too many video games anyway, but yeah I’m not the one to claim this cause I’ve played my first at 3). So my friends this one here makes you the tycoon of a city and offers you virtually endless possibilities of doing things just the way you like it.


Some of the updated features include much more “unexpected” disasters and a pretty cool online game mode which lets you play with friends from all around the world. Also a small aspect of the globalization included here is the fact that all your decisions will influence all the other players you play with so extra caution is advised. Really it resembles till some point those annoying Facebook games you constantly get invited to play, just that it’s much more complex and charming.

And that is quite about it with SimCity for now. Now the new game of 2013 was launched from the 5th till the 8th of March all around the world, (that’s like 2 days ago) so you can all have a go for it and give this a try, because really it does seem to show plenty of potential. So then ┬átill next game related discussion feel free to buzz around in search of more cool games to play!