Short Retrospective and Happy Holidays

Here we are at the end of yet another year that was (as the previous and I’m certain as the one that will come next) filled with both good and not so good news both from the world of gaming and from the world in general. Now I won’t be going into predictions for the future, because we have prophets who do this for a living (and my … they sure live a good life these days). I will resume myself at talking a little about a few big titles of this year and of the one we’re about to cross into in terms of gaming and that’s it.


First one up are all the major titles that are going to be released on the mighty “nextgen” consoles, most of them being no different than any of  the previous titles which were available on the not so new consoles anymore. Still there’s also a good side to it all … The prices for Xbox 360 and PS 3 alongside with games for them have dropped and will continue to do so up until they are worth less than the monthly payment of an african child who works in a shoe factory.

In terms of titles for the next year you can already figure it out without too much of a headache that the Warlords of Draenor expansion (with all the possible versions from 6.0 to 6.x) is going to be among the most discussed topics on the blog here … But off course let’s not forget that there might just be room enough for other great upcoming games such as The Crew, Thief, The Division and many more similar titles. And for those of you who enjoy the more “diverse” topics such as The Babes of … or Strategy Guide to … There might be some of those published as well!


And finally since just a couple days ago we celebrated Christmas and in another couple of days we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve allow me to wish you Happy Holidays and recommend you a tiny game to help you remember the simplicity and beauty of what the original video games where supposed to have been all along. Here’s the video review for it made by Lazy Game Reviews ( that’s quite a decent review I might add), enjoy!

Santa Claus in Trouble – Game Review

*And I’m certain that he mentions this a couple of times as well, but if it somehow slipped your attention, make sure you only try the game out on Windows XP or older, because there are certain compatibility issues with Win 7&8 and you might find it quite tricky to fix them, but they if you’re a computer wiz than ignore what I’ve just said and do your thing. That’s all for me, have a good time and enjoy the time off!