Product Feature: Zygor Guides

Short update here, since I am still thinking about what to say on the latest and probably final updates for Mists of Pandaria’s final patch (5.4), I believe it is an excellent time for a product feature/ highlight.

Like a few days ago the boys from Zygor Guides scored a nice feature for their product on the first page of the biggest digital product retailer’s website (the one that actually sells the subscription to their guides … yes, that one!). So I thought about gracing them with a petite feature myself (obviously I can’t offer the same kind of exposure as those chaps do, but still they’re worth it!). So here it is, my petite product feature, the first of it’s kind here at Strategy-Game-Guides.Com (maybe more will follow, who knows).

If I may begin by paraphrasing the short description used on the retailer homepage which sounds pretty similar to this: Zygor is the best resource for World of Warcraft in-game guides that show you the way through Azeroth as you go, without having to exit or check the web for any kind of extra info, thus resulting in:

  • Amazing Power Leveling (10 out of 10*)
  • Fast Quests and Dailies (9 out of 10)
  • Easy Gold Making (6 out of 10)
  • Rare Item Guide (8 out of 10)
  • Achievement Guide (9 out of 10)

*The grades are given by me based on my own experience using the guide for the past few years (so don’t take them seriously). Also these don’t reflect the whole sub-guides that Zygor offers, for a full review please check the following page: Zygor Guides Review on this blog here present! Anyway if we are to rate the whole assembly of guides it would score without any problem a big fat 9!

And that concludes my first feature for a gaming related product on this blog. I do hope you’ll find this and other similar posts useful when choosing a guide for your favorite game!