Prince of Persia Trilogy

There were several games which had a relatively interesting continuity, among them stands the well known Prince of Persia. Created by Jordan Mechner more than 20 years, the series underwent so many changes that you would truly think that people had their fill with it. However Ubisoft proved this wrong when they relaunched the series with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Given the context the game wasn’t too bad, but it really wasn’t the best one either so when it came to continues people were rather resistant on giving an opinion. Still let us take a look at the good old trailer and we’ll take it from there.

The Sands of Time Trailer


Well you do have to admit that things were rather interesting in Sands of Time, because we already have all the time bending concepts well placed, you also have the beautiful story and some serious scenes. But one thing that really annoyed me in this version was the combat system, which really wasn’t one of the most well wrought features.


But things were going to change for the better … Oh yes, when the following part came out. Warrior Within came with a total reinvention of the prince, making him so much more darker and tougher, adding some serious graphical and gaming improvements, while still holding on to the same time bending techniques which made the game worth playing. Also another aspect about Warrior Within which is truly fascinating is the way in which time changes and you get to see how the same scene would look ¬†after 500 years of ruin. But let’s not waste more time than necessary and take a look at the old trailer.

Warrior Within Trailer


I have to admit it this brings back so many memories … The Dahaka chases, the alternate times, the alternate endings, the beautiful women and the epic battles … Just simply awesome, with a capital A!


Moving on then, to the final part of the series, which concludes the story and yet again brings several welcomed changes to the gameplay. As the prince returns home with Kaileena (whom she rescues in the alternate ending of Warrior Within) he confronts his old enemy, the Vizier. In this situation when he is yet again fighting an army, our hero becomes a rather stealthy assassin instead of the warrior he was on the island. However the gameplay does not resume at this precursor of Altair, but it brings one last “piece de resistance”, the so called dark prince! But let us just review this last trailer as well, before we all go have another cup of coffee.

The Two Thrones Trailer


Well this was just about it! I do hope that you enjoyed our little retrospective and if you get the chance, these games are always worth a replay. And if you ever happen to lay your hands on other parts as well, know that those are the imitations, these three are the real deal … I guess … Anyway just have fun playing the damn thing!