New Warcraft and Hearthstone Patches

So big news everyone (although it’s something like a week old by now), but in case you’ve been waiting for Christmas before logging back into Warcraft like I did, you’ll have the pleasant surprise of finding out that the chaps of Blizz released a second part to the 5.4 patch in which they kinda fix a few issues and come with some minor overall gameplay improvements. The patch is kinda small so it won’t take long to patch it up, but still I was pretty dazzled when I’ve seen it loading and installing. Kinda gave the impression that Warlords of Draenor came out and I missed on the bloody launch … Damn, that would have sucked!!!


Anyways, usually when the patch changes even if the change is pretty small , such as this 5.4.2 patch that we’re talking about still screws up several of the addons in terms of compatibility. So just drop by the official websites and update them (where possible off course). If memory serves there should be updates ready for both Zygor’s Guides and Manaview’s Addons, which kinda sum up all your WoW  Guide necessities. So to speak if nothing else comes up in the next days I recon that this patch (5.4a/5.4.2) will be the one to take the game up until the launch of the next episode from the story. And speaking of story, in some future post we’ll have to take a look at some of the details concerning the lore behind the Warlords of Draenor, because quite frankly it’s kind of intriguing, but I still have problems in understanding how will it fit in with the rest of the story.


And since I just spoke in the previous post about Hearthstone, I recon it would be a good time to say that the beta is closed and the patch notes for version (quite weird, but I swear that’s what it says, that should be official version of the game when it comes out, if they won’t change it anymore) are ready for the public. To put it in some other, simpler, words, the game is that close to being officially launched! Now that’s pretty exciting not only because I’m all to curious on just how “free to play” the game will be, but also because things seemed to be going bit to well for a bloody strategy card game. But after all  no one says it better than the man himself, my friends I give you Christ Metzen:

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Building the Fire
(UK Version, cause it’s shorter)

There you have it then, just before Christmas we have 2 pretty important updates on some seriously badass games (no honestly Warcraft is kinda badass and Hearthstone is the same thing only at a much smaller scale). I do hope they’ll come out with it fast enough cause I can’t wait to get my hands on that Free-to-Play Blizzard Card Game! And who knows maybe there might even be a guide or two to help our sorry asses out during the tough ranked matches againts the world’s elite … I guess that all remains to be seen.