Need for Speed Rivals

Since we have all been buzzing about World of Warcraft too much lately and we paid little heed to any other gaming activity, I decided to have a little post on this new Need for Speed that is actually going to fit in with the “new generation” consoles as well (here those are the infamous Xbox One (why ONE?) and the mighty PlayStation 4 (this I can understand), by the time you’ll read probably those will be outdated, but anyways).

So the newest game of the NFS series called Rivals will be featuring some nice new revamping of the good old police chases from NFS MW (which in case you didn’t knew ranks in as the best game of the series) while giving players a bit flexibility in choosing the path they want to follow (as in speed to defy or speed to apply the law). Just take a look at one of them trailers and you’ll figure it out:

Need for Speed Rivals Trailer – Cops vs Racers (E 3 2013)

So this looks pretty decent, but please note that all games that come out on today’s tech look just the same. For the game to be success there are several other characteristics that need to be flawless in order to be called successful. Such as smoothness in gameplay and a decent pallet of choices in gaming mode (offline gaming FTW as well a decent multiplayer) and obviously story. The beauty of Most Wanted was the darn story that progressed and made it all shiny and spotless alongside a pretty nice challenge series.


Now if they manage to bring all these back combined with the decent graphics that they are capable of coming up with these days, I see no reason why the game shouldn’t be a success and revive the series that god seriously overlooked through the years due to many reasons. I sure hope for the best!