Lore and Guides of Warcraft Custom Edition

Since patch 5.3 was launched almost two weeks ago, but the chaps from Blizz still fail too amaze us with some serious official Patch Trailer, I have been buzzing around the big video provider site of the internet, searching for something to get a better understanding of what the hell is going on cause honestly from the little gameplay I had time for, I couldn’t figure out too much, like is it a civil war in the ranks of the Horde only? How sides with who? Where the hell does the Alliance fit in all this and so on … So many questions and so little time to play through your answers!


Anyways so I have been looking around and I stumbled across a very nice custom fan made video that clears out some of the things. Now the damn things is pretty crudely made and obviously could still use some serious improvements, but hell, it does the job and that’s all that matters! So here’s the video, gameplay and commented on as well (it’s pretty damn long so you should grab a coke if you intend on watching it!):

The Darkspear Rebellion (Patch 5.3 Lore)

So in case you managed to get the idea behind it all it’s good for you, cause I still have some serious doubts concerning the direction to where this whole darn story is headed. But still Blizzard hasn’t disappointed us all that often and I am sure that eventually things will play out pretty well. Also in case you feel like you’ve missed something or you are on the lookout for some cheap guide video check out this dude’s channel over by Nobbel87┬ácause some of the stuff he posts is actually quite cool.

Yeah and that’s quite it with the lore and video game guides and strategy guides for World of Warcraft for now. Hopefully they will come up with a nice patch trailer (if they will even come up with one) and then I’ll be able to end my lore video series with Mists of Pandaria as well. Also I can already guess that they are already working on the new expansion and will probably come up with some news soon enough. Looking forward to that moment, but until then we cope with whatever we have and that is the Darkspear Rebellion!