Heart of the Swarm Release

Finally!!! I was really beginning to think that this damn official date would never show up, but you know it did and I mean it did so quite well, because I just can’t wait to get my hands on those extras from the collector’s edition I pre-ordered ages ago (I won’t go into polemics about the pre-order  of GTA V because that would vex me greatly!) and really it’s going to be cool to play a new campaign because I was really getting bored of farming the same old planets with Jimmy.


Anyways it seems that Sarah is back and Blizz was true to their word and launched the game expansion yesterday. So if we skip the tiny inconveniences caused by the updates in servers and all that I recon that Heart of the Swarm should be quite a decent game version for one of the best strategy games ever. Will it beat expectations? Probably! Will it turn out to be a flop? Perhaps (though it’s quite unlikely), but either way you would have it, it’s excellent news that the game is finally here, From this point forward it’s all going to be history!

And off course don’t forget about the guides either if somehow you are in the need for some serious Starcraft training and a few updated content for Heart of the Swarm, then feel free to take a look at Shokz Mastery Guide and begin learning how to play in the big diamond league! And that’s all about it for now … Adun Torinas!