Hayden’s Gold Guide Review

It so seems that Blizzard is really taking their time with this last patch update leaving time to the hardcore (and mostly stupid) players to complete almost all the achievements added in 5.2, which if you ask me is rather weird, I mean we all love doing some achievements in-game, but how on earth could you go for all of them? Anyways, it’s good that they at least gave it a try … the bastards!

So because I’ve been gaming less and had more time to look for other good things to look upon before the final patch of Mists of Pandaria is launched, I stumbled upon one nice revamped gold guide. Now secretgoldguide.com was around for quite some time now and because it was real good it always held the top position during the good old Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions. However during Cataclysm the position has been compromised a little and that is why I avoided mentioning it earlier and I focused on “better” gold guides such as Tycoon. Thus, I am pleased to say that when I found it all revamped and ready to go again I was quite delighted.

Here’s how the stuff works. Much like Tycoon Gold Guide by manaview, Hayden Hawke’s Gold Guide is a platform from where you get gold making tips on a daily basis. Having tips submitted by both Hayden (the webmaster) and many other users, the website’s database is rather extensive and it contains plenty of updated strategies on gold making in World of Warcraft. Single thing I have to object is that it has a recurring pay system and if you decide to join up you’ll have to pay for each month of tips (as compared to other guides that have FREE updates included for life). But I assume you smart fellas will figure out a way past that eventually … And after all it is good to keep in mind that it ain’t so very expensive     with all of them included either.

So then drawing the conclusion it is good to have a little friendly competition in all fields, even when talking about gold guides for a massive multiplayer online game such as World of Warcraft. For now just feel free to check out this guide as well and at some point in the future (maybe even before Patch 5.3 is launched), I will be making another VS post about the two major gold strategy guides here present.