Happy New Year 2013

Well it appears that we have made it through 2012 and the end hasn’t came just yet (that’s really not quite a surprise to tell you the truth). Now that we have still started off the new year thinking of the ghosts of the past, I say we leave those behind and focus on what stands before us.

happy new year

As far as I am concerned (as a blogger who talks mainly about video games) I must say that this year we have some very interesting upcoming games that are going to be worth talking about for a while. Off course we’ll also continue analyzing the ever expanding MMORPG that goes by the name of World of Warcraft and see what other “improvements ” Blizz decides to throw at us. And last but not the least we’ll also bother about how on earth to deal with the new challenges that the games make us go through (stuff like gaming guides, strategy guides, addons etc and so on). 

Well with this being told, I wish you all once again a Happy New Year and plenty of luck with your game! And I also do hope (for both you and I) that we’ll manage to keep our game up this year as well … And who knows maybe even step it up a little!