Halo 4 Game Impressions

Alright guys so it has finally come to this as well! I know it took me some time, but I really needed to analyze (aka play) the game till I could actually make myself a decent impression of it! Having played the previous versions of Halo (Like 1, 2, 3) a bit earlier in my “gaming career”, I also had to replay a few rounds of those as well in order to be able to draw a line and tell what’s truly new and impressive with Halo 4! 

Well now if you are not really familiarized with it (which I do truly doubt) or if you would just enjoy to review the trailer again, you can find it down bellow like there -> Right there:

Halo 4 – New Trailer 

So, did you see it? Did you see? Off course you did! Guys, you all know by now that I am one that prefers games that tell stories (be they as stupid as the stupidest story that comes to your mind now), as long as they are in the game and you have a little lore alongside the slaughter, that game is actually worth it! (Don’t get me wrong, there are also good games that don’t have a story, like tetris, for instance). 

Halo 4

Sticking with the same side of the storytelling, I must say that I really love how games such as this one or Red Alert 3, mixed up cinema with gaming, it’s quite interesting really and makes the gameplay a bit more humane! Plus, Halo 4 here present also has a sequel entitled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which sort of ties things together a little! Now the movie ain’t that good, but considering the circumstances and genre, I say it’s up to the challenge!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Trailer 

And finally in terms of gameplay there is virtually nothing to complain about, all the good sides of Halo 3 were refined and made even better, plus the visible graphic improvement is also quite well improved. Master Chief is still as badass as always and the new enemies are rather fierce by being quite similar to those cursed creatures of Predator (or perhaps a bit bigger … )! And … that’s quite about it!

In conclusion I must say that this game is actually worth it and if somehow you happen to have a longer holiday for Christmas (I know I do) I would advise you to wipe the dust off your console or gaming PC and start capping some alien asses! Cheers!