GTA 5 – Character Trailers

Now I know it’s been a hard time for everyone, but I recon we all agree that the boys of Rockstar made a pretty sick decision to postpone the launch of GTA 5 till September, cause now after all the trailers and comments I just simply wana play this game even more.


To be honest I was quite pissed back when I found out that it got delayed, but eventually you get over it and then, the fun can begin again. Now I was really amused and also amazed a few weeks ago when I stumbled across this trailer for all 3 playable characters. Anyways, I watched it like 20 times and then I decided to write this post and now I finally decided to publish it as well. So if you somehow haven’t seen the clip just yet grab some popcorn cause you’ll rape the replay button on this one:

GTA 5 – All Character Trailers 

Alright so it don’t matter how many times you watched this, it just simply leaves you craving for more and you know we’ll get that no sooner than September 17th 2013 (Oh, my I did marked and over marked this date in my calendar). Now a short little analysis for all 3 fellas and then we can go for a coffee.


I guess it ain’t just simply the name coincidence, but this dude really reminds me of good old Michael Corleone and many other high class (retired) mobsters. Take the scene with the shrink for instance and you’ve got some serious Tony Soprano reference. Now take all these and put’em head to hand alongside the infamous GTA atmosphere and you get something that is beyond cool.



No need to mention that this boy here seems like a much latter version of CJ (Carl Johnson) from the good ol’ GTA San Andreas, cause surely that resemblance is quite striking. The thing which truly caught my eye on this fella is the way in which he fits in the whole story alongside Michael and Trevor. And I can tell you that if you’ll drop by some wiki pages and gaze upon them with care you’ll see that he’s going to be one interesting gang banger (in the sense that he’s a gang member).


Sure thing that Michael and Franklin are two nice stereotypes that have some strong impact on the whole story, but my friends you have to admit, that the real “piece de resistance” is without a doubt this Trevor dude. Not only he’s a completely insane hillbilly wacko, but when they programmed his sorry ass the boys were sure high on something, cause I just can’t stop laughing at everything he says and does. I mean just look at those scenes.

Well that was quite for now. rest assured that there are still 100 days left (give or take) till the game goes viral and if you look around you’ll actually notice that the advertising is insane and not just cause of the obvious reasons, but also if any game should be worth the attention it can get, this one is it!