Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming Soon


Alright guys so I’ve been trying to work on this for quite some time and really it always turned out to be a flop. Like I wanted to make one of the best articles for what is soon to be one of the best games that would ever hit the market this year and maybe, but only maybe for years to come … I am pretty sure that by now everyone realized that Grand Theft Auto V will be the best ever GTA made thus far (not sure if they can improve it anymore … for now at least). Why? Well because they took all the best elements that the previous two major parts had and mixed together into something brilliant. In terms of game story, in my opinion at least, nothing beats San Andreas and in terms of gameplay and innovation GTA IV was the one that held the edge for a pretty long time. However now, with the release of V, as I’ve said they’ve merged the best parts from both into one single brilliant gig! I have to admit that this must have gotten old by now, but really guys till the actual release this spring this the best thing we have, let us watch again the trailer now shall we:

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Official Trailer, Numero Duo


Really now it leaves you craving for more … Ah wonderful. Not to even mention the fact that in this part the story is seen from three different points of view because you will be able to play three characters throughout the story (big plus if you ask me), and in terms of graphics and details and all those things that made GTA what it is … Well it is peerless! Flawless I tell you!


Now even if there would be a bug or two or anything else I am sure problems should be dealt with quickly, but really now, I recon that won’t be the case, I mean. You know what let’s just all wait patiently till this actually comes out, because really now tis just around the corner! And if we were still meddling with memories here’s the first peak to the game as well, just for fun ya know, Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


Ah well, I recon once this game is done playing I have to retire too, just like the guys from Rockstar. Really now fellas, what more could they possibly do? I dunno I’m just wondering … If you know anything I don’t about any projects that they’re working on, please be kind and let everyone know, aye? Thank you!