Fifa Millionaire

Some people have been buzzing me about why am I not talking about any football games/guides, because they just simply find it quite difficult to consider this blog helpful without that theme on it … Truth is personally I’m not a huge football (soccer) fan myself and so it would be quite obvious that on a blog written by me to find nothing or almost nothing about that topic!

However, because I like to listen to my readers and I also try to offer a great variety of topics a few days ago I started looking for some decent articles on sports gaming and guess what I stumbled upon? … Now I might be a bit late with this one, but guys did you knew that the brand new FIFA Multiplayer system had a pretty interesting and far more competitive allure than ever? Well just let me tell you that the new versions of FIFA from EA Sports all come with this feature and what’s very interesting about it is just how heard has become to put together a team of pro players in order to cap the ass of your friends and rivals on a decent online soccer match!

I hate using this kind of banner, but trust me, they have no other …

Now the dreaded coin system has been in place for some time and people really found it quite difficult to understand and even more complicated to handle … Pretty crappy aye? Good news is that a few days ago (as I’ve just said) I stumbled across a website entitled┬áthat solves this “dilemma” for all of you FIFA freaks! The offer of the guide stands as it follows:

  • Working on any version of FIFA
  • In-game videos of the trading system
  • Items you should and items you shouldn’t trade
  • The price tags you should put on them
  • How to grow from a small time hustler to a tycoon (in-game off course!)
  • And what are the things you should avoid while playing FIFA with this system

Well in big lines this is what the guide is all about, how to make a million coins playing FIFA on any platform and how to spend them in order to get the best team that there is. I do hope this will put those rattled sports fans to ease (at least for a while) and will allow me to focus on the things that really matter! So don’t forget to drop by FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire, get the guide and start spending those coins wisely!

Jones, OUT!