DOTA 2 vs LoL

I have been buzzing around a few posts ago about how much I detest these arena structured games and so plenty of you have told me that the games are actually and that the only reason for which I don’t like’em is because of the fact that I suck at them. Now that is obviously true, so I went back and practiced a little the two games in the past days so that I may be able to compare them and tell you which one sucks the most! So here’s the versus post on the top arena battle games. Today on the sands we have Defense of the Ancients VS League of Legends (Those games that are about to be dismantled salute you!):

But before we begin let us review the two a little by watching their best trailers and achievements:

Dota 2 Gamescom Trailer


So then if you ask me the best part of this whole story is the fat guy that speaks and makes the hero into what he is. He stands as the perfect representation of the game developer (fat, ugly and with godlike powers). Nothing else seems too impressive …

League of Legends: A Twist of Fate


Alright then, where to begin … Ah, yes! There is always another hero, have you noticed that? Whenever a hero is close to victory some other bastard has to come in and spoil all the fun. This somehow also takes us to the neverendigness of these games, for they can always come up with another hero till they hit the number of the stars (at Hollywood that is). However what I liked (at least from the trailer, bot necessarily in-game) was the little girls and her bear (and off course the worm too …) still the darn moment brings back plenty of memories, here’s one:

Tom and Jerry – Hahaa!! (Door roll scene)

Do you see where this goes? Or you washed up gamers still require some special pun clarifications? Oh, OK! Hold on let me find another one and then we’ll move on to compare the two “artworks”.

The Big Fish Theory – Qui-Gon Version

Well by now you should have understood where this whole video gig is headed, right? If you still haven’t then please just go back playing those stupid games of yours. And now for the VS as the whole thing was intended:

  • Both games can be “upgraded” with a little investment (for stuff such as heroes or outfits or God knows what other things they could sell to desperate 13 year old fellas like yourselves) – That sucks!
  • League of Legends is rather easy to come by, download and install so any stick faced grease-ball can have access to it and mess the game up (which in most cases they do) – In the case of Dota 2 things are a bit more different, so that not every poor drooling moron can get to play the game instantly (that discourages most bastards, so the game is a bit cleaner of “vermin” that tends to swear a lot) – That is good!
  • And last thing that I want to say is the fact that both games are virtually endless and could go on like this forever (or at least people will get bored of them and some new shiny stuff will hit the market) and that somehow leaves me undecided on whether is this a good thing or a bad thing, not sure really …

But anyways, if I were to choose between the two I would certainly go with Dota 2 and to justify my answer I only tell you that the Fat gamer guy from the video has a huge role and the more clean aspect of the game also serves a great deal in making this choice. And besides it is based on the map for Warcraft III, I mean that game really ruled back in the days and if I ever get the chance I will certainly replay it all over again!


Anyhow, I still won’t play either of them for quite some time, while my mental sanity still lasts at least. But for those of you who are crazed about them games let me recommend you some of the stuff my friends who play and rock the ass of the fields of justice use. Here’s the best League of Legends Strategy Guide aka The Summoner School which can be accessed for free (the first 5 days at least) so that you may understand how the darn “justice” is supposed to be served. I won’t be recommending you anything for Dota 2 just yet, cause obviously you don’t need anything on that, am I right?