Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Expansion

Now since we still talked non stop about Blizzard games on about 80% of the posts in this blog, I recon we can keep that up and add yet another game (more like a game expansion) to our topic. I am sure that by now you’ve probably heard that the boys at Blizz is working on some serious expansion for their less serious Diablo III.


Obviously one cannot have to great of an expectation from this expansion regardless of how good it might be, because you know the game that it expands wasn’t that great (at least for hardcore fans who had really high hopes for it). But hey, you may never know, right? So anyways, personally I do hope that they will at least put into it a longer campaign and some more serious challenges and try to make it as they did with the first expansion for World of Warcraft (Burning Crusade I’m looking at you, I hope they do too), that totally rocked our socks off, if you know what I mean! But let’s not dally this for too long and check out the two trailers the boys have released so far:

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Opening Cinematic

Honestly the story seems a bit raunchy, but as the good old D 3 showed us the story is of less importance in the case of this game, so virtually anything will do. This time it would seem we have to face Death aka The Black Dude/Madam with a sickle (2 in this case) also known as The Reaper of Souls. And what better way to fight death than to also create a nice class that would kick some serious death minion ass. So we have the Crusader to fill in (some kind of paladin, but with more cheese on the side). Now as I’ve said none of this really matters as long as the expansion will provide some more serious challenges and hopefully a longer campaign (or maybe I’ve my hopes too high again).


Anyways here’s another Teaser gameplay of the new and improved Crusader class in action against those wretched dead minions in the new scary environment of a … graveyard, yes where else could it be now, honestly?

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Gameplay Trailer

And that should be quite it for now with this new and hopefully better than the original¬†D 3 expansion that’s coming soon (sometime in 2014), giving the chaps an excuse to postpone the next World of Warcraft expansion probably … But who knows, maybe things will work out well in ¬†the end on all fronts, I mean I certainly hope so. Up until then, I’ll try to keep up with the updates on this game version as they come and if someone decides to put together a serious guide for the expansion (which probably they will) I’ll let you know my thoughts on that too. For now take care and get your ass back to gaming, will you?!