Devil May Cry 5

Now situation is as it follows: Devil May Cry 3 was awesome, Devil May Cry 4 was pretty good, but how will DMC 5? I do pose this question because if you are series fan you most certainly know that the 5th part (I honestly have no idea what happened to 1 and 2, but that’s another story) was completely changed as in terms of the main character and I am pretty sure that in terms of story as well! Many people say that it sucks that they made Dante look like a goth loser rather than keeping his same old Final Fantasy look (which was pretty good), but after several episodes and movies and animes you actually get tired of something and so a change is required!




I don’t totally agree with what they’ve done with it, but as the word goes, this part of the game should be a total reinvention of the series that presents the same hack’n’slash style that we all love, but with a new look and feel!

In case you missed the intro to what we’re speaking about here do feel free to watch the video bellow:

Devil May Cry 5: DmC – Extended Trailer


OK, so I guess that you have figured out now, what’s this about (I thought it should be obvious from the title, but nah) … Good part is that at least the names are the same, we are still dealing with Dante and Vergil (and this last one is still a douche-something), plus there are also happens to be a girl (as in all the games and stories, there is always a girl, yes?). Overall I guess the game should be worth a few couple of bucks, but still I can’t totally say that till I have played, and since it only gets out on 15 January, there still are a few days till I’ll get my hands on it and I will be able to offer you a decent impression on it! Anyways, for now, of what I can tell from the trailer and demo gameplays, I say it’s worth a try! 🙂