Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Ever since having finished Blood Omen, I have to admit that I was thinking about some serious game which features some serious vampiric action. Obviously then came the Twilight Saga and the other stories discrediting the blood sucker race and my thirst for vampire games was quenched. But now since the waters are still again, I recon the time to check out and play a dazzling and epic vampiristic game has finally come.

There are quite a few candidates for the spot, but without a doubt the one I chose has the greatest potential of them all. Now again we are dealing with a second part, but you know the first part is again a bit early and thus, less gifted in terms graphics and gameplay, but it is still an amazing game and essential for the understanding of the game. So without any more chatter let us see what Konami wants to offer us.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Debut Trailer

So did you feel the epicness? I mean one vampire lord against the whole army of the rest and guess who won? Plus it’s all the magic and effects and even the twisted story of the main characters Gabriel and Alucard that’s worth all the money.

Anyway the launch date is still pending the TBA 2013 status, but we are pretty sure that the game will without a doubt be sometime soon. Now I do hope you will get a taste for this game and seek out the whole sequels so that you may have all the story because leaving all my overrated expectations they are all relatively new and look damn fine from your average gamer standard. And maybe at some point in the future I will be talking about the whole series.