Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru Guide

Long time no see with and about First Person Shooters (not to even mention a guide to one such game, but honestly I never thought something like this even existed) … So then today let us speak yet again of out favorite fps game of all time that counts almost as many parts as Final Fantasy (well … almost). More specifically Call of Duty Black Ops 2!

Sure thing we all enjoyed the first parts, you know those in which you were back in WWII and most of the time (well like all the time) you got to cap some Nazi ass, whether you were American, British or Russian, in a plane, tank, boat or on your little active feet, those games ruled almost a decade ago.

As the times changed, the game adapted too, and the result was the version which we today call Modern Warfare (1, 2, 3) and as the time pushed the envelope ever further, guess what was the next level? Yep , zombies! ZOMBIES! Were the great innovation that Black Ops brought. I mean sure that it was a little occult as Wolfenstein did and a little graphics as MW, but really the backbone of the game are zombies … And multiplayer mode off course.


Now without a doubt that the most played FPS of all time has to be Counter Strike, but that game is … Let’s just say outdated a little. So for real players who want to see the cutting edge technology in action while shooting someones ass, Black Ops (and Black Ops 2 more narrowly) brings that satisfaction.

Here comes in the guide (which I have previously mentioned). Not everyone is the best at giving multiple head-shots to their friends while playing COD BO 2, so for those of you who desperately need several tips and tricks on how to become better at this game, I give suggest this: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru and just as the name suggests, the guide is all about getting a noob to pro in almost no time, whatsoever (depending on the level of noobness which you have when you get the guide, it can take anywhere between 2 days and forever). Anyways, alongside the complete guide and walkthough for Black Ops 2 single player missions, you also get plenty of HD videos detailing strategies that you can use in-game, mostly when capping your friends in multiplayer, but some work just fine for solo mode too.

And that’s quite about it, so if you are ready to become a serious guru (so the word goes), feel free to visit that webpage over by Black Ops 2 Guru Guide, take a look at all the features the have to offer (I did omit some just so that I may not spoil everything) and you know feel free to give it a try!