Become a Game Tester – The Easy Way

OK, so y’all gona love this, I do assure you! Quite frankly I tried to make the title as explicit as possible so that I won’t have to buzz about too much in the post trying to explain the stuff I am talking about.

For all those guys (and girls) that have a thing for video games there is perhaps just ONE job that would be a mix of both good times and bloody “hard work” (if you know what I mean) and that of course is Testing the Games before the large masses (ourselves included) get to play the finite products.

Now don’t get all mushy already, cause things aren’t that easy (as with everything after all) there are some steps and there is a job to be done well. Like when you play a game and there’s a bug that gets you stuck you can thank that idiot tester that was asleep and failed to notice the devs about it. So if any of you chaps get to become testers, do your jobs well for the love of … <insert whatever you may see fit here>.

There are several ways in which one may become a game tester. The hard way (that most people choose) is by finishing some mind blowing computer science school and then applying CV’s to all the possible gaming studios that have open job opportunities. That’s what most people do and if you feel like it you could do that yourself, but quite frankly there’s another way too (just as always) which is less costly and certainly takes little time as well. If you’ll just allow me one more minute I will clarify things, cause in fact there are just three serious things you actually need to be able to test games and even get paid for it:

  1. Ya have to be 15+ years so that you may be paid properly for the job
  2. Ya need a computer (which you should already have since you browse this) or a console (which again you should own if the statistics are correct) on which you obviously you need to TEST aka PLAY the games!
  3. Ya must love them games, mate! Otherwise this job will be just another job for you and that will suck for everyone including yourself (but that’s not the case here, right?)

So guys are things a bit cleared? NO? Well you DON’T need a college degree in order to do this that’s for certain! To be even more radical I guess you must have figured it out that you DON’T even to finish high school in order to get started!

Well that’s quite about it! In fact the only thing you need is a decent resume, access to the gaming studios that search for testers, making the right contacts and finally doing your job as it should be done, so that next time, THEY will search for you to test the next game! Feel me on this one? Good!

Finally to make things even easier an old friend of mine made this website┬áthat helps you take all those important first steps! And do believe me those are the most important of them all. Drop by and see what he has to offer and be sure to read everything carefully and if this truly suits your purposes you are free to act accordingly, you know what I’m talking about, right? Excellent, now get to “work”!