Alice: Madness Returns Retro Review

I recon that way too much time was spent on those useless (well more or less) game guide reviews that we have been previously discussing on the blog (but now really the updates were mandatory) and so we neglected out other useless chatter, which includes games and all sort of other stuff related to game (no guides or addons here, just trailers and opinions baby!) 

This time, just to help you all remember how fun our childhood would have been, given the fact there would have been no Disney to mess everything up, let us take a look at how Alice in Wonderland should have really been like … Not sure if Lewis Carol actually imagined just like this, but it sure can’t be that far of the truth! And just to help you all reach that yondere mood, here’s the trailer to the game:

Alice: Madness Returns Launch Trailer 


So did that put you back into the proper mood to replay the game? No? Wonderful, then take my advice and start listening to the extended main theme soundtrack several times and after that you will be good to go. If I might resemble it with something else that we have been watching these days it would that song “Dominique” from American Horror Story: Asylum, do you get it now? Well if you still don’t then please go back and keep watching Disney Channel! 


Also it would be good to see many games like this because the sack of grotesque stories is filled with all those nice and cozy things we were being told in kinder garden. Take Hansel and Gretel for instance (like they even made a movie about it, but no offense that really sucks, I mean it’s too … plain). The same thing however cannot be said about Alice. Now this game really has everything a good game needs. Despite the fact it wasn’t very acclaimed due to several gaming issues, the overall game experience is unforgettable. The twisted universe, the accents of insanity and all of them aspects that give charm to a mad house are to be found in extra dosage here.

Certainly being such a bloody and gory video game this one has a serious age restriction, but in my opinion an average teenager could be able to play this and find it more helpful and also fun, rather than annoying or even a little too far off. Anyway that’s up for everyone to decide, as for me this was one of the good games from the past years that was really worth a while because of its original vision of the deranged human psychic!