5 Epic Video Game Trailers

Now that I have finally managed to cope with those darn reviews as well, cause you know … those have to be done as well, because the blog is called “strategy game guides” (I guess that was the best I could come up with it when I registered it) and so I need tell you some tips and recommend you stuff on how to better play the cursed games and not just what to play (which I certainly seem to be enjoying a bit more in case you’ve noticed). Anyways I have been surfing the web without any purpose (as most helpless trolls do these days) when I stumbled across a video that mashed up 5 extraordinary video game trailers. So since we’ll have no more reviews and just little advertising going on for some time now, here’s the video, watch it and we’ll add a few more words after you’ve seen it:

Top 5 Video Game Trailers (of All time … not really, but nah … let’s leave it like that)

Alright, so is your epicness level through the roof yet? If not then just go and watch the trailer for Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm and you’ll solve the problem, but still I recon that these oldies  (but goodies) have also done a pretty nice work.


I mean come on guys we have The Lost Odyssey (Intro Video), Bioshock (Original Trailer), God of War 3 (Game Trailer), Star Wars: The Old Republic (Trailer – No offense, but the trailer is way to fine for that game) and off course Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (Trailer). Now I played almost all these games (except for Lost Odyssey cause that’s a bit too outdated) and I really enjoyed them (well most of them … ), but to tell you the truth people are very fond about the new and hot upcoming stuff such as: GTA 5, Watch_Dogs and Thief these days so obviously in future posts we’ll focus more on those, but certainly we’ll also find place for some good old fashion retro review to improve your gaming strategy (as in what to play, cause someone has to tell you that too otherwise you’ll spend your time playing all the stupid worthless games … in theory at least). So till next time then, y’all keep it real, alright? Cheers!