Ten years … Can you fellas believe this? A whole freaking decade has passed since World of Warcraft was first played by the masses and two … TWO decades since Warcraft first came out and heralded a new genre of gaming that would forever after be known as RTS (real-time strategy). But right now it’s all about WoW and so you know there’s a lot of interesting stuff just waiting around the corner because if we are to trust in Metzen’s words, they already finished writing through the next ten expansions … So the game is far from over and what’s best still waits around the corner.


Now I played for almost 8 years now and I loved the game in its many different forms with both good and less inspired changes, it all managed to fit in eventually and even if I don’t like every features of today’s Warlords of Draenor, I still respect all the changes as being for the best interest of us, the players. And when I speak of this I truly mean what I say and do allow me to let you in on a little secret that made WoW so great and enduring through all the ups and downs it had. You ready for this? The people who made it, wanted to play the game themselves and made it in such a way that they would love it and even today they still work to enhance their own gaming experience firstly and then come all the rest of the many players who enjoy their creation on a more or less daily basis. I could have told you this a long time ago when I first saw the people who made the game in their interviews, but then again there comes a time of confession to us all and the Blizzard team made theirs in a very interesting documentary (seriously you have to watch it all):

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary

Well that was a real breeze … I must confess to you that I wanted to see one of these put together for quite some time now and I assume that nowadays when Blizz finally takes its long anticipated shot within the film industry as well, a well crafted documentary like this one is a pretty good preping material  for the big motion picture, which by the way is progressing and there are quite a lot of known facts about it already, just look it up and you’ll see what I mean. Anyways on a less serious note I also wanted to share with you another take on the whole story of Warcraft, from a slightly different angle … Do you still remember the Honest Trailers I presented at some time a few months ago? Well it’s ok if you don’t cause they really don’t appeal to everyone (although it appeals to a lot of people because it’s messing with pop culture). Anyways they released an honest trailer for World of Warcraft too a couple days before the big launch of this new expansion that we are all enjoying at this very moment. So for those of you with a crude sense of humour, enjoy:

World of Warcraft – Honest Game Trailer

So that basically sums up in a very awesome 3 minutes everything that WoW is and stands for in the realm of gaming … Everything is totally awesome and well balanced and extraordinarlily acted (with a few notable exceptions), but overall things are great and they could be greater still. But now allow me to take this post into a slightly different perspective and tell you all that the response I had on my recommendations for Zygor Guides were just simply amazing and everyone was more than happy with the new and improved guides that work perfectly with the brand new expansion and all its content. But I will not insist anymore on this cause you know where to find them if you’ll ever feel like it. Anyways where I want to go is the future, the possible future out of the many that lay before us.

As I was saying Blizzard has done an amazing job with their World of Warcraft franchise and have done a good job with all the other  titles they have released along the years, but as with any big and respectable company they too are always on the lookout for new and improved content and untested and uncharted terrain which they could try out and exploit. They did this a very successful way with Hearthstone if you ask me and they might just nail it with Hereos of the Storm (after all both LoL and DOTA were born from WC3) and just recently I found out they are going to make another game that just simply seems quite “out of the box” for them and that is Overwatch. If you still haven’t had time to look it up and get a more detailed description of it then check it out cause it seems to be quite promising. Seriously for a FPS type of game the trailer looks pretty awesome and brings back a lot of good superhero memories:

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

And yes it would seem that they want to see this through as well. Fine by me as long as I don’t have to play it, right? Sure thing if it’s all good then I will be just like the small kid and get all excited about it, but up until then a lot can happen. The game is supposed to enter beta testing at some point next year and there would be quite a long time before we’ll actually get to play it. Now I hope you’ve enjoyed this small presentation and I assume that if everything goes well we might just meet in-game and shoot at each other with laser guns and think it’s Star Wars … only in Blizzard’s own version of events. Anyways, thanks for reading and I bid you all a merry time playing whatever you’re “wasting” your time with at the moment.

After much anticipation and a boatload of speculation and news and teasers and everything in between the official release of Blizzard’s 5th expansion is history. As you all know the world received its new content some weeks ago and from today  onwards we finally get to enjoy the first taste of what the Iron Horde and the old version of Draenor truly mean. I for one really enjoyed my first take on the all new updated characters (but I still am waiting on the blood elf tho’) and had quite a hard time deciding what race/class to give a shot … For as I assume you have figured it out yourselves all the classes have changed quite a bit since the last expansion and quite a lot since the old days of when WoW was first released. Anyways I decided to on a special combiantion that I had never played and so the race was on!


Now most certainly one can only play a limited time especially when we have such problems as blogs and projects to deal with on the side, but then again blogging is all about WoW itself so really there isn’t that much of a break from Azeroth. Besides I really wanted to just drop by and share a few thoughts very quickly before I get right back into the action (half way through the starter zone already!). On a more movie watching note in case you haven’t had time just yet to check out the newest trailers the chaps from Blizz put up to promote their awesomely badass new content:

Age of Iron Trailer 

In my opinion it’s a pretty well made preview/teaser of all the hardcore action and emblematic characters that we’ll encounter throughout our 1 day adventure on Draenor (as in if you skip all the sidequests and blast through from 90 to 100!), out of which we need not mention but Thrall, Maraad and that cutie draenei Yrel that might prove to be quite an interesting match for anyone into blue fetishisms (no pun intended cause she really is blue). Off course then we have all the villains and the other extra features that you will most certainly enjoy like the all new Draenor Perks which you gain every other level while on Draenor and you’ll get what I mean by enjoying your time spent within the old alien world once you’ll see those on your brand new level 100. Then again there’s much more to it, but I will not through it all right here cause Blizzard already did an entire post they released a couple days ago – Warlords of Draenor Notes (and updated a few hours ago) in which they go through all the specifics of the new expansion (garrison, bonus objectives, extra drops and more). Check it out and make sure to underline anything you might find useful so as to exploit those new features to their maximum potential!


Finally there’s the problem of guides. As the race already started hours ago there’s really a frenzy on part of all people who want to get at least a “Realm’s First Achievement” in the process … Now getting the first level 100 is going to be tough cause right now there might already be some freaks who have already progressed halfway through the damn game, but getting a class, or maxing out a profession is really within the average player’s grasp, provided they have the proper guidance! In this case I for one recommend using Zygor Guides cause they provide you with everything you need to know to max out anything in the shortest time possible from routes to automatizing whatever can be automatized. They cover it all from leveling till professions and achievement farming, so make sure to check them out! However if you are into something less costly, then check out the free guides provided by the fellas from Wowhead cause they have a pretty nice selection of guides that should provide you with that extra help you need whenever getting stuck, plus there’s the community who always provides all the extra tips needed in order to make it big out there … Or they might just troll you to death, but that’s another story. And that’s it for this round of updates, now I go back to my game and if you know what’s best for you (I mean your character in real-life Azeroth), you really should do the same, cause there still should be plenty of obtainable one-time achievements … Well don’t just stand there go for it already!

Some days ago the fellas of Blizz updated to patch 6.0.3 (told you that they will) cause you know whenever there is a more serious update beating around the bush you will find that the smaller initial updates are filled with bugs of various types. Now there weren’t too many big ones like I would have imagined a couple killer npcs which somehow skipped the squish or some other odd glitch in the system which would give players some serious headaches, no sir there were no such things … Instead what we got was bonus honor on all battlegrounds and a couple “die to fast for credit” fixes which clearly weren’t all that big of deal if we stand to think of it (’tis a good thing though that they actually thought they should leave the bonus honor there and not deduct it from all those cheerful players who thinked to themselves “Now I will get that bloody item just a day faster than I would have originally anticipated … So awesome, right?”).


Well anyways, atop this there are also a lot of updates in the Artcraft section of the blog, which if you are a fan of the artwork that brings this beautiful game of ours to life, then you should totally check out cause there are quite a few breathtaking fantasy digital paitings in there that you will most certainly enjoy watching. Also there seems to be plenty of fuss about the free migration of the characters which was enabled a few days ago on all the highly populated realms in anticipation of the huge number of players that will swarm the servers on the 13th of November when the Warlords finally go live. For those of you who are not that much into artwork and more into animation/sitcoms, you should totally check out the Nerdlords series which has released so far 2 interesting episodes. And finally there are also a couple backstage/bonus videos, that the team also released in the form of the “Behind the Scenes” videos on Lords of War (in terms of Art and Story), in case you haven’t had time to check them out here they are:

Lords of War: Behind the Scenes – Art

Lords of War: Behind the Scenes – Story

Alrighty then, now that the general updates are out of the way, let me focus on the more interesting part of the post and that is obviously the fact that along with this tiny change of number in game version (6.0.2 -> 6.0.3) all the guides were updated as well so that they may work on this version as well. As usual the fellas from Zygor were the first to update and afterwards the chaps from Dynasty updated as well all of their guides to work on the new version (for about a week and a couple days before the game changes again with the launch proper). Now according to my stats, most of you agreed with me on the fact that Zygor has the best collection of guides, however when it comes to gold making, everyone prefers the Tycoon Addon which clearly remains the best gold making tool in game to date. I am quite curious to see wether it will still be as good on Draenor as well, but so far it bested every other gold making addon (including the famous Auctioneer) and so I see no reason for it to actually be any less when the expansion goes live. Although they still haven’t worked on promotional stuff to herald the update, I’m sure enough that they will update as soon as everything is live (or slightly later, but will still dominate the farming/crafting/selling all throughout the world of Azeroth … And beyond!).

Before I let you get back to your dailies and farming that cursed time limited Blackrock Spire 90 version I will only tell you that soon enough we’ll need to be ready because the bloody hype is going to be crazy with this upcoming expansion. If we are to look no further than the whole marketing campaign that Blizzard has invested into the whole update section with mini-series, level boost and all the other stuff … So prep yourselves cause there will be a lot of 90’s who never played the game before and they will all be ripe for the taking in Ashran and throughout the Battlegrounds … But don’t hit them very hard cause we don’t want them to leave too soon before they are actually convinced that this game isn’t for them, right? Good. Now back to farming!

5 Games for Halloween

Since our second favorite event that happens in autumn (that’s Halloween to be more precise, second only to Oktoberfest) is already knocking at our doors and is bent on trick or treating the candies out of stores I assume it would be good to also take this into consideration within our field of video game posts, thus for this year’s holiday I picked five titles, both old and new, good and not so good that entertained and annoyed our gaming career throughout the years and some that still do … So without further ado let us get right into it with the first trailer.

Dead Space 3 – Story Trailer

The first bone chilling title is Dead Space which managed to get a scare or two out of all us with its amazing graphics and absolutely charming story (about what happens when science takes the wrong turn) from when it was first released up until its newest version (presented in the trailer above). Among many other things I assume that the whole idea of undead mutants in space certainly managed to bring a slice of the good old zombie flavor while not forgetting the most intense part about them … Killing them over and over again and thus transforming their sorry undead corpses into “deader” corpses … For the time being of course, because after all whenever you start a new game they will rise again and again and again and so on. Anyways the story had a great run and although it won’t get a fourth part I’m quite sure that after ten years or so we’ll still enjoy replaying this cool horror shooter trilogy.

Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Survival Guide

The second title that I picked for this list of games that are supposed to scare you while you play them and to some extent manage to do that is the Left 4 Dead series. The first game in the series was awesome and back in 2008 when it was first launched things were still quite fresh, however after the release of the second game I honestly got rid of the first because to a great extent its the same game plus a few extra features here and there, but the thing that made me pick this one over the first was obviously its improved story and empowered monsters. I mean those bastards have everything they need to get almost anyone who is sane enough and is wise enough to play it with headphones on max volume. The game didn’t continue its story with a third part, however they added plenty of DLC with tons of awesome new content that sated our hunger for butchering (and being butchered) by zombies and witches and other digital ghoulish pests that succeded in riping a scare from me now and then.

Evil Within Final Trailer

Alright so this sick twisted game only came out a couple weeks ago and as soon as I layed eyes on it a year ago when the first trailer came out I sort of knew what to expect from it, but now that I finally got to play I have to confess that it totally blew my mind. The game is basically a survival horror in the style of Outlast however it also gives you the chance the fight back (not that it would matter all that much when you don’t have any cursed bullets and there is no green gel for miles), but still it’s something, right?. Overall I have to admit that so far I wasn’t able to get to far away with the game, but I expect to do at least a little progress next week when I’ll finally have time to take a closer look at it and get past that damned situation I got stuck in … But anyways, scare themes are awesome, graphics are totally amazing and the overall feeling of insecurity the game offers its players simply leaves you speechless. So if you haven’t managed to get it already do please order the game cause that’s the title you’ll have to play for Halloween and try to discover the Evil Within.

Dante’s Inferno (The Video Game)

If you guys liked the Devil May Cry series and haven’t made the connection to Dante’s Divine Comedy just yet, then allow me to tell you that there’s a game out there that points this out in the easiest way possible … A game called Dante’s Inferno that basically goes on the same framework as Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay and story, except that it’s slightly different in terms of … naming I guess? Well anyways taking it as a standalone game it still is pretty cool and although it gets monotonus at some points the literature major in me is happy to see a different enactement of the well known medieval allegory of the journey through the catholic hell (well this is more of a colored version of it, but I guess that the essence is the same). Just in case you won’t have time to play it or you might have trouble finding it, I recommend the animation that was released together with it that is called (let’s see if you guess)Dante’s Inferno: An animated epic! It’s not much really, but if you’re into this kind of stuff that binds together gaming, literature and religion, you’ll like it.

Manhunt 2 (Official Trailer)

And finally from Rockstar games comes a title that’s filled with violence and torture and that’s not GTA (I’m sorry to disappoint). No sir, I know that whenever anyone uses the Rock + ☆ together the first thing on your mind is Grand Theft Auto, but since it’s Halloween I digged around the web and I got across this pretty title here. Manhunt 1 and 2 are a much more serious approch to horror/slasher/shooter/troture video games that Rockstar somehow managed to sweep under the carpet (once you’ll take a closer look at it you’ll know why) because it just didn’t appeal to such a great audience. Now the game ain’t perfect, but it works and if you get the guts to play through you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations worthy of the Saw/Hostel series both on the giving and receiving end of ultimate pain. This and a whole bunch of other sick ways to end someone’s life make this classic game my final pick for this sickly spooky list on this Hallow’s Eve.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed our small roundup on horror games and I advise you all to take a closer at all these games for I found them quite entertaining (in the given context of pumpking carving of course). For now I wish you all a Happy Halloween with plenty of spooks and candies (all of them being age appropriate of course) and I guess that I’ll return soon enough with our normal news on whatever updates might be up in our strategy to winning a top spot in the new Warlords expansion for Wacraft, in terms of good guides/addons and tips and tricks and everything in between. Till then, have fun playing!