So I said that at one point (this being that point) I will be making a post where I will be sharing my thoughts on Nobbel87’s videos on the lore of draenor which are quite cool and pretty well made, however after carefully reconsidering this I actually decided to cut down most of them (since it’s all basically just questing and most of you have finished all of them already even if some of them do contain pretty awesome explanations as to why are things the way that they are) and go for just a handful of more recent videos and talk a little about those. But first, since not long ago we saw the update to patch 6.1 (and all it’s brave new content) I recon that sharing a few thoughts on that update would also be welcome. Now I know I already did this in the previous post and I can assure you that at some point I will be doing it again (if not for 6.1 then for 6.2 and so on), but here’s something a little different. You might remember the video that Blizzard put out during the WoD launch, right? Well here’s it’s version for patch 6.1 complete with comments and updates on everything you need to know. On the downside I for one really enjoyed the cinematic trailers for patches (you know the way they had them back when WoW was still young and flawed), but I guess that this will have to do until we see that (if we even see it). So without further a do here it is:

Patch 6.1 Survival Guide (by Blizz)

Alrighty then so the video screenshot is rather suggestive but just in case you have no idea what on earth is going on (say you did not do the legendary just yet and you have no idea who Garona is) the next video will clear everything up just a bit. Now there’s a quest chain, much like the one from MoP where Wrathion gave you the cloak, but here it would seem that instead of a cloak you get a ring that will become legendary in the end (because just like with the ring of the Kirin Tor this too gets upgraded as you progress). The quest features Archmage Khadgar and is basically the same regadless of what side you choose to do it with (except for a few different npcs here and there, but anyways it makes little difference). The current quest chain ends in Blackrock Foundry and with us captruing Garona and enjoying a little R&R up until this new patch came out when the quest will continue (still I did not manage to do it just yet so good for you if you did). Now the spoiler alert is that we manage to save Miss (or Mrs?) Halforcen and she becomes our follower – Our first legendary follower that is. Anyways, in case you didn’t do the quest at all and need a little heads up on it here’s Nobbel’s take on it:

Legendary Questline Chapters 1 & 2 (WoD)

Now you know how the story almost ended in the previous patch and this new patch basically takes it up from where it was left (a couple quests further from where Nobbel got) and takes everything one step further. It kind of sucks if you think it, but after all that’s just how the game is supposed to be … You play through all the patches and finally when it is done you get a legendary which you enjoy for a month of two before it is outdated as soon as the new updates are released. But let us not be pesimitic about this now and try to enjoy a little what we have right now and think of it as a journey and not a destination (I’m giving credit to Aerosmith on this one, I don’t about you), you know, stuff like the new legendary follower. Seriously that is kinda of a badass lady and having her in your team is a pretty huge boon if you ask me (or the guys who actually thought about adding her in there). And since we are still talking followers and team and boons and stuff there’s another recent lore video which I found quite entertaining and which might also prove useful to most of you (since I am sure that few of you chumps actually managed to finish this up in case you are a rather casual like myself). That is the garrison quest chain that’s available once you hit level 100 and you sort of upgraded your base just a little.

Garrison Campaign (Alliance and Horde) – WoD Lore

And I assume that with this our small take on whatever there was still to wrap up with patch 6.0.3 is done and we should all be able to move on to the 6.1 content and enjoy all the new stuff it has to offer. I am just as curious as everyone else on how will things go down, but clearly so far the storytelling has been awesome and we expect nothing less of the future campaigns and quests. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this small rewind of the most imortant contet so far in WoW and in case you liked the videos feel free to check out Nobbel87’s channel for the complete list of lore videos and plenty of other cool stuff spoken with that heavy irish accent (or is it scottish or welsh … I honestly can’t tell). Before I finish this I only wanted to mention the fact that the guides are also getting updated to patch 6.1 so feel free to check in with them and update your addons and in-game guides before logging back into the game once you’ve applied the new patch. Also just a small heads up for those gold diggers and gold beggars out there, the champs from Zygor finally finished their work on the brand new “Gold and Auctions” Addon and are rather proud of it (or so they would seem from the newsletter they sent out to all the partners). Anyways I will be talking more on it once the launch will be underway since they will begin the whole process tomorrow and only launch the addon next week on the 5th of March. Anyways, I’ll scoop it out and let you know if it is any good, as good as they say or just simly epic and I’ll make sure to have a post ready sometime next week where I share all the stuff I know about. Now I am finally done for with this too, thanks again for stoping by and please do visit again when you have the time.

A couple days ago I was surfing the web with nothing better to do and without a clear aim in my mind and I stumbled across a gaming blog where I found an interesting review on the newer version of GTA San Andreas. Now being a guy that played both GTA 3 and Vice City shortly after their release I cannot tell you just how big an impact did San Andreas have on me when it first came out (Simply because of how big the world seemed at the time – Do take in account the fact that there was no news of IV or V back then and the three cities plus countryside and desert were enormous compared to the small twin city of Florida and the slightly bigger Liberty version from the east coast of GTA III). As such I really enjoyed the game and managed to get all emotional with the story and even to this day I still play sometimes just to experience that good old feeling of a big world that was ripe for the taking back then. Anyways I am deterring a little from my main idea for that which I was trying to say is the fact that this newer version of the game wasn’t the original, but the “Remastered HD” one. Quite frankly there is little difference in terms of the quality of the graphics (especially if we compare it to the ridiculous graphics that GTA V has on the PS 4 or Xbox One), however it does have a certain smoothness that the original copy lacked. Here’s a sample of how this HD version looks like in case you didn’t get to see it just yet.

GTA San Andreas (HD Remastered) – Gameplay

It’s not much really, but the first few missions, however you do get to see plenty of content to figure out how the graphics are changed compared to the original version that came out back in ’04. Anyways while watching the video I was thinking again of just how much this game actually took its toll on my childhood and except for the so called “negative” aspects and effects (such as top notch grade A swearing – Sam Jackson style) it could have on a kid I can honestly say that many of the memorable quotes and scenes remained with me to this day. Plus I also learned plenty of English from playing the game over and over again as a teen and that served me (and o my it still does) quite well to this day. As such I actually thought it would be cool to revisit the game once again after all these years and even go for a 100% game completition if time will allow it.


I can honestly say that I played and repalyed the whole game, start to finish more than 10 times (both with and without cheats), however I never managed to get over 60% game completion as there are just to many things to do aside the main storyline (not as many as in GTA V, but for its time it was pretty cool and plenty of “sidequests”). So this idea struck me that I should give it a try and go for that houndred percent because for some reason I got to that point where I am just tired of online games (stuff like WoW, Hearthstone and whatever else you can think of) and I also got quite enough of the action from Five (seriously the action on that is just crazy … but at some point it simply is too much). It might be interesting when the new dlc (GTA Online Heists) will come out in a couple of months (or maybe they’ll postpone that too), but up until then I just simply had it, so it is time for a change. To tell the truth I just simply got tired of almost everythung and anything and I hope that the simplicity of San Andreas should be a real breeze as compared to the sheer amount of stuff from V and/or other triple A titles of today.


Anyways, I will be giving it a shot and I wanted to recommend this to everyone who is even a little nostalgic for the action as seen from CJ’s perspective to do the same and replay at least some of the cooler missions from San Andreas just for the heck of it. I might even try the same on the older versions that I mentioned (GTA III and Vice City), but for now I guess that if I manage to finish off this one it will be more than enough. And on a side note, I am quite sure that by the time I will be done there should be plenty of cool stuff to do in the online games that I decided to have a break from (also maybe my apetite for them will be refreshened by then), but I guess it will be interesting to see how everything will work out in the end. With these being said I wish you all happy gaming in whatever you have to do and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of whatever you are doing because each and every one is unique in its own way and it will never come back again in the same format.

Quite a lot of time has passed and there was little news that actually managed to capture my attention (not that there was no interesting news to cover – stuff like the Gnomes and Goblins expansion for Hearthstone and the various events and launches from other cool game titles – but I just wasn’t very much into any of them). As such I only recently managed to check back with my account on this blog and see how stuff was working out in my absence. In terms of gaming I obviously managed to skip out on almost the whole action from patch 6.0.3 (including the draenor rush and building my garrison up) and I bearly managed to get my characters to 100 (even if the leveling process was so damned easy … I just didn’t had time). Still I didn’t worry all that much about it (as I had other, more important things to do) and I began catching up by following Nobbel87’s take on the whole lore and by carefully going through the articles from wowhead on the latest updates and the strategies that I found most interesting. And if I didn’t really had time to deal with my Wow account you can obviously bet that I didn’t really play any other games either.

Alright so first things first. I managed to take a few rounds on the High Maul and enjoy a little bit of the challenges posed by its “easy mode” and it would seem that I got to finish it just in time before the Blackrock Foundry got released a couple days ago. I didn’t really managed to take a better look at the whole raid and I most certainly have a lot to go before I can finally declare it finished, but I guess there’s plenty of time for that later on. However what I would like to mention is that this raid completes the lore for Gorgrond and we finally get to finish the job that Yrel and Durotan failed (that is killing Blackhand – If we actually manage to make it that far up the raid) … And among the many other bosses we’ll also find another familiar figure … Gruul the Dragonkiller (just that so far he hasn’t really killed too many dragons so he is known simply as Gruul – father of the gronns). Anyways all that and more within the foundry that just got released to the public to test out and enjoy up until the next big thing will be released with the upcoming patches.


And now to the main part of this whole post and that is to comment and rant on a couple of features that I found a bit more interesting from the upcoming patch update (6.1). Another minor release just got fixed a couple days ago in another hotfix made for patch 6.0.3, however some other important changes are underway with the bigger update. First one up is obviously one of my long time favorites … The blood elves are finally getting their model revamp. Now it sure sucked playing a blood elf while all models were updated to 2015 status except for yours and now, later rather than never, I finally get to see my toon in all her new found splendour (I got a little mushy there, but this time I guess it’s normal cause I waited far too long for this). Also it would seem that we get plenty of updates to the garrison and followers and everything in between … One other interesting update is the heirloom collection which will basically allow players to enjoy a better storage and accessibility to those essential leveling gears which were basically becoming quite a burden to carry around and stock within the void storage and bank slots.

In terms of rather intriguing, but most certainly stupid updates we find the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera … That basically does exactly what the name suggests … So we are going to have plenty of troll faces on display from now on all around the forums and sections of the game (not to even mention that they should probably create an entire new section for in-game wow selfies … that would be pretty cool). Also the Cindermane Charger is going to be made available through the recruit a friend system that this time awards the following achievement (brace yourselves it is quite long): “Friends In Places Yet Even Higher Than That” … Goddamit that is just simply stupid … But in this case I guess it should work. And since I mentioned this mount another pretty cool one is already ripe for the taking from slaying the Gorgrond world boss, Rukhamar. The Solar Spirehawk is a pretty badass hybrid between the dread raven and phoenix mount from the Burning Crusade that somehow manages to look better than both of them (this coming in the context where the cindermane horse is but a slight recolloring of the Hearthsteed … But hey that’s just me and I might still recruit someone simply to get that equine beauty and badass achievement myself).


Finally there is as always the problem of guides and addons that make our gaming life so much easier. Although quite a long time has passed no one managed to modify the leaders in terms of sales, likes and overall help provided to the players in need. We have obviously the many free addons that do their part well … Such as the good old quest helper, cartographer, UI modifers, raid helpers, damage calaculators and all the rest. Then again we have the more complex guides for which you are supposed to pay (techically you are) if you get them from their official websites (again like you should … no one says you must, but that would be the nice way to play it). As such we have Zygor and Dynasty who somehow managed to hold their top spots as the best in game guide providers for Wow throughout the launch for Walords of Draenor (that proved quite a fruitful period for both of them) and into 2015  when both of them are still going strong, this being a sign that their services are still working out well even in the newest patches (6.x.x) . So you pick your guides, choose what you want, how you want it and use them, however with how simple everything gets in Wow, I guess that the bigger you get in level, the easier it is to make gold and levelup a new character (assuming you won’t spend 60$ on the level 90 boost and that they still keep that available for some time … the whole concept of power leveling is basically voided – but we still have stuff like gold farming and auctioning which should prove helpful). Anyways, check it out and if you’re into it then why not give it a shot.

As for me I have finally finished saying all that I wanted to give voice to in this post and I do hope you’ve found it at least a little entertaining and why not subscribe to the feed and check back later when there will be more to talk about. Next I intend to put together a post in which I present and comment upon the whole Draenor lore as seen from Nobbel87’s perspective (because honestly those were some pretty awesome videos right there) and then we shall take it from there and hopefully I will manage to get back to a decent posting rate of at least an article every fortnight. But till next time, y’all take care and keep that game up there, will you?

Took me long enough to get through with writing this down, but you know how they say, usually ’tis better later than never (and this time it sure was later, but I already made my excuses for the whole bloody year so I won’t insist on it anymore). Now in terms of gaming this year looks pretty promising too even if there isn’t any new GTA around the corner this time, we still have a few interesting titles that we should be looking up to. Do note I will not include in this list any good games that I mentioned in any earlier posts because of the obious simple reasons (I already talked about them) even if they only get their official release this year (take The Order: 1886 as an example). But should they turn out to be good ones, I might just rip some time out of my very loaded schedule and do a quick review. With these being said here’s my first pick:

Dying Light – E3 Gameplay Trailer

Now this little game here is called Dying Light stands as the representation of the whole concept of first person shooter/slasher as redefined by the fellas from Techland. It’s a next gen release (like all the bloody games from the list) so one needs not worry too much about the quality of the graphics or sound or other issues of the sort and should focus only on the core gameplay when it comes to seeing what the thing is all about. I didn’t had time to do extensive research on the story behind it, but the game looks pretty cool so that shouldn’t matter all that much, plus it comes out at the end of the month so I’ll have time pretty soon to dig into it more thoroughly  as it hits the shelves.

Evolve – Intro Cinematic

Next on the list we have Evolve yet another shooter that targets an even more specific niche of gaming – that of co-op alien bashing just for the heck of it. Play alone or with friends and take out massive aliens in the same way you once had to take out the dragons in Vanilla Wow (with the slight improvement of graphics on hand) and massacre tons of alien wildlife so as to bring them to the brink of extinction. Not really sure about the story in here either, but given the basic facts there are two possible takes on it – 1) The aliens are a threat to humanity thus they need to go (that’s pretty used tho’) or 2) The alien hides are worth a lot of space credits and so we want to get rich and buy even fancier equipment so as to be able to take out even bigger and more valuable aliens (and since there can always be a bigger alien if the game is successful then I guess we shall see quite a lot of them). All jokes aside the game looks pretty good and it is worth checking out.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer (E3 2014)

If we’re still into aliens and space mumbo jumbo then how about a more serious approch with lesser guns and more exploring … Much more exploring. Hell … God only knows if He’ll ever allow us to leave earth realm and explore the infinity of our mighty ever expanding universe, but up until that might happen (if it’ll ever happen – I’m looking at you Nolan) we have simulators … And some of them come in the form of pretty awesome looking video games … Like this one. Although a small title on the verge of an indie game, this game got counted among the biggest releases expected this year and once you go through some of the details about it and soak in the breath-taking beauty of the trailer you’ll see why.

Batman Arkham Knight – Father to Son Trailer

Now that is a pretty nice description of awesomeness on the bat scale … The third and I assume final (at least if they follow in the shoes of Nolan it should be) installment of the Batman Arkham series had a pretty cool presentation with this badass trailer last year and has grown in hype quite a lot since then putting it high up in the top ten of expected games for this year on almost any list you could think of made by all the big blogs out there. Also I couldn’t help, but notice a pretty cool resemblance between this trailer and the Wrath of the Lich King trailers where King Terenas speaks to Arthas … Also both Batman and the Lich King are quite badass  and deserve the title of knights from all points of view and even if we take this out and the game shouldn’t be any greater than the previous two parts this should still be worth playing … Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hunch this is going to be the best of the trilogy (and not just because of the new platforms).

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Trailer – E3 2014 – IGN)

And the last title that I will mention in this list will be the latest part of the Tomb Raider series aka Rise of the Tomb Raider (sounds quite catchy with all the double R title, right?). Now I really enjoyed the reboot and the more or less realistic way in which they took the whole idea of the games, but clearly as with any relatively successful reboot they are bound to keep them spinning so as to maintain their momentum. Now this short preview is the only thing we got so far on it and my guess is that we’ll probably see this game only some time next year, but we may never know, hopefully they’ll make it interesting enough with just a pinch of novelty and enough of the old charm that the series are so well known for (especially among male gamers).

That was my time for now, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the small overview of the these upcoming titles and just as I have said the posting frequency should remain the same or be reduced even more as the agenda piles up with deadlines leaving little room for fun and constructive hobbies such as keeping the blog updated. Thanks for stopping by and as always enjoy your game!