Some Hearthstone Strategy Guides

I’ve spent most of my time these last days studying and writing weird, but necessary stuff for my diploma paper and in the free time (whenever the hell that was) I buzzed around Hearthstone, cause you know Warcraft is getting kind of old and up until the coming of the new features from Warlords this fall a nice break from proper questing won’t hurt. Also the bloody Elder Scrolls Online seem to be way out of my league, but still somehow manage to remain intriguing at the same time. But enough about these, cause now we talk about everyone’s favorite free-to-play Blizzard game (it’s the only one, so it has to be the favorite)!


The game is quite simple, it’s easy once you get to know it, than it begins to annoy you and becomes boring, but when it doesn’t do that and you start playing against real fellas in the ranked mode par excellence, then you begin to understand why do they call it “deceptively” simple. It is true that at points it begins to get really frustrating, but after upgrading your pack a little, things get real sweet once again. And now to the interesting part … In order to WIN this game, one must keep in mind two simple things:

  1. The Pack
  2. The Strategy

Got then? Good, let’s begin than, shall we? You start off as everybody with the regular, basic pack that you unlock as you get to level with each hero and from there onwards in order to keep on winning you slowly need to enchance your collection with new cards (which you acquire as you go or you buy with real money … but don’t do that cause you’ll ruin the whole idea of FREE to play). Obviosly, getting the right cards in a deck is quite hard, especially for beginners (speaking of which, everybody’s a beginner, except for those bastards who beta tested the damn thing and got an early start, but don’t worry they aren’t so many). So there are several ways of building a nice deck and I suggest you use the “suggested cards” up until you get the point. For now let’s say you have the deck … Now comes the trickier part, beating the crap out of your opponent with that “decent” deck of yours. For that you require a little strategy training. Best way to do that is to practice with Blizzard’s little robot in “practice mode” and learn all there is to learn about your cards … And that should be quite it …


What, do you want more? Fine … I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but you most certainly should know if you’ve played Wow at least, that there are these websites configured as databases that also have a nice forum section and that are split among the big MMO’s of the web and they all end in HEAD! So for this post I recon that Hearthhead should do the trick. Just check it out and start winning for the love of the Innkeeper. And off course if you want even more I also found a few websites that offer a much compact Hearthstone Guide section, complete with members area, tutorial videos and even good old fashioned pdfs. I’ll just point them out for now and maybe at some time in the future I’ll make a better analysis of them, because right now I’m way to lazy to do so :

I know they all contain the title of the game within them and I’m warnining you from now that they are all premium so if you want to join you’ll need a couple of greens. Don’t worry it’s not as expensive as the 40 pack set from the game and if you’re willing to pay that much for the game itself (that again is supposed to be FREE), a much smaller amount shouldn’t be an issues, right? Especially for someone who wants to achieve legend rank and own all the cards from the first month. Anyways … Check them out, cause they have some interesting info and quite some weird presentation pages and if anyone manages to convince you, give them a try.


And finally for those less serious Hearth players out there, you should all rejoyce cause the chaps are actually working on it and actually want to surprise us with a nice “quest chain”  I guess at some point in the future … through the update they’ll make with “The Curse of Naxxramas”. Now wether they’ll manage to live up to the challenge and remind us a little of that small opening quest chain or they’ll just end up pissing us off, will remain to be seen. Anyways it’s quite certain that all the websites I mentioned above should contain a guide for that update as well, soon after it will be released, till then … keep on honing your skills and who knows, maybe one day you might just become the new Hearthstone Legend!

Max Payne Trilogy Retro Review

Damn long time has passed around and I talked way too much only about new and shiny stuff, thus forgetting our good old history with games we loved and which in turn (as weird as this may sound) loved us back too. One of those games that started out pretty early and continued through the years is a less known title from the creators of the best and most played open world game of all time (that’s GTA in case you didn’t got the hint). 


Max Payne was one of those low profile games that I got to play by accident and I’m very glad it did so cause boy it was different. I didn’t like it at first, but as sure as hell after I grew up a little and replayed the damn thing, understood the story a little better, indentified a little with the lead character ( just your average detective with some serious mental issues that refuses to die), I actually grew fond of it and played it till there was nothing left to do within the game. Tis true the whole thing is much shorter than GTA, but that has a good side to it as well, for instance you can follow it much better and the way in which they made the cutcscenes, to remind you of the good old days while people were still reading comics just simply hit the spot. The bloody graphic novel effect was great, the narration was awesome and the gameplay was pleasing so what more could I add, one of the trailers for the latest installment in the series, perhaps?

Max Payne 3 Official Launch Trailer

Maybe the fact that they made a follow up in which they reinvented the character and took him the only way he could go after the events that took place in The Fall of Max Payne really wasn’t all that great, but seeing yet another side of the story I came to love in my teen years almost puts a tear in my left eye. It’s needless to say that the third part was pretty awesome as well despite the critics, thus transforming this rather small Rockstar story into one of those games that are nice to play, but are even better to just simply enjoy as a simple story thanks to it’s skillful narration and ear tingling soundtrack, I mean you heard that damn violion in the trailer right? that’s just simply mind bugging, if you listen to it plenty of times you’ll begin to have dreams about it, honestly … Nah, I’m just joking, but still it’s a pretty cool soundtrack they have. They also made a movie about, but I really think that’s best left where it is when we have a nice video montage like the one bellow telling us the story of how it all began, better than any Hollywood bastards ever could, enjoy the novel:

Max Payne – The Graphic Novel Version

And with these being told I do hope you’ve enjoyed our little incursion in the past towards one of the best noire graphic novel styled video games out there. Just to make sure my point gets across, the three games are awesome, I for one prefer the second part, but I enjoyed playing all three of them. So if this little retro review here got any of you at least a little excited I’ll call it a day and be happy about the fact that I managed to get at least some of you to play a cool vintage game, if not … Then play them anyways!

The Babes of Warcraft II

Let us continue with our petite list of babes taken from our most discussed game here on this blog and that is obviosuly World of Warcraft. Today’s list includes 4 other beautiful dragon ladies who enchanted us during the time we spent in Azeroth in one way or another, more recently or in ages past, they’ve been a cgi delight to our eyes. So to say as we’ve already mentioned the major dragon women (two of which are also remembered bellow, yet again … I mean you just can’t let of Alexstrasza and Ysera) and in that case let’s continue our discussion with the third lady in this picture.


Please note we’ll mention mostly major characters and maybe some less known ones, but who still managed to produce quite an impact or have potential for a greater story and who also happen to have a personally dedicated wiki page. So without further delays here’s my first pick for today.

Tyrygosa (Tyri for Short)


One cute little presence whom we’ve met quite some time ago, back in the Burning Crusade, during the raid on the Sunwell Plateau is Tyri. Appart from her cute humanoid form she’s also the intended consort of Kaelecgos and by being that she creates quite a serious love triangle there because the bastard is in love with Jaina and back in the days he had quite a crush for Anveena as well, so Tyri, I’m sorry, but he’s not worth it. Now come on … I mean she’s cute enough in her elf form and I’m quite sure you’ll find her quite useful in her blue dragon form as well … I sure hope things will work out for her cause she does seem to have quite a nice story potential.

Chronormu (Chromie) 


If we’ve started with Tyri, let’s continue with the next girly dragon babe on our list who also happens to have quite a nice and less agressive nickname derived from her name. Chromie, as I’m sure you all remember her from the many times we have encountered her, from that one time in Andorhal up until the Culling and beyond, I must confess that I will always prefer her cute little gnomish look over the big bad bronze dragon she truly is.

Onyxia (Lady Katrana Prestor)


And here’s on suggestive piece of artwork that helps us see beyond the guise we’ve come to love for so many years. Lady Prestor, if you remember was actually the big bad black dragon mother, Onyxia and had quite an important role during the original Classic version of WoW. She got a reboot during The Lich King, but it certainly wasn’t of that much impact, however one thing remains for sure and that is the fact that appearances can and most of the times are very deceving (as the picture so kindly suggests).

Sintharia (Lady Sinestra)


And topping of today’s list of female characters from Warcraft is Lady Sinestra also known as Sintharia, who happens to be the mother of the beautiful Onyxia, we’ve just spoken about above. Certainly being the consort of Deathwing has certain good and bad parts, as in any relationship, but without a doubt nobody knew much about that back in the Burning Crusade, when we’ve first met her on the Nether Ledge. Back then she was just another blood elf babe walking around and having quite an important role in the story, that only those paying close attention could possibly notice. Obviosuly some actually thought that at some point we would see her true face and fight her and maybe even obtain some loot of her as well. Guess what expansion followed?

With these being told I finish off this list as well and leave you with all the best thoughts, hoping to return soon enough with the next post in the series covering my petite review of Women from Warcraft. And since we’ve finished with the dragon aspects, I recon we could move on to the best part of the this list, the elf girls. Till next time then, cheers!

The Elder Scrolls Online is Live!

So after a tedioius and perilous long journey that started quite some time ago, shortly after Skyrim was released if memory serves, the fellas at Bethesda/ZeniMax have finally aired the MMORPG version of the Elder Scrolls, one of the most expected titles in gaming for this year. Now I will try to be as brief as possible because I have a cartload of other stupid things to write as well so I will only give tongue to a couple thoughts on this rather joyful event that took place yesterday.


Ever since I first played the Elder Scrolls, I dreamed about the day when will bless the game with an online. That day has finally come and I must confess that I am rather excited to give it a try, however certain issues about the game do bother me (as always, one must constantly complain about something to keep the blog running). Things such as the lack of “realms” as in WoW or the issues with PvP action throughout the world and the one single big battleground are dwarfed by the fact that one must pay a cursed subscription to play this title as well (as if the one for Warcraft wasn’t enough). This brings us to our next issue, that of competition, will we be able to finally settle it once and for all that there is a huge difference between World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls (except for the subscription part obviosuly) and that they both appeal to different gamer types (aaahhhh … more or less … actually less in my case at least) or no? The issue remains unsettled however, for now at least I will be taking a break from Blizz and focus on spreading havok in this game and who knows maybe a little change will prove quite helpful in these difficult times. Or if that won’t help at least we can all agree upon the fact that their cinematics look cool.

The Elder Scrolls Online (Alliances & Arrival Trailers)

And finally do allow me to tell you that a game that looks like this and has an this sort of gameplay (cause it’s basically Skyrim only this time it’s “on the line”) shouldn’t really bother with getting a following, the issue will be with keeping and growing those followers and don’t fail in the miserable way in which SWTOR did when it crumbled down into the free-to-play section of the MMO’s that were so much cheaper than it! Will ESO have the same fate, will it manage to stay on top or will it even rival the biggest title in the online field of gaming (guess that reference is quite clear). With these being told just make sure you enjoy the game and give the guys credit for their work.