World of Warcraft: The Story so far …

Clearly one of the best stories of modern times, known to all the people who played and enjoyed at least a few days in the beautiful land of Azeroth is the story of Warcraft, a tale that began a long time ago, when many of the people who “read it” nowadays weren’t even born and that grew ever greater with the passing of the years. From humble beginnings, Blizzard became one of the biggest game companies on the market and their greatest game: World of Warcraft, became the number one best-selling online game of all time and as with any story it had its ups and downs, but at the time when this article was written things were still going pretty well for everyone working on the project with plenty of stories awaiting to be told.


In honor of the upcoming expansion (the 5th expansion that is), I thought about making a small preview of all the events that happened and that shaped the game into what it is today, events that made it so much more than a game, they made it into a world … The World of Warcraft. Without any further delays allow me to get straight to the point and pass the talking pillow to some of my fellow gamers who told the story in a much more “visual” manner, thus making it easier to digest for today’s public. So for this post I have chosen three of the most representative videos (from three different WoW Channels) that cover all aspects of the game in very different manners, but when put together they complete each other and give a perfect sense to all that there is to know about WoW:

History of World of Warcraft (2001 – Today)

Cute gamer girl Panser from TradeChat makes a perfect review of all the major events in the history of WoW as a game, from its announcement in 2001 up until the latest news on Warlords of Draenor (as much as there was 6 months ago, when she uploaded the video). Among the most notable features of her small analysis is the introduction of all the Youtube WoW sensations, like the Greatest freakout ever or Francis gets hacked! (Awesome videos on their own terms, but not very much in with our story, maybe we’ll talk a little about those too, at a later time). Moving on then to the actual in-game story, presented from the uncertain beginnings till today.

Story of Warcraft (Complete Lore of Azeroth)

One of my favorite Warcraft channels is clearly that of Nobbel87 mostly because of all the great [Lore] videos that he made so far, but also for his small and concise guides such as the “How to: Solo” section of his channel (has some pretty good tips in those videos). This video however has to be one of the best ones he’s put out in quite some time now, for without too much effort he managed to pick out the most important events in the history of Azeroth and compile an amazing encyclopedia that covers all the major events and characters from start to date. Not to even mention that all through the video he placed links to all the various different lore videos covering each major event/character in more detail. I might even go as far as to assume that I do belive that this video is one of the best Warcraft history lessons in a nutshell that you’ll find out there, so I do hope you’ve enjoyed it and watched it all.

World of Warcraft Timeline (2004-2012)

And finally, after all the talk is done there is off course, the game itself. The best video I could out there that covers the entire main storyline from an in-game perspective was made by the fellas of WoW TCG Poland and it covers all the key gaming moments such as boss encounters in major raids and cinematics. The video begins with good old Vanilla raids and ends with the defeat of Deathwing in Cataclysm, however it most certainly managed to capture the true essence of all that Warcraft truly is for all those hardcore players out there: A game to be enjoyed with friends, a whole new way to brag about stuff you never even thought possible and why not loads of fun that sometimes needs to be thinned out with help from in-game tips (Take all things in moderation – Even World of Warcraft?! Really!!!).

That’s it for now, I do hope you’ve enjoyed this small article I’ve made up and the awesome videos on the story of Warcraft that brought back so many good memories from the good old days when the WoW community was so much thinner and basically all of us were a bunch of noobs … Now in the next post (whenever that is going to come out) I will try to make a small review of all the best guides and addons for World of Warcraft so that you may all be ready whenever the expansion comes out and who knows … One of you might even get the “Realm’s First” Achievement this time if you play your role right! Y’all take good care and keep yer game up!

Warlords of Draenor Cinematic and Launch!

It’s finally here! (Thank Elune or The Light or The Naaru or … bah you get the point, right?) The cinematic and launch date for the biggest and most badass expansion so far, Warlords of Draenor! Now I will try to be very concise because quite frankly there’s a lot of material to cover and I wish to be extremely fast as well cause you know, I just can’t help posting around on the various forums and other blog posts and basically find out all that there is to be found out before the game comes on the 13th of November this Fall. So let’s not postpone this any longer and dive right to it. My friends, Blizzard gives us a sneak peek at the history of the orcish clans … with a twist, a twist that just so happens to have a name, Hellscream:

Warlords of Draenor Opening Cinematic

Did you watch it, already? No replays? C’mon! Now please tell me if that isn’t the most awesome cinematic so far (story’n’all) … I mean all of them are good, but this one is pretty much their grandaddy and I don’t mean just the revamped shots from the Warcraft 3 cinematics (which by way are absolutely great) where Grommash kills Mannoroth (in the “our” version of Azeroth), but the overall feeling and the sense of overwhelming power that the short video transmits.Quite frankly I don’t know how good the expansion will be in the end (although I have high hopes), but I can assure you that regardless of how will things end up in the eyes of the various players (who always have divided opinions), as long as the story goes on I will enjoy playing through no matter what. Now alongside the cinematic covering this moment of paramount importance in the history of the orcs (the demonic pact set up by Gul’dan) the hard-working chaps from our favorite gaming company have also released a new video mini-series called The Lords of War, which I kindly recommend you check out as well before we jump into the real action part of the expansion.

Lords of War: Part One – Shattered Hand

So if the cinematic alone wasn’t enough to give us a nice taste of what the lore behind this forthcoming expansion has in store for us, then I assume that this small video series might just hit the spot and fill in the gap we have in our souls for more … But if this one doesn’t do the trick either I guess that we just simply need to wither and wait until 13.11.2014 and then … Enjoy the new character models, zones, features, dungeons raids and more … much more! Just as a tease for all those who didn’t manage to get a beta pass for this test either, I guess that this next and final video from Blizzard (The expansion in action) should do enough to sate your hunger for details:

Warlords of Draenor All New Features

That was about it with the videso we got from Blizz at this very point, but I am sure that there is more to come and without any doubt there are going to be plenty of other “surprises” to be enjoyed and plenty of frustration (except for Ashran off course, cause that’s an obvious nerve-wrecking and mad inducing concept – I mean world PvP died out <mostly> for a reason, but who am I judge, right?). Anyways these three marvelous videos kind of cover all that there is to cover from an official point view, however there are plenty of other things to discuss, because we all know that when a new expansion comes out the need for a guide to sort out the mess of the great unknown becomes greater than ever and as we all know well enough the world is filled by fake bastards selling viruses and useless ads so mind you and do be careful where you enter your login info, alright?

I do not wish to continue talking for too long because as I’ve said I am just as excited as everyone else about all the freshly datamined info found out there and I am quite keen to check out all that there is to check out at this very moment while also preping in the most serious way to join the battle on the front lines (and no … I am not going to Ukraine, not yet anyways). Just as always when it comes to guides I can recommend no more nor less than the two important websites that you should check out and those are off course: Tycoon Gold Addon and Zygor Guides, cause they’ve most certainly done the trick so far and so they will clearly do it from here onwards as well. And that’s my time for now … I will be back soon enough with some fresh posts cause I already have some nice thoughts on a few pre-warlords posts, but till then happy preping for the epic battles that lie ahead to everyone.

Summer Game Series: Dead or Alive

Summer is going into its last official month and without a doubt you have all enjoyed good times at the beach and feasted your eyes upon those nice bikini babes (or if you’re a babe, then I guess you’ve been wearing those bikinis and attracting the gaze of everyone around the beach/pool/resort etc), right?. Either way you should have experienced that nice fuzzy feeling that only the sunny rays can give you when they scorch your sorry skin while you lay around, doing basically nothing, tanning and probably playing a game … Or if you haven’t then you should seriously do this (fellas from tropical climats are excused for having an endless summer, but the rest of you) because you know … It’s pretty cool (actually it’s hot, but you get what I mean, right?).


Speaking of games and summer sensations and fuzzy feelings, I had this on my mind for quite some time, but somehow I always managed to avoid the subject, as I somewhat consider it a bit too shapy and quite a little out of place (even if it’s basically a game), however if I think of it the only way to get it out of my head is to write it down and maybe even publish it (guess that one is off the list by now if you’re reading it). Technically it’s not just a game, it’s a game series and I probably mentioned it at some point in the past as well, but I most certainly didn’t talk to much about it back then, so now allow me to make up for that.


Dead or Alive (all the 11 games in the series) focus on one thing and one thing only – babes that do stuff … Babes with big boobs who basically look the same from all points of view (except for different hairstyles and colors schemes) with whom you can either fight or play beach volleyball or do plenty of other things. Anyways jut for the heck of it I was thinking of making a small presentation of the ups and downs of the two major game versions that DoA has to offer … that is off course Arcade fighting and Arcade Beach Volleyball. So let’s not delay this any longer and jump right into it, shall we?

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (E3 Trailer 2013)

So that’s how the latest installment of the series looks as a fighting game, truth be told after taking a closer look at the game it becomes obvious that not even the bouncy breasts are no longer enough to save the franchise and that Mortal Kombat did even that better than these fellas, however do not despair there still are a couple more game mods which might just make the game a bit more interesting as opposed to much better games from the same field. Costumes … Presented in a rather interesting manner and without any comments the petite costume pack trailer is quite enough to make any 12 year old give this game at least a small chance. Enjoy!

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Sexy Costumes Pack

If this still hasn’t convinced you to give the game a try then I am afraid that we are running low on options here, because the next thing that I wish to metnion is the Beach Volleyball version of the game that is basically a rudimentary game of volley played by these hot asian styled chicks in bikinis (much like the ones from the costume pack above, only with less clarity because of the age and engine difference of the games). So here it is gents, my final trailer recommendation:

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 – Intro Cinematic

So did you see it? Did you see the volley? Right, they were playing a very interesting volley game in there … somewhere … Honestly now guys the devs know pretty well that nobody plays the game to play volleyball, everyone looks for that other thing in the whole gig and they don’t even try to disguise it anymore, as they did with the first game series (when the tits weren’t even all that bouncy). But anyways, colors are nice, characters are … well you’ve seen the characters and the overall game sensation is absolutely incredibly positive and refreshing. Quite frankly that’s all that there is to this game, but if you want to enjoy the summer breeze and can’t do that (cause I don’t know, you live in the Siberian Tundra or something) then just play the game and it will most certainly pump your temperature up (absolutely no pun intended whatsoever).


With these being told I end my petite presentation of these Dead or Alive games and hope that by reading through and watching the trailers  I’ve managed to bring about at least a small glimmer of the summer out there to all of you who didn’t manage to enjoy the simple pleasures of a beach party thus far. So enjoy the games, enjoy the remaining days of summer and til next post, y’all take care of yourselves.

A glance at WildStar

So I thought it would time for a small change while we still wait for Warlords of Draenor to go live and I got across this nice title that’s called WildStar. Sure thing I was a bit critical of it at first, but after taking a closer to both the gameplay and the reviews it has so far (as it was only recently launched) I decided to give it a chance. After only a few hours of gaming I must confess that I am quite impressed with how things went down so far with the game and basically all that it has to offer. It surely draws on a lot from our favorite MMO (that’s WoW in case you wondering) and from plenty of other less favorite titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars or Aion (the last actually being published by the same company that got this one out on the market as well so it’s no wonder they took a little inspiration from them), however with all these influnces on one hand the game does manage to still be very innovative and filled with a ton of never before seen content on the other. And the icing on the cake is obviously the trailer (sort of a trailer) that resembles so much the Honest Trailer mold that you would think they got the one of those guys to voice it (no seriously it’s EPIC and it makes sure to remind us this fact every 15 seconds).

WildStar EPIC Trailer (Zybak TV)

Basically the game doesn’t take itself too seriously and it clearly knows its place as a game (not a freaking world … I am looking at you Blizz) that you are supposed to play for fun and do everything in a very loose manner. Add all the MMO specifics to the mix and you got one seriously badass space RPG where the capital word is CUSTOMIZE. The devs have certainly went berserk from this point of view and have allowed the players to customize everything (everything that is customizable from houses to mounts) … Seriously that is totally insane, it’s like you would take Warcraft, Star Wars and The Sims, mash’em up, and you would get this … But that is what makes it great! Truth be told I am quite curious on how will Blizz handle the whole Garrison concept in Warlords, but up until we’ll get to enjoy that, I assume that the housing system from WildStar will have to do, as an excercise if nothing more and a cool reminder of the first time we played The Sims or any other game that is customizable.


Now the way in which I found out about this game was through the channel which I recommended in a previous post quite recently (CreativeMonkeyz) and more specifically through the few  beta gameplay videos that were posted in the IOBAGG Games sections. Certainly there were a few issues here and there with the game mechanics and graphics, since it was still in beta, but overall I did manage to get the taste of what is it all going to be about and now that it is finally out I can frankly state that I was right, the game is as good as I thought it would be from those videos. If you are interested in checking them I’ll post the playlist bellow so that you get a nice taste of what the game truly is like from it’s 30 min video walkthroughs:

Iobagg Games – WildStar Beta Gameplay

If by now you are not into it and do not intend to try this lovely game out then please stop reading and go back to whatever you were doing before you stumbled across this page. However if you are bent on giving it a try you must know that the game can be played with either a subscription or you can basically play to play (as opposed to Blizz’s Pay to Play you know … but anyways), because you can also buy your next 30 days of gameplay with ingame currency as well (you know to balance the game’s economy they say) which is basically what you all should do I mean you are good enough to play the game at that level, right? Now for all those who will go for subscription and don’t mind spending a few bucks on a video game I would also like to let you know that the boys from Zygor have also worked on a pretty nice 1-50 leveling and story guide to make it easier on your lazy gamer ass to impress your friends in WildStar. The guide comes in separate packs for Dominion and Exiles, but you can get them both for a pretty nice discount if you intend to switch sides anytime soon.So do drop by and check them out because of what I noticed so far this guide seems to be much better than the one they made for ESO or maybe it’s just that I like this cartoonish game style more than I do the Skyrim RPG one?


Anyways that should be quite about it for WildStar and all the marvels that you will find on Nexus or beyond or above or within or … you get the idea … I do hope you’ve made a pretty good first impression on this spankin’ new MMORPG in space and who knows, maybe you will even give it a try, just look it up, read some more reviews, watch a couple more videos and enjoy the awesomeness of animated space.