Been waiting for this for way too long, but now that it finally happened I honestly think that they should have just skipped Cata, MoP and WoD and just go for Legion, because quite frankly this whole thing looks so bloody awesome that I cannot even begin to describe just how excited I am to be able to take the Demon Hunters for a spin around Azeroth. In case you are living on the other side of the moon or just like me you quit WoW and any other Blizz game for good (at least up until this new expansion comes around or you decide to try out one of their free to play, but pay to win titles) and you haven’t seen the trailers and presentation for the newest World of Warcraft expansion, then my friends I give you: Legion!

World of Warcraft: Legion – Overview

So there you have it, the nice and fuzzy reveal of the newest expansion which should make things even more interesting for us poor mortals who have no idea if they will live to see the defeat of Sargerasor die somewhere in the process (like for real you know … in a traffic accident or something). Now if they get it right this time then we will have something to play for a slightly longer time than the last time, because other than that Warlords seemed pretty badass as well (a little to hellbent on emphasizing the awesomeness of the orcs, but either way it seemed promising) and still somehow managed to get the coolness out of it. Now let us hope that this will manage to live up to the expectations and it won’t mess things up somewhere along the way as well, or at least that it will mess them up just a little less, eh?. I mean after all Illidan is a pretty cool guy and we all wanted to see him back in action in one way or another … Oh right, in case you missed the teaser at the end of the video here it is:

World of Warcrft: Legion – Cinematic Teaser

Yep so there you have it … Illidan brought back to life in a nutshell. We should see more of this on launch day, but up until then we can only just speculate what exactly will the story turn out to be like or let Nobbel do that since he usually does a much better job than anyone else at it. I for one hope it will be nice enough and prove to be a valuable revamp, but clearly people have had their fill with this game and I am afraid that regardless of how good or bad everything will be in this expansion people will come back to play it and then leave after a month or so. And as you would expect the launch zones will be overcrowded and the rest of the world would be empty once more epsecially if they raise the boost cap to 100 (which I hope to Elune that they would not so, but you may never know). Still … Maybe they will do something to add a little more stability to them servers this time … One can always hope, right?

Finally there is the problem of the guides because as with every new expansion the update of the guides should follow. But given the dire circumstances it is quite possible that by the time Legion hits the markets sometimes next year, there really will be no more need of any guides, since the game basically holds your hand with every ocassion it gets. From the fabled gold guides that got you 20k in a day that were more or less rendered useless as well with the introduction of the tokens that are bought with real currency to the integrated quest helper and the ever easier quests for everyone to level up in 3 days of playtime the game really needs little to no guidance. I mean honestly who needs a guide for dailies and garrisons and other farmville-like crap? But still in case you feel the need to get some extra help do please help yourself to the sidebar and choose from the ones that are still available from among those, will you? … Now things are clearly not looking very well from my perspective, but as always there already is a fan base that will be returning regardless of what the story or gameplay may be like and that clearly is what drives Blizz to keep putting these expansions out no matter what … Until the end of days … And beyond!

The Summer Version of the Games of 2015

So it is that time of the year once again … Summer and hot days and long nights and vacation and all the good stuff, right? Whether you are on a palm beach in Maui or you are stuck back home in the urban jungle of your own back yard one thing is certain and that is the fact that you still need to play games in order to relax and enjoy the small pleasurable things in life … Like finishing a level, earning an achievement or taking down that pesky boss that screwed you up a dozen times before you actually mastered a strategy to take his ass out. As such since I have never finished my previously promised post on the games of the 2015 I decided to wrap things up with this post right here and share my thoughts on the newest and most awesome titles that came out this year and that enchanted our senses with their awesomeness and also add a couple that will come out (hopefully) before this year ends.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Launch Trailer

Now you have to admit it that even if you are not a big fan of the fantasy genre that this cinematic is as awesome as it gets, plus the fact that they only used actual in-game sequences makes it even harder to swallow and so bloody difficult to run on a frankensteiny PC that apparently has to updated every other month in order to be able to run beasts like this game … But when you finally do it … And you get to play this on ultra HD with maxed graphics then O my dear Spaghetti Monster the eyegasms you get are just … Hard to describe in words… It will be very difficult to ever stop playing it and you’ll most certainly try to finish it as fast as you can and it will take some time. A lot of time to be honest, but if you put your back into it then it will certainly be worth it. Still truth be told every last moment will be totally worth it so in case you are still waiting to give the Witcher a try then just simply go ahead and treat yourself to some unforgetable action the likes you won’t find in to many other games.

Bloodborne Final Trailer (PS4)

This exclusive PS4 title is just great from all points of view and that basically says it all. Take all the good things from the previously mentioned game and combine them with cool stuff from other titles such as Devil May Cry, Dragon Age or obviously Dark Souls and you get this heck of a slasher that basically takes your gothic dreams and turns them into very realistic fantasies (especially if you play on a huge screen with a sound surround system all over the house … man that surely fills the spot I tell you). Other than that everything is smooth and even though the lore is kind of hidden during the whole game that’s kind of irrelevant since the whole point is to kill and kill and kill again up until there is nothing left to slaughter. But since the game was such a resounding success even that might be pretty far off. As such if you own a bloody PS4 and you don’t have this in your collection you need to get it. Pronto!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Debut Trailer)

Well it couldn’t have been a complete list without the latest AC title in the series, right? Sure there were plenty of issues with the previous installment and it was quite a pain in the arse to actually properly play it, but in the end after you got used to all the tricks both on and off the record, things certainly began looking interesting. By this point I for one really don’t care that much about the story since it always tends to be more or less the same, but what matters is the way in which the historical world is recreated. Now I really loved the Paris of 1789 and I most certainly love the Victorian Age London so I am already uber excited about this last gig that Ubi has in store for us. As such let us hope that the gameplay will be worked on and the story is going to be nice, but most importantly if they capture the “spirit of the age” just right it should be more than enough for me because I will be running around in free roam up until I have explored every nook and cellar of 1800’s London.

Dying Light – Launch Trailer

This one came out quite early this year, but I only had time to give it a shot recently and it was pretty cool as well, so I thought about adding it to the list as well. I mean think of the freedom from Assassin’s Creed in a first person perspective and add zombies into the mix and you get Dying Light. Brutal and gory, just as we like it with enough action to keep us entertained and sufficient jump scares to stay alert and right about enough mystery to keep us interested in the storytelling. Overall a nice mayhemish title that must be tried out before the year is over.

Hitman Gameplay at E3 2015

And my final pick for this list has to be obviously the new and improved Hitman. I just simply loved the series ever since my cousin got me a CD with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin for my birthday and ever since I managed to add all the other titles to my collection as well and I found enough time to finish almost every level on both stealth and rage mode. So it really was very nice to see that the chaps from Enix and IO have finally managed to pull their head out of the box and as such made it clear to everyone that Agent 47 is one of their best names and that it still has some fight left in him. This recent E3 preview kind of shows us that any game can always benefit from a nice rehash every now and then hopefully with good to great results to be expected.

And with this I bid my farewell to this list of games as well and I leave you with the promise that there won’t be anymore lists of this type posted on this blog. It was nice to have a little research done on these lists in the almost three years in which I ran my blog, but I feel like I have finally outgrown it and as such this was my final post of this sort. For the time being I still have a few other posts that I wish to write down, but overall I have nearly reached my cap and quite frankly I have never thought that I would have keep it up for so long. Well enough sentiment for now … Till next time, y’all take good care!

My thoughts on Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm

So here we go again. This time on the posting list I decided to share some of my thoughts on the latest release from our beloved chaps over at Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm (or Blizzard DOTA or All-Stars or whatever …). In case you’ve read some of my previous posts as well (although I honestly doubt that) then you know my thoughts on the whole MOBA games, that is the fact that I found them boring and pointless back in the days when I first got to test League of Legends while I was still enjoying the story from WotLK in Warcraft. Anyways I didn’t had too big of an expectaction from this game either especially since most of LoL fans that played it in beta said it would totally suck, but heck, I gave it a try either way (or maybe especially because they said it would not be as good) and guess what? I bloody liked it! Seriously, I never got too used to LoL or DOTA and so when this game came crashing through the hardware and software stores and I got to play it for the first time about a month and a week ago on day one of the launch I actually liked the whole package just enough to keep me interested for the whole month.


Simply put, the game is relatively easy and as such isn’t too big a pain in the ass for any newcomer to the whole genre to tackle so you could think that it would be boring, but it most certainly provides enough challenges for the most seased players as well once the levels are reached and the true pvp in the rated battlegrounds begins. As far as I can tell since I had little experience with other games from this genre, the focus here is having good teammates and capping the ass of the opposing team before they cap yours, a ridiculously easy task to be done on training mode, where your AI mates are elites and the opposing team are all morons, a decent task to accomplish in vs AI where you usually lose if you choose CPU as your team and not other players since you must command everything they do as well, but not to worry it is not uncommon to encounter a team of baboons that can easily hand over victory to the enemy team by not doing all the things they are supposed to be doing – like: capturing mercs and bosses or finishing the map gimmick in time for the team to get the advantage over the enemy. Still as far as I have seen it is quite difficult for this to happen and in 9 out of 10 matches victory is easy to achieve in this mode as well (perfect for everyone to earn easy XP and finish the quests). In quick match and ranked combat things are different, but again it is all down to the team and not to individual works or perks (well some perks, but still it’s basically communism). Anyways the chaps from Smosh Games said it best through their Honest Trailer that was also posted just around the launch date:

Heroes of the Storm (Honest Trailer)

I tried the game and it was good, I honestly can’t complain, especially after having gotten so bored by WoW (where the only thing that is still worth doing in there are the good old BG’s and no, Ashran totally doesn’t count and I am pissed as hell cause we got no new BG in this bloody expansion) it was a real breeze to drop in and battle across all the new maps from the Nexus that most certainly feel like all new battlegrounds in their own right (still this doesn’t excuse the devs for nerfing the PvP in WoW). Also the familiar heroes were are all nice and fuzzy themselves with awesome graphics and balanced powers and gameplay (except for Abathur and The Lost Vikings, these guys take a whole lot of headache to master!). And if all of this wasn’t enough, just a week ago in one month from the launch we got a nice patch update called The Eternal Conflict that introduced (among other minor and insignificant changes) a new battleground that’s kinda of cool and an awesome hero who is so badass that if played properly and with the right team to assist him it can easlily dominate the entire map. Seriously just check out his spotlight right here:

The Butcher (Hero Spotlight)

Now I ain’t tha big of a Diablo 3 fan so this fellow isn’t all that known to me, but he surely looked intriguing enough for me to spend all my hard earned gold on his sorry arse. Anyways it was worth the investement since so far I never lost a game with him. Just make sure you keep the meat stacks (that for some reason look like blood drops) at 35 and you are good to go (seriously just choose that talent, don’t be fooled by the other stuff). Plus we got special event quests that are to be finished before the game starts (those with bad connection are out of luck in here) where you kill a stupid npc that does nothing but move around really really fast and you get 100 g (once a day obviously). And there’s this hero roation system where you get to play around all the heroes (or almost all) and experience a little of the abilities each of them has and in case I missed anything just check out the news and play the game for yourselves and enjoy. After all it is free to play and as opposed to the other free to play game from Blizz … Yeah you know that one where you win with a combination of skill and luck … But mostly luck and a ton of legendaries which you buy with a ton of money, in this game you can buy the heroes it is true, but basically spending any real money whatsoever will not make your game any better … Like seriously at all. Full fledged communism I tell you and maybe that’s why I actually like it so much. Still if you like the unicorn than you must show the paper, but other than that you are all good.

With these being said I will be taking my leave once more and I do hope that you have all enjoyed going through this small presentation where I tried my best to put my thoughts to paper (well desktop, but anyways) in regard to this delicate subject of MOBA video games that still suck, but have proved an interesting therapy in treating the lack of nostalgia for the good old games that I once loved … And that I seemed to have lost interest in as with WoW and GTA and other stuff … There are many, but let us not talk anymore about them now cause I have been going on for far too long and you guys must have better things to do then read all this, right? Exactly!

WoW Patch 6.2 – Fury of Hellfire

As you probably know in case you follow the news or you play the game, the latest patch, version 6.2 is hitting the shelves (so to speak as in the game actually gets updated on its own, but you get the point) on June 23 and now we finally get that new content we’ve been expecting since the last raid was over … Like months ago … As such Hellfire Citadel in its draenic version is ripe for the taking alongside the Tanaan Jungle and a couple of other updates and improved gimmicks that should make things nice and interesting for at least a month before they too are outdated. Now there’s a lot of talk on whether this will be last or there will be something else after it as well, but truth be told at this point this is slightly irrelevant as in the lore got really messed up and the overall story which had so much potential got shagged before it could actually show us all that it could have done. Anyways these are just my thoughts and maybe I will actually enjoy this just long enough to somehow make it till the next patch (or expansion) without another subscription break. For this post I thought about something relatively different and that is we’ll take three very different videos and we’ll rant about them and hopefully manage to make something up of what the hell is going on with them, right? OK! First up is the trailer … Because why not!

WoW Patch 6.2 Trailer – Fury of Hellfire

Now that was one hell of a trailer … Cause you know HELLfire? Right?! I for one think they could have made it better and explained a few more things here and there because honestly we have no idea what on earth is going on. Seriously now even Nobbel is starting to have issues tackling the draenic lore in its entirety, but let us hope that the raid will come up with a better explanation when it is finally over and done with. Speaking of the raid, in case you did not have time to check things out here’s how the encounter with Mannoroth looked like in the final stages of the beta testing. Things could still change and it could still be tweaked, but the overall look and feel will surely be the same. Courtesy of FatbossTV here’s the full encounter nicely explained with a step by step guide on how to bring about the end of this awesome boss in the upcoming citadel raid.

Mannoroth – Hellfire Citadel – 6.2 PTR (by Fatboss)

Pretty cool, right? Although if I think back to the good old days when people did not do this and we basically had to figure out how the hell to kill each boss on our own it most certainly was much more rewarding taking down Illidan or Kil’Jaden for the the first time, but still I guess this helps those raiders who grew old playing the game (like me and many others I am sure) who do not have that much time left to actually raid and test out strategies because of plain and simple life. Anyways the guide is really cool, nicely explained and all that, plus the boss is pretty awesome and even if the lore is kinda shaggy we may still hope that in the end it will still makeat least enough sense for it to move to the next expansion that hopefully won’t mess up the timelines again. Plus we can at least enjoy the fact that Grommash pops up and lends a helping hand to the brave Heroes of Draenor during key encounters within the citadel and we won’t kill him too … Hopefully! As such I guess things could very well turn out to be pretty cool in the end. Again hopefully! Of course there are plenty of minor changes and these vary as always from the most trivial to some that are more or less important, but I honestly do not feel like talking again about them since I already did that in the previous post, so as not to ommit them here’s the link to Panser’s recap on the 39 changes that come with patch 6.2.

39 Things About Patch 6.2 (by TradeChat)

Well she basically sums it pretty nicely, although at this point some of the things she mentions did actually change, (nothing to significant or drastic updates tho) … As such we might just call it a day and hope for the best from this patch as well. It could more or less prove interesting enough to keep us busy for a few weeks here and there, but overall as I maintain my gloomy attitude it would still be long before I might actually go back to playing the game as I was before. All in all I guess a big break would be welcome for me and after enough time has passed we might just get back to it and start fresh whenever that new awesome content will be around in bigger amounts and with the icing of fresh inspiration smeared upon it … I knwo that’s a bit weird, but you get the allusion.

Finally as it usually is my habit I will again be recommending the guides and addons that I have used for so long with realitve success for all those who still haven’t heard or did not try them. Check out Zygor and Tycoon for the best selection of premium in-game stuff you can find out there and as always if you feel like not spending any chas other than your subscription (or not even that if you are a gold hoarder) there are the ever present free guides and walkthroughs from all over the web like the fatboss video from above for raiding and dungeon guides or the many webpages from wowhead or whatever other specialized website you like and enjoy. Certainly the game has changed a lot and although in a sense became very easy and most guides that proved to be essential back in the days are now of little to no use, there still are plenty of aspects that need to be explained and with which a guide be it free or paid is more than useful. Now you be the judge of what you think is best for you gaming experience and most importantly do try and enjoy your time spent online, because once you stop doing that you might as well just quit playing altogether and go do anything else. Till next time then, y’all take good care!