The Final Post

Well it is official by now! I mean it has been official for quite some time now, but this time it is even more official. I honestly have no idea how I was able to keep this up and running for all this time and post over 200 decently lenghty articles on a multitude of topics of which I more or less had little or no idea about, but bloody hell I did it. It made me some money, it gave me some skills and it helped me pass some time by doing something remotely useful and at least partially meaningful. I wanted to write a couple more posts, a follow up to this last post I created and talk about five more games that would be worth remembering, but I only managed to write the intro:

“Ah … It certainly feels good to be back at the writing desk and to pen some of my last thoughts here on this blog being fully aware and having finally made up my mind about letting all my part-time work slip into oblivion. I feel a mixture of pride in knowing that I managed to keep this together and that I improved my skills to the point where plenty of my serious works and essays have been published and received positive reviews all around the branch of science that I have chosen to follow and this blog and all the writing it involved played quite an important part in making that happen. And then there is the sadness that I feel knowing that it will all be gone and there is very little chance of me restoring any of it at some point in the future. There would still be so many things which I would feel like writing down in here, but clearly this is not a confessions posts and it most definately won’t become one of those cause when I set my mind to a task I go for it and I would honestly like to have it done. As such with one more posts remaining except for this one there will be plenty of room to do just that, with this one on the other hand there still are five games left which deserve one final mention before the curtain falls.” – There I just quoted myself, someone give me an anti-plagiarism badge or something. Also as you can notice I just broke several promises I made to myself and allowed that post to go unfinished and I certainly proved it to myself that regardless of how focused I must have been it just wasn’t enough. Period!

So there it is that’s how I would have started and went on for a few more pages, would have added some pictures and it would have been quite a funny and interesting experience to end with. Still it would have been just the same as all the other posts and in a way given that the financial incentives have been discarded quite some time ago there really was little motivation for me to actually wrap things up properly. But sitting here and wondering, there certainly were more things at stake here than a mere post and some money to be had from all the proper recommendations. Sadly I was not able to grasp it and build a community and make it meaningful, but who knows mayhap at some point in the future we might as well give it another shot. I might return to my first ever blog and start writing seriously on it, or I might start something fresh and hope for the best or just simply get a good old 9-5 job and be done with it all. Time will tell.

It is tempting I admit it, but once you tasted the wine it is quite hard to go back to drinking water so it would clearly mean that I gota do something much more interesting than this. Games will still play quite an important role, hopefully not too prominent, but who knows. And many other disctractions seasoning a mediocre and boring existence which we can all hope will end well and in profit, but truth be told only time will tell if our calls and puts will be wins or losses in the long run. We all start out as bulls and rush headfirst into life thinking the world of ourselves and those around us, but time has a way with most of us and transforms us into lazy bears that slowly accept their fate and rarely do anything extraordinary despite their huge potential. Still some do it and if there is anything I would want from this life as this chapter closes and another one begins that would be to count myself among those who did just that. To be an exception and to do things differently and to do them well, knowing fully well that my investements might fail, but taking comfort in the fact that I tried and did my best.

There is but one thing that I fear and those in spite of what most of us might consider are not the circumstances, becuase they change in our favor or against it all the time, but the greatest fear is of myself becoming just another face in the crowd doing everything as everyone else and not really caring about it. I never sought the extraordinary and was quite pleased with my mediocre results as long as I was personally satisfied, but something tells me that as I grow older the need to belong and to do something filled with meaning inceases. Maybe because we finally realize that at some point our lives will be forfeited and nothing will remain in our wake, nor good nor evil nor meaning of any sort or perhaps it is just me thinking and talking trash to myself. Either way these were all my thoughts for me along and if anyone else reads them, please don’t try to make sense, but if you do, then you are welcome.

There will not be a second time here, but anyways it has been a plesure and the games have been held up and they will keep on staying up for a long time to come. Because whenever we need a break from our own reality we can always count on something where that road to greatness and meaning has already been drawn by the devs and writers and we need only walk on it once more as it is new to us in every different world. Every new RPG world ready to be explored, every quest that needs to be completed, arenas that need to be won, battlegrounds that yearn for new recruits, bases that have to built, enemies to be destroyed and all this being very real in our minds and right at our fingertips. Cheers and have a merry life, dear reader!


Some Games are worth Remembering (Part I)

So this is among my last posts and I thought I would make it a little more special by basically talking about some of the games that I loved as a kid and that I still enjoy to the max even now after so many years. Think of it as a retro games list review or simply a personal selection of titles, both old and new, good and bad, cause lord knows, we all have titles we loved, even though maybe no one else (especially critics) could enjoy. Thus don’t be surpised if you find some titles which are mediocre at best in their scorecard, because on my own biased scoreboard they are pretty high, simply cause they are mine and I can relate to them.

World of Warcraft


Given the archives of this blog and the more or less suggestive density of tags this was basically a no brainer as for the first pic. Simply put I began playing WoW in 2007 and kept on playing to this day, with various pauses, longer or shorter in the meantime, when things got too boring or I just simply had to take some time off and do other things. I enjoyed the whole setting from when I first played Warcraft II as a kid and when a friend of mine recommended me World of Warcraft, I ws absolutely blown away upon first entering the world of Azeroth as a character of my own making. Now I had played RPG’s previously, but never anything of this scale and believe me when I tell you that when I first began playing, I had made a night elf hunter and it took me a little over 5 days just to finish off the Teldrassil quest chain. Certainly back then you had no quest helper and the xp system was a bit more different than it is today, but either way when I zoomed out and noticed that there were two continents each with their own zones and then another world altogether (Outland) to explore  … It was mesmerizing to say the least. I kept on playing and although I am a casual at best by today’s standards, I still enjoy coming back from time to time, at least to check whenever new content is released and why not admit it, just to relive some of the glory days, I even gave a chance to some private servers recently that run on the Wrath version of the game and it sure felt good to start fresh, but nothing can bring back that feeling of first having set foot into this massive fantasy world … For this and many other personal reasons I guess that World of Warcraft is and will be worth remembering, long after it will no longer be the top MMO on the market and the once roaring and vibrant servers will be nothing more but an empty memory of what they used to be at their peak.

Grand Theft Auto


This one was pretty easy to choose as well, given that it’s the only game to which I actually dedicated an entire page right on top of my website since I began writing this blog 3 years ago. Now my history with GTA is as it follows: I played GTA 2 at my cousin and I sort of liked … I then played GTA 1 back home at some point on my old Windows 95 computer and I liked it a bit more (simply because it was much more bright and open in tone, although the overall quality is slightly lower than that of its sequel) and finally I managed to get my hands on a pirated and moded version of GTA 3 codenamed REAL that had actual cars in it and I played that for a while. Obviously it was pretty cool, but the real awesomeness came in with Vice City. Man that was one awesome game, miles away from the previous games in almost any regard. Then came San Andreas that had its own specific charm and the rest you all know of because by this time, internet was more or less ruling online communication, a thing which could not be said about the time when I first played these games back in the days when Google itself was no more than an idea and the iPhone a concept in Steve’s head … And if after all these years I still have a copy of some of them installed on my state-of-the-art gaming computer that tells a lot about their value and obviously with most of them it’s not just sentimental childhood memories, but to all gaming history.



Well this be another one of those titles of which, if I think carefully I am way more emotianlly tied than I would care to admit it. Quite frankly I don’t care if the games are good or bad or in between (most of them are the latter), I like them and that is all that there is too it. This game I first played in its nice original 3d version on my first ever computer (that was a Windows 3.0? or something like that if I recall correctly). Back then I played it and it was pretty cool just simply to be playing it and not really think about it, but truth be told I would have never guessed that years after that computer had long been decomissioned I would end receiving a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which by the way was the first awesome shooter I ever played on my home computer and it was epic … Seriously it was so awesome and immersive that I actually got scared when I first entered the catacombs and the undead warriors started rushing towards me with their swords and axes. Thank the old gods I had the MP40 to keep me company in those dark momements and beyond … So awesome a feeling it still makes me laugh when I think of how easily I was scared as a child about almost anything. Anyways the game was cool and all that it stood for was pretty much iconic and it stayed with me to this day, thus ending up here on this list.

Prince of Persia


It wouldn’t have been a complete list if I would have somehow left out the Prince of Persia games, starting from the early 2d platformer created by Jordan Mechner (which I never owned, but got to play on a shared computer back when they still were a thing), up until the latest releases this game was a pretty awesome and unforgetable experience. For me at least it culminated in the 2003-2005 trilogy that just simply got me much deeper into the story and from the basic wall crawling of Sands of Time, to the ruthless and memorable combat technique of Warrior Within and ending with the stealth and aerial takedowns of Two Thrones, the series was not only reinvograted, but it was clearly taken to a whole new level of awesomeness. There’s no need to mention the fact that it sort of opened the way for the Assassins’s Creed franchise that became Ubisoft’s work-horse since those days up until today, but all in all with both good and bad sides it was simply great. And the girls … I mean come on, even the Farah from Sands of Time was pretty cool looking and then the babes from Warrior Within and the revamped versions from the last part, just simply added that epicness it needed, not to even mention I was in my mid puberty when I got to play to them, so you can imagine how that shot from the beginning of Warrior Within was received by my senses … Sure there are plenty of other pros and cons for these games, just as with everything else, but after all it comes down to a personal choice in the matter and I for one really enjoyed them.

Blood Omen


Ah yes, the vampires, not the awesome japanese styled ones from Castlevania, although they are nice too in their own way, but the original arrogant bastards from the Legacy of Kain series. Staring into the past I actually come to realize that as with most of the games from the list the first contact with the series was much earlier than I was thinking when I first drafted the post. I got Blood Omen 2 as a gift when I turned 15 and I played the heck out of it since, a really fun and awesome game, even if it is quite mediocre by most standards, it was new to me and I enjoyed every last bit of it. Actually when I was even younger, my uncle who owned an original PlayStation had a game called Ajuki the Heatless, again a mediocre release, but as a kid you don’t really care about ratings, so I played it and I liked it, but as an extra content it also had demos for various other Eidos Titles, among them Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver. Certainly they were just short demo versions, but after I played Blood Omen 2 years after that old PS console had been decomissioned I come to actually learn about the story behind it and obviously then it clicked that I had heard of this long before there was such a thing as the internet and blogs and forums and videos to inform me of what was cool and trending. As I’ve said there were plenty of things that I liked about this game, but most of all I enjoyed the voice acting and personality of the main anatagonist (or protagonist if you will), Kain himself. Perhaps if I would ever end up being an immortal vampire with world domination dreams and the means to fulfill them I would be pretty cocky myself, but that just simply showed me how awesome it could be to be bad if there would be no one above you to question anything you would do … And that’s how far my wickdeness got, cause you know in the real world, you are accountable for everything you do, but in the world of Nosgoth an immortal lord such as Kain is judge and jury in all instances and has every right to allow mortals to live or slaughter them as he desires (or more precisely as I desired when I controlled him). To top it all of as gaming conventions would have it, you get to be Kain and every last moment is enjoyable from fighting your way through fanatics and monsters to draining their lifeless corpses of their blood …

This is quite it for now, but before the blog will be done for good in a few months, I still have a couple posts on mind which I will probably share at some point so if anyone reads them they might have quite a time revisiting the titles and remembering their own experiences of how it was when they first played them. Or why not if my audience is a bit younger and never got to play any of these titles or might not have heard of them, perhaps they might feel free to look them up and give them a try, using the proper compatibility settings obviously. There will be five more titles in a future post and afterwards one final goodbye and thank you post to all readers and passersby who might have stumbled across this mediocre gaming blog long after its owner stopped trying to attract visitors to it. Until next time then, enjoy your game!

Blogging Confessions Vol. II

Quite a long time, eh? Well let me begin by telling you that I am not very much able to keep this blog (or any other blog for that matter) updated anymore since I moved on to other money making sources and my passion for gaming is slowly reaching its saturation point where little to no games can actually give me that feeling that I first had when playing WoW or GTA as a kid many years ago. As such writing about games is becoming a sort of a semi-obligation given that I still have this blog paid for until next year and as most of you I don’t like doing things I’m forced to do any more than I would like to do hard labor for free at gun point (you get the point, right?). As a result the updates have been fewer and fewer and obviously at some point next year they will stop entirely and this blog will be nothing else, but a memory in the annals of the internet alongside the host of websites that are no longer working and that still have some working links pointing to them. But until then I will be as frank as possible and I will point out in this post whatever was going on with this blog in the years that have passed. It would be like a little introspection that I believe might serve some of you well. So here goes nothing.

Back in 2011 I learned about affiliate marketing and after a few failed experiments here and there with a couple random websites I decided to make my then passion for gaming into a minimal source of income and so I did by creating a blog on which I was supposed to promote offers which (if bought) would give me a hefty 75% commision. Obviously it took a ton of work to get things rolling from scratch, but eventually I managed to get a steady flow of visitors and some of them actually turned into buyers and made me some money every once in a blue moon. Sure things aren’t as easy as they seem and it was not long until I was stuck doing SEO and building links and also bothering myself with keeping the site updated with new content, most of which if you will check out the first posts through the archive section were very badly written sales letter to the various products I was promoting at the time. As time passed my traffic increased and I made a little more money, however I never did manage to break the 500 visitors mark on a daily basis, even though I did see some days with huge spikes of over 2000 visitors on various launch days and other important events in gaming, but it never became a regual website over in the search engines simply because it was condemned to mediocrity since its beginnings.

Then I did what any right minded blogger would do and I began working harder to pass that psychological barrier and I went so far that I actually ended up buying gigs on Fiverr (which were much more useless than you might think of) , but obviously to no avail. I resigned myself to the numbers I had and worked to help and maintain my steady flow of visitors and at this point my writing actually started to improve and I began writing posts on other gaming related topics and not just game guides (AKA commision products) while also dedicating a little more time to editing and proofreading my posts. As the job got harder I obviously started working more and dedicating more time to trying to make this work better, but clearly it was of no use as I would later realize that I basically did most of the things wrong … Like really wrong! So after 3 years of working on doing my best to enjoy what I was doing I had given up the “work” that was supposed to help the blog grow and I just went with the tide by simply posting various things I found interesting and from time to time keeping up with the news and various launches (mostly Blizzard related).

Things went on like this for a few months and just after Blizz had introduced the token service I actually managed to get myself to acknoledge the fact that it was all over since more than 80% of my income came from Dynasty’s Tycoon Addon for which sales were decent during the entire process and spiked around launches or patch updates. But as the company that made the game had finally found a way to stop the gold farming and guide scamming and also make a nice profit for themselves of the whole process so did the number of sales of the guide. After that there were a few sales now, but those could bearly cover my hosting cost, not to even mention getting me some pocket money for a change. After that moment my posting frequency started to drop as well and I did not post anymore once or twice a week, but once every other week or even rarer (as you can see if you take a look at the dates of my latest posts).

The primary thing that made me create and manage the blog was money and as the source of money got smaller and smaller up until the point where it will be eventually depleted entirely so did the interest in keeping the website online and updated. Now I would like to stress the fact that nothing or almost nothing for that matter in this world is done without money being involved in one way or another so the next time someone wants to sell you something for free (be it ideas, philosophies, politics, religions, economy or whatever else …) you should always ask: ”but what is the REAL cost of this FREE item that you sell me, eh?” And while we are at it, I might still post once a month some cool things I find on the interweb while this is still working, but you won’t see any other posts related to products and / or seller tickets on this one, because the time of these sales has almost passed and I don’t want to be the guy that flogs the dead horse in order to finish the race. In other words I followed the money and as time passes it will tell if my assumption is correct or not, but either way of what I am certain is the fact that this source is done for and the gaming guides as useful or useless as they might be have almost certainly went out of fashion long ago.

So thank you for reading and please take time to learn from this and remember that money, although necessary for a decent life mustn’t become the primary driving force in life, because depending on the context and choices you will either end up having a lot or having very little … But that should never define who or what you are. Now if you like to play games, then play them, if you enjoy reading, please devours all the books you can get your hands on and if you like anything please enjoy doing it, but keep in mind that all things are to be enjoyed in moderation and a truly powerful and meaningful life is one that is filled with diversity!