Alrighty then boys and girls I do hope you’ve brought popcorn along cause we have quite a big post up ahead of us as I finally managed to find some time and get a closer look at the beta features that are known so far on Warlords of Draenor. Couple these with all the more important official updates from the Blizzard blog and you get a boatload of info that needs to be shared and commented, cause after all that’s why you are here, right? Reading stuff about your favorite video game is supposed to be the main reason for you being on the website … It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with any of the babe posts or the cute pictures with them, am I correct? (Aye, speaking of babes, I should really get back with one of them posts soon enough) Well anyways, hold on to your hats cause we have a lot of stuff to cover and little to no time to make it all as enjoyable as possible (not to even mention that I will do my best to comment as much as I can and make the post be just as interesting as it will be long).


First things first, the most important updates include off course the events that will close the Mists of Pandaria chapter and will open the way for the Iron Horde to come and bless us with more high level mayhem in Azeroth. From this point of view there are several things that need to be mentioned as they are rather transient and it might be good to do them as soon as you can … if you can. One of the more important things that you should look up is the legendary questline given by Wrathion at the end of which you get your choice of legend cloak . It would be advisable to do it as soon as possible (if it even possible by the time you get to read this), because due to the way in which events will unfold in Warlords of Draenor will render the questline unobtainable anymore after the expansion is live … So if you can, do it! Or you could just simply skip it and be left with a couple of unfinished achievements, nothing too big, because if memory serves after four expansions, even the weaker gear from the next expansion will be better than the amazing legend cloak … Speaking of things that pass, the chaps from Blizz have also thought about adding some short-lived content in the upper blackrock spire during the launch event. Thus if you can do farm that special instance too as part of your “Feats of Strength” cause I am quite sure that there won’t be many chaps with that achievement either by the time everything is over. And finally there is off course the main launch event (the Invasion of the Iron Horde itself) which should also grant some nice rewards to whoever will be online and kicking while it will be set in motion. Make sure you check these out cause they will most certainly be worth your time afterwards!

Off course one of the more visible updates is clearly the change that will be implemented to all the good old playable characters is the visual enchament (well sure it will bump up the system requirements, but I am quite sure that few of you will actually have to upgrade their systems in order to run it properly, so no need to worry), because quite frankly now it would be time to upgrade things a little cause at the core World of Wacraft was running on the same models from 2004 (and o my it certainly worked out pretty well for the past 10 years, no one can argue against that). I talked quite a lot about the character improvements and I shared my opinion on what I like and what I don’t like that much, so I will only say that it certainly takes some geting used to those new models, but after a few hours of questing and a couple of dungeons you really begin to grow fond of your new revamped virtual self, be that an orc or an undead. One other new feature which I personally consider pretty cool, if it will be used properly and won’t change Warcraft into a Farmville 2 Extreme RPG type of a game (as the pet battles Pokemoned the whole “vanity” pet system), then I guess it will be cool, even to a casual gamer like the one I’m struggling to become right now. But quite honestly it’s not all that bad about this garrison system as I am quite confident that once we’ll get used to it things should prove quite interesting, testimony to this are these newly released cinematics that show the progression of the Garrison on both sides. Alongside these cinematics there are also plenty of other in-game cinematics that basically show you how the game is going to end on all fronts, I for one recommend them because they are truly nicely done, but after all it’s your game too so it should be your choice, but my guess is that there still is going to be some time before you’ll see them within the game itself … Now for the Garrisons:

Alliance Garrison Progression – Warlords of Draenor (Cinematic)

Horde Garrison Progression – Warlords of Draenor (Cinematic)

Did you see them, commander? Pretty nifty, right? Certainly the game has come a long way and I have to admit that I got all this excited when I found out the expansion months ago, then I got all worked up when I watched these videos, when I took a ride on the beta and so on and so forth, but either way I will be more than happy and overly excited when it will all be done and we shall finally get to play the finished product (with starting bugs’n’all that), for so many reasons! And now while we are speaking of things that are supposed to make us happy, please allow me to tell you that the devs finally gave thought to the tradeskills and mat farmers as well and from version 6.0 onwards every trade items will stack up to 200, that’s an extra zero from what we have now, so just imagine all the bag and guild vault space you’ll save for gear and other useful stuff, no more stacks of useless cloth all over the damn bank! Still in terms of saving space, but this time in a much smaller niche we have the so called toy box addition which will store all of the fun items you acquire during your adventures, in a very similar way in which things were played out during WotLK when the mounts and them vanity (aka non-combat) pets become storable on your character and then in Cataclysm in your account (yes guys, back in Vanilla and Burning Crusade you could have no more than 3 or four mounts because you ran out of space in your bags … heck not to even mention a bloody vanity pet or toys!!!). I mean if you think of just how many toy trains and zeppelins I had to throw away back in the days to clear some damn room in the bank and inventory you really begin to see the handiness of this little gizmo as well.


Do you guys love maths? I for one hated it dearly throughout my school years and it certainly shows nowadays, that’s why when Blizz came up with the squish concept utilised as in to reduce the numbers we see popping up whenever we do or we take damage in-game, I was more than excited cause things would be so much easy to calculate, now yeah sure the changes won’t be that big, merely cutting one or two zeros while preserving the same power ratio, but still … And no I’ll try to make this as clear as possible too, this is NOT nerfing, as the mobs and npc get their healths and damage adjusted accordingly as well, it’s simply a change in scales. On the same note we’ll also get a nice change to stats on all the items in order to balance things and make every item as versatile and as useful as possible, there’s really quite a lot of technical stuff in here that a casual gamer just wouldn’t give a damn about, but if you’re into it then I suggest you check the official page for more in-depth info on how will the stats get adjusted in Warlords. Another change that reflects in stats is off course the attempt to bring PvP to the same level with PvE as in many cases, an awful lot of players are damn fine at fighting monsters, but totally suck at taking care of other players. So the devs thought that everything would be better if they somehow balanced the whole game in order to fill in the gap, so to say, by doubling the player health (as if it weren’t too damn big already). If you ask me, being good at PvP has its fare share of gear requirement, but after all it comes down to how well can you play your class and how good is your class at PvPing around, but let’s give them a little trust and maybe they will actually manage to balance things, at least partially. Finally one other thing that involves heavy fighting and which you should try to take care of before the season ends is the Brawler’s Guild, as once the expansion launches in November, its content will be temporary unavailble up until you reach level 100, the new max level, so scoop it out while you still can, cause who knows when and if you’ll actually make it to 100, right?


Finally a couple of other changes that I thought would be worthy of commenting are the improvements we’ll see to racial traits which would basially create a balance that so far has lacked when choosing the race you’ll play. The most notable example is clearly that of the trolls who most people disliked for their unothodox look and jokes, but they still played because of their awesome berserking ability. Some other important changes that fit in this field are the modifications to movement speed, which should also prove to be a nice tweak as in-game speed always had a crucial role in getting that sweet victory. Still in terms of movement in Warlords of Draenor we’ll also see a huge vanquishment of the crowd control abilities like ensares, disarms and other similar stuff. I am not sure exactly how the gameplay will change without these extra features, but it should most certainly be more free than it was before, from at least a couple points of view, but we’ll put this to the test in the arena as soon as we’ll be able. Off course there still are a lot of changes and tweaks I didn’t mention, but if you are interested and haven’t gotten around to read the official blog post, I’ll put a link bellow to the source article as well. A couple other rather recent noteworthy facts (as in they were published something like a few hours ago) include the “undelete” option (quite a messed up idea, really, but who am I to judge, right?) and the background downloader that just so happened to be graced with the new 6.0.2 content a couple days ago, so that we can all download in advance and enjoy the new content as soon as it is out and kicking.


Now before I finish, just allow me to tackle the problem of guides as well very quick because these too have their part to play as most of them guides that I’ working with have already announced changes and improvements alongside the ordinary upgrade to support version 6.0 when it will finally be upgraded. The most notable example of excellent preparation is obviously Zygor as he has already created a pre-order section for the Warlords of Draenor leveling guide. As any pre-order this too comes with a bonus in that you’ll receive the complete garrison guide for free as well along the leveling & loremaster in-game guide as soon as the expansion is out, you know, so you won’t have to wait and jump right into the action on Draenor with the full support of the best guide out there (maybe I was a little subjective in here, but still). Anyways, I will talk more about the specifics of each guide and the download details at some later time, when the expansion will be nigher. The second fellas who announced that will upgrade as well to Warlords the support for all of their guides are the devs from Dynasty whose Tycoon Gold Addon will most certainly come in handy with the new items and the prices that will certainly blow up once the expansion is launched. Off course they should work on their others addons as well, however for now they only focused on this one and it is possible that the support will only be available for the gold guide at first before they update the other three addons as well, but we’ll see all about that when the time is right. And finally I would also refer you to check out Dugi as well because he too seems to be getting ready for the launch with plenty of posts and forum updates on the beta and with a couple of useful tricks in some fields that the other chaps aren’t covering as far as I know. So do check out either of these guides for they are sure to update and deliver top notch quality for when the expansion will be live, alternatively you can always search for the free online guides as well and follow on those as well, however playing the awesome Warlords of Draenor in windowed mode just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do in the given context of awesome visual and core updates done to the game, but it’s all up to you.  This was it for me, I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading through as much I have enjoyed writing this and I hope to see you all in-game during the launch event and all throughout Draenor kicking some orcish warlord arse!

Source – 6.0.2 PTR Notes

Been too long since I had meself a good old fashion retro review and so I thought I might just make up for that and take a look at one of those games that I truly loved for several reasons, but at the same it managed to give me a boatload of headaches through it’s simple unresolvable issues … You guys know, stuff like servers being offline and not being able to play the singleplayer mode either because of the same or other various reasons and more similar snaps, it’s basically Diablo 3, only earlier and much cheaper. Anyways the game was pretty cool in terms of story and most gameplay features, to be honest it crackled a little with the combat system (that was quite important given that it is qualified as a hacker/slasher dark fantasy mmorpg), but once you got used to it things were working out pretty fine because the characters and monsters were more than awesome for 2007 standards. Take a look at the trailer and convince yourselves.

Hellgate: London – Official Trailer

Alright, so you get the point, right? Demons come to the UK (not political ones like those of today when people want to split and then everyone goes crazy and we have a lot of fighting and there are a bunch of casualties and all that) … No sir, “real” demons, guys like the one from the church that carry a bloody scythe and everything in between. So in that demon-infested dump of a city you get to create 3 classes of characters: the ones who die first, the ones who just simply die and the ones you actually get to play (these being the Templars). As the game progresses you gain levels, experience, gear and all the other usual mmo related stuff that you like or that you probably don’t (case in which I must ask myself, what are you doing here?). Couple these with a relatively cool storyline and a decent hacking and bashing of demonic entities and you begin to understand why I actually liked this game back in the days (off course there are other hidden reasons as well, but those you’ll find out yourself once you play it, if you ever get the chance with so many good games coming out on a monthly basis). 


Even if the game received mixed reviews and wasn’t backed up all that well by the community either, it still somehow managed to sell over a million copies, sadly those weren’t enough to save the company which filed for bankrupcy soon after the release. The game was taken over by diverse annonymous companies which tried to keep it going and even good old Blizzard had some involvent with it (because Diablo), but all these things have led to nothing else but complete revamp (called Hellgate: Resurrection obviously, what the hell were you expecting from a revamp like this?) which I’m quite sure never went to well past beta back in 2011.


In spite of all the negativity that was all around this game, I for one really enjoyed many of its features and nowadays after the many ups and downs it has went through it is good to see that they finally have made up their mind and although the community is rather small and the game became one of those dreaded “free-to-play” MMO (you can find them over by it still keeps a pretty decent standard and this time allow me to tell you that servers are working properly. So do feel free to check it out whenever you feel like banishing demons in an even more brutal way than through Diablo. Also if you’re into rock then do please check out this pretty nice mix of Sabaton’s Primo Victoria and the opening cinematic for the original version of the game (just a quick tip, make sure your speakers are maxed out for this one cause it totally rocks).

Sabaton – Primo Victoria (Hellgate Cinematic)

Well sure thing the song is about d day, but the lyrics are totally working out on the video, so I actually think that both elements are fitting perfectly together, video, cinematic, action, rock and everything in between. Now if you still aren’t convinced to check out the game, at least do yourself a favor and look up the cinematics on it and check out those, cause they are pretty nice … And if after that you still won’t get the point of this game just look up a templar chick by name of Avalon (beats me on how did they come up with the name for her) or some south korean cosplay based on the game and you will finally know why the game is actually not interesting to most players (cause they think the game is all about killing demons and won’t relax even a little). That’s my time for now, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the short look at this game and if you liked it, then try it!

Quite some time passed since my last feature and so I decided to grace this new theme and updated blog with a small review and a couple of comments on one of those good guides out there that so far I somehow managed to overlook because … reasons. The guide pack from UltimateWoWGuide that’s better known as Dugi Guides is clearly one of the best guides out there when it comes to everything you need in World of Warcraft due to several reasons (which I will point out as I discuss write every paragraph).

Now off course I could argue for an entire post on just how good these guides are and on how awful it is that they don’t get that much attention as they once used to have and how they had to reduce the bundle pack price from 170$ to 6.99$!!! (Seriously?! It’s a bloody steal for now) … However I won’t do that cause honestly I deem it quite worthless to talk about things past and that’s why we’ll focus our attention on what we have now and on where will the guide pack probably end up once the game updates to Warlords of Draenor (update which is included in the “enormous” price you pay everything). Couple all these benefits with a pretty awesome community that constantly updates the guides with new tips and tricks and what do you get? One of the most awesome set of in-game addons and a full set of online tutorials that comes 10 times cheaper than those provided by the “main competitor” (who everybody knows, but no one will mention by name … see the Voldemort situation and transpose it to the guide section).


When it comes to guide fragmentation we clearly have a less fragmented version of the same good old guides with which we already got used. If you ask me I believe that this is yet another factor that contributes at ridiculously lowering the overall price (along with other things which were named by the guide master as well in a more extensive video that can be found on their official channel), but anyways let me get to the point here and lay down before you all that there is to know about Dugi and his guides that come in the following forms: leveling (per factions), loremaster/dunegeon, dailies/events, achievements/professions and off course gold. There’s also a free trial which for a limited amount of time (not sure about the limit’s limit tho) is going up till level 40, because if you can afford to pay your Warcraft subscription to actually be allowed to play till 40 or beyond I’m quite sure that you will never find some spare change to buy the complete guide, right? Speaking of complete guides take a look at this before continuing:

Mists of Pandaria – 1 to 90 in 3 days & 3 hours of /playedtime

Download Dugi Guides!!! (Thought I might insert the link in as well because of the video ending)

OK, so did you see it? A pretty nice and swift run up on how does one get to level 90 (soon to be 100 once the new … I mean old Draenor is released) in 3 days without any heirlooms or by having some other high level punk boosting your ass by helping you out with stuff. Basically what the leveling guide does is tell you exactly what to do next whenever there is nothing left to do and yes I get it, experienced players already know all this stuff, but do please asks yourselves, how should somehow who barely started playing know all the stuff without asking some of you bastards about stuff? … Then again how many of you are actually that nice to help out all the random strangers who just begin to play? I sure don’t feel like helping out all the beggars from all around the capital cities that’s for sure. And the arguments can keep on going on like this forever … Anyways that was the leveling guide at this very point, once it will get updated I’ll let you know.

Now for all the rest of the guide combos there are some pretty nice and explicit videos that kind of explain everything till the smallest details so I will refrain myself from talking too much about what is already well known and the stuff that you’ll already see once you get on the official website and on the respective pages, so as not to repeat myself I will just let this one slide and say that you should be a real pro or a real fool to let an opportunity like this slide away, because although the price may be darned small for now, I am quite sure that it won’t remain like that for long (just like the free trial that won’t be free to 40 forever) so I would kindly suggest you skip candies for one day and join up cause you only have to gain from all that there is.


However if you are of those bold headstrong bastards that feels like paying for someone’s effort just isn’t worth it do allow me to tell you that good old Dugi has the solution for you as well, since he keeps a blog with plenty of good tips and has even a pretty cool forum which has all the suggestions, guides, strategies and whatever else you can think of in terms of WoW, available for free! So just click on the home button from the upper right corner and enjy the freebies … And after you realize that he’s the real deal, then do please feel free to subscribe as well while the 7$ offer still stands so that you can then brag to your friends that you got to 100 faster than they did!

Well I assume that I already talked way too much and I gave you to little room to actually drop by and enjoy the presentations alongside the good old testimonials from the many happy customers who used the guide well enough so far and had nothing but advantages. Well anyways that’s my time for now and this is where my feature ends, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the little presentation and will have fun while stepping your game in preparation of new adventures on Azeroth!

Blog Guides’n’Updates

As I assume that you may have noticed by now (off course if you’re a regular reader) I have made some changes to the blog, including but not limited to the theme and design and chose a more appropriate gaming theme (however you may quantify that). Alongside these more visible changes I have also thought of adding some extra features and change the way in which the blog will be updated, as from here onwards I will try to be more organized and hopfully come up with a nice regular date of when new stuff will be posted (again hopefully). And speaking of new stuff I will also go for a pretty nice new set of posts, specifically game reviews, guide reviews, news and updates for both of these (only things that I find of interest and noteworthy) and finally I will also try to be slightly more creative with my recommendations (if possible) and come up with new helpful websites and articles at any given time.

This brings me to my final idea of update, a small gaming newsletter that was on my mind for some time now. With this petite mailing list I will be sending out a small bi-weekly gaming newsletter using the services provided by TinyLetter to anyone who subscribes, the e-mails could contain anything from a website/guide/game/article recommendations alongside useful tips & tricks for any of the games that I play at that time (mostly WoW and Hearthstone, cause I am stuck on these for now, however I am constantly taking breaks, especially in these times of waiting the big expansion updates).  So for those of you who wish to subscribe use the form on the top right corner or use this link: and simply enter your e-mail then confirm your subscription and you’re good to go. Now up until things get a move on there might be some time between e-mails, but after I get a hang of it (as in this my first mailing list so try not to be too harsh to my messages, eh?) the newsletter should flow without any problems.

And this sort of sums up what I wanted to say in this unsual small post with no videos and no pictures used (don’t worry I will make it up on the future posts whenever those will come out). So to say I am trying to step my own game up and hopefully before this whole thing is over I will actually manage to take things to the next level with this hobby blog of mine. Till next time, y’all take good care of yourselves and yeah, subscribe! :P