WoW Tokens and Patch 6.1.2

As I assume everyone knows by now, since there has been a lot of talk and hype about these changes for quite some time now, the new mini-patch (6.1.2) came with a bunch of extra insiginificant updates and the WoW Tokens. Again I will be assuming that you all know this so I will not go on ahead and explain your the whole process and the idea behind these items (cause Blizzard has a pretty simple and straightforward article that does exactly that right here), but I will go on ahead and discuss a little the implications of this for gaming in general and adress the more important issues of what does this mean to WoW and to you (and me for that matter) as a player.


The whole idea of the token in a nutshell is that you are only allowed to buy them from the in-game shop for a fixed amount of cash (20$ or equivalent in local currency I think) and then sell it on the Auction House (once bought from the AH it seems that you cannot resell it). Now for the start Blizz will set a fixed price to test it, however I cannot possibly see how did they manage to do that since the whole idea takes real currency and transforms it into in-game money (gold that is) which should be able to provide good players with extra play time “free of charge” and not so good players – beginners who are in need of in-game gold for whatever they might be using the gold for these days –  with an easy way of spending their hard earned money on virtual shiny money!

There were plenty of dicsussions on the forums which placed the price of the Token anywhere between 15k to 100k, however for starters it would seem that the damned thing will be going for about 20k to 30k and then will move from here. That seems like a ton of gold coins, especially for starters, however as a veteran player I can easily buy myself one whole year of game time from my main character’s gold alone and I would still have some change left to last me through up until the next gold runs which I sometimes do when awfully bored nowadays. For everyone out there seeking ways of making gold, allow me to point you once again towards Zygor’s brand new product for making gold because quite frankly it makes the job easy enough for it to actually become boring. Or you can just use whatever other addons or guides or means you can find around as long as they get the job done if you are a cheap twerp. Still don’t expect to pay for your subscription with in-game currency pretty soon if you’re just starting out, regardless of what you are using, because it was proven time and time again that building a fortune (even if it is a virtual one) takes time and effort on everyone’s behalf.


As such I would say that the only downside to this whole idea is that veterans and gold hoarders will be “free of charge” forever from now onwards (or at least until the tokens are taken out at some point) and people who just started playing and bearly have enough gold coins to cover their riding training will still have to pay with cash to play. Also people are talking that this  signifies the fact that Blizzard is running out of money and that they basically head inevitably to the “free to play” MMORPG graveyard, after 20 years of heritage and history, but for now I would think that this is still pretty far away and this whole Token concept must have been nothing more than a spin-off of the “level 90 boost” which apparently made a lot of high level noobs and pissed off plenty of pro-players and made a lot of dough to the company in the process. But then again I could be wrong and maybe pretty shortly everyone will be filthy rich and no one will pay anymore for the subscription, cause everyone will use tokens …

Either way I am very curious to see how everything will turn out and how this new imporovement will actually manage to change the gaming community by making beginners rich and veterans free players, certainly free used here with the basest meaning of them all from the subscription point of view at least. And as with any market the prices might go up and down from day to day or hour by hour depending on a lot of factors, but we’ll see either way.

A Clash of Clans Mash-Up

Quite frankly now, I haven’t talked about mobile games since I first ranted about Candy Crush almost two years ago and that is I guess because of the fact that I didn’t really play too many of those so I had little to no knowledge about them (except for Candy Crush, which I did have to test before writing about it). However all this changed a few months ago because of various factors that I want to underline in the following rows. Being a fellow who enjoys watching commercials since I also do a little advertising here and there myself I came across the ads for a little game called Clash of Clans and to tell you the truth I haven’t seen such awesome ads in quite some time and most certainly not for a bloody mobile game. This clearly raises the question of where do they have all the cash to run all of them successful ad campaigns, but we’ll get to that later. For now allow me to share with you this first ad that the chaps have put out to promote their creation. Also this should give you an idea with what kind of game are we dealing with in here.

You and This Army: Clash of Clans TV Ad

There you have it, that is the ad that stirred my interest when I first saw it. Still I wasn’t that much into it, but you know I would say it did its job as it was memorable enough for me to remember the game when I saw their other commercials. Time passed and the marketing team has made more ads in another successful attempt to further promote their game and again they succeded. Now I will not refer you to any individual video, but to their entire playlist and I will tell you that clearly the best addition to the whole ad section was the Wizard … Every commercial where we find this little twerp is an instant 30 sec success story. Whether you hate or love that little imp you most cearinly watched the bastard. So in order to get you in the mood do please check out this as well:

Clash of Clans – Revenge

Did you watch them? Did you watch them all? Have you noticed Liam Neeson in there? Well how do you think that they afford to pay that actor and then air his commercial during the Super Bowl? I mean the bloody game is free to donwload and play now isn’t it? Well it sure as hell is! Now let me get right into the meat here and present you my own experience playing this pretty little one location endless updateable game … That during the time this was written had an XP level cap of 300 a max Town Hall level of 10 and about 2.5k days of playtime to unlock it all, provided you have the money to buy the gold and purple jizz required for all of them (this does not include gems)!

The start is pretty cool, the building takes a decent amount of time and everything is nice and pink and colorful since you have a shield active for quite just enough time to fool you into thinking the game is actually cool. The graphics are decent for a mobile game and the overall playing experience is mediocre to good, however the problme is you don’t really have anything interesting to do in the very beginning. There’s a small single player campaign where you target some goblins that become exponetially difficult to tackle and which you won’t beat up until you gain a few levels and as such if you really want to see your barbarians do some damage you will probably find yourself doing the first mission over and over and over again until you are sick of it.

Once your’re leveled up and good to go … As in you have at least a evel 3 or 4 Town Hall you get to see the “real” game where you attack another random player and attempt to destroy villange (hence the defence which you clearly had no idea what the hell was it supposed to do since the goblins did not strike back). In return that player gets to attack you as well as long as you have no active shield. It is all fun up until you reach a point where you realize that your army is totally outmatched and that all the “worthy opponents” you are randomly given to beat are way, way more overpowered that you are (do please note I did not spend any money and I did manage to level up till level 5 and then I just simply had to do like Elsa and “let it go”). As with anything cool and mainstream such as this mobile app you bet your arse there’s an honest trailer for it and you can watch it right now if you haven’t done so already (if you did watch it, then just watch it again!):

Clash of Clans – Honest Game Trailer

I guess the epic voice sums it all up and I have nothing else to add. As interesting and as cool as the commercials may be, the overall gamign experience sucks (big time) simply because from a point onwards you will not be winning anymore battles regardless of how carefully you choose them unless you decide to spend some cash and upgrade faster or just simply wait and then wait and wait some more up until … Well you get the point! Anyways I sort of experienced the very same feeling when I returned to playing Hearthstone and I realized that my basic pack could no longer cope with average players who completed “The Curse of Naxxramas” and had the bloody legendaries to show for it. The new expansion “Blackrock Mountain” will clearly only add to it and all the same I would refer you again to the honest trailer for that game as well, because the review very much says it all.

And with this I assume that everything can be summed up and we can all enjoy our games knowing that whatever we play we most certainly made the right choice … As long as the game isn’t free to play or at least isn’t “pay to win” it should be all good, right? Well not necessarily, but that should be the overall main point. With these being said I take my leave and wish you all happy gaming in whatever field you are caught up right now!

The First look at Zygor’s Gold and Auctions

It would be quite rude of me not to keep my promises and even if there really isn’t any need for me to stand by a statement I made for whatever reason, I do believe that it is good (especially in this given situation) to keep the promises I made in my last post. As such I said that once the gold guide by Zygor will be out I shall be sharing a few thoughts on it and in case you didn’t get the chance to drop by just yet, I suggest you do just that since they have some pretty nifty presentation videos that will be added daily up until the moment of the release on March 5th when everything goes back to normal (sort of). So without further discussions here’s what you should know about it (both good and not so good news).


Let us begin with the good ones because I honestly don’t want to put them in a bad light since their guide bundle still proves to be the best choice for almost everything one might need to kick some serious ass in the World (of Warcraft). First of all they are quite honest about what their product is and what it does (unlike the usual get gold quick gimmick or whatever other pricks promise around these days). Zygor is straightforward to admitting that this addon deals with the top legal gold making methods divised in 5 sections: Gold Runs, Farming, Gathering, Crafting and obviously Auctions. Certainly the Auction House is the best of it and this manages to takes things to a whole new level in terms of farming, gathering and posting the best auctions at the greatest prices and conversion rates. Now while all this is very fancy and cool the problem is that we already have an addon that does exactly this called Auctioneer (which most of you probably use and which also happens to be free … As opposed to the 50$ price tag that these boys are ready to charge you for their piece of software). Don’t worry though the team got this covered and they also explain away why their addon is better and why it actually costs you a little if you want a piece of their “pie” (that came out a little wrong, but you got the point, right?). As opposed to the free version of the auctioneer addon Zygor’s Gold and Auctions has the AH scanner working around the clock on ALL realms for both factions, thus giving you real time time info on everything the moment you log into the game (as opposed to the free Auctioneer which had you wait and wait and do some more waiting up until it actually finished analyzing and processing all the data).

Clearly all this sounds pretty cool and interesting and it was proven to make you a ton of gold even in free version, but when you add the whole farming / gathering process into the mix as seen from Zygor’s perspective you get a pretty valuable asset to your World of Warcraft account (and this time you too would be able to afford that goddamn yak … even it walks and jumps like a flea – Plus not to even mention the fact that heirlooms just got switched to gold as well, so now it would be an excellent time to complete your collection). And one final plus side to it all is the fact that by running the whole scanning in the background on all realms and saving all the data in the cloud it could also compile (in time obviously) a pretty interesting history that should name some of the most profitable niches out there depending on the seasons and the reasons out there. Anyways with all these on the plus side I am quite certain that Zygor will fare pretty well with their gold guide because after all in two years of actually recommending their products I did not had a single complaint against them (the same cannot be said about the others, but still their services are pretty good as well … Since I still keep the links). So clearly enough even if it is kind of expensive the damn thing should be worth its weight in gold (cause it’s a gold guide you know) – that’s in-game gold and being software it technically does not have any real weight to it.


As I’ve said there is a down side to all this as well, because after all Zygor’s Gold Guide just came to a market where another in-game gold addon has been dominating the whole niche for quite some time now. I’m talking obviously about Dynasty’s Tycoon Gold Guide (formerly known as manaview) that basically does the same thing and it has been doing for well over 2 years now (that’s almost as much as this blog has been around … anyone notice something strange there … Hmmmm I wonder … ). Thing is that this one is actually cheaper by 3$ so you should be able to notice quite a huge difference out there, but then again the point I’m trying to make is that when it finally comes out we should be able to tell if Zygor’s product is actually better and if it is actually worth the extra 3 bucks as opposed to Tycoon. So far I for one made good use of it and things went on pretty well (as in I own the bloody yak and a couple other obscenely priced items from the game on all of my more important characters). As such I for one am very curious to see if this Gold and Auctions guide of theirs will somehow go beyond that, presumably it does, but I’ll never buy that up until I actually bought it and seen the results with mine own eyes (yes I intended that)!

With these being said I guess that I can take my leave and allow you all to drop by both pages and see for yourselves if everything works out as you would want it to (or even better, hopefully not worse) than you would actually have it. So up until next time enjoy and make sure to check in with the chaps from Zygor while they still have the pre-launch presentation videos on (which might not be for too long). Also do make sure to compare them all as well since they are not the only fish in the ocean and make up your own minds after you’ve seen for yourselves the offers on all sides. But in case you somehow think of joining you might want to know that they have a special offer (which might not be there anymore by the time you are reading this) where they give early access to their gold guide to people who have pre-ordered the guide. I for one thank you for reading through this tiny review and thoughtsharing and I promise once again to be back with some more posts sometime soon on whatever topics I might find more or less appealing form the world of gaming and beyond.

Patch 6.1 Lore of the Legendary and Garrison Campaigns

So I said that at one point (this being that point) I will be making a post where I will be sharing my thoughts on Nobbel87’s videos on the lore of draenor which are quite cool and pretty well made, however after carefully reconsidering this I actually decided to cut down most of them (since it’s all basically just questing and most of you have finished all of them already even if some of them do contain pretty awesome explanations as to why are things the way that they are) and go for just a handful of more recent videos and talk a little about those. But first, since not long ago we saw the update to patch 6.1 (and all it’s brave new content) I recon that sharing a few thoughts on that update would also be welcome. Now I know I already did this in the previous post and I can assure you that at some point I will be doing it again (if not for 6.1 then for 6.2 and so on), but here’s something a little different. You might remember the video that Blizzard put out during the WoD launch, right? Well here’s it’s version for patch 6.1 complete with comments and updates on everything you need to know. On the downside I for one really enjoyed the cinematic trailers for patches (you know the way they had them back when WoW was still young and flawed), but I guess that this will have to do until we see that (if we even see it). So without further a do here it is:

Patch 6.1 Survival Guide (by Blizz)

Alrighty then so the video screenshot is rather suggestive but just in case you have no idea what on earth is going on (say you did not do the legendary just yet and you have no idea who Garona is) the next video will clear everything up just a bit. Now there’s a quest chain, much like the one from MoP where Wrathion gave you the cloak, but here it would seem that instead of a cloak you get a ring that will become legendary in the end (because just like with the ring of the Kirin Tor this too gets upgraded as you progress). The quest features Archmage Khadgar and is basically the same regadless of what side you choose to do it with (except for a few different npcs here and there, but anyways it makes little difference). The current quest chain ends in Blackrock Foundry and with us captruing Garona and enjoying a little R&R up until this new patch came out when the quest will continue (still I did not manage to do it just yet so good for you if you did). Now the spoiler alert is that we manage to save Miss (or Mrs?) Halforcen and she becomes our follower – Our first legendary follower that is. Anyways, in case you didn’t do the quest at all and need a little heads up on it here’s Nobbel’s take on it:

Legendary Questline Chapters 1 & 2 (WoD)

Now you know how the story almost ended in the previous patch and this new patch basically takes it up from where it was left (a couple quests further from where Nobbel got) and takes everything one step further. It kind of sucks if you think it, but after all that’s just how the game is supposed to be … You play through all the patches and finally when it is done you get a legendary which you enjoy for a month of two before it is outdated as soon as the new updates are released. But let us not be pesimitic about this now and try to enjoy a little what we have right now and think of it as a journey and not a destination (I’m giving credit to Aerosmith on this one, I don’t about you), you know, stuff like the new legendary follower. Seriously that is kinda of a badass lady and having her in your team is a pretty huge boon if you ask me (or the guys who actually thought about adding her in there). And since we are still talking followers and team and boons and stuff there’s another recent lore video which I found quite entertaining and which might also prove useful to most of you (since I am sure that few of you chumps actually managed to finish this up in case you are a rather casual like myself). That is the garrison quest chain that’s available once you hit level 100 and you sort of upgraded your base just a little.

Garrison Campaign (Alliance and Horde) – WoD Lore

And I assume that with this our small take on whatever there was still to wrap up with patch 6.0.3 is done and we should all be able to move on to the 6.1 content and enjoy all the new stuff it has to offer. I am just as curious as everyone else on how will things go down, but clearly so far the storytelling has been awesome and we expect nothing less of the future campaigns and quests. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this small rewind of the most imortant contet so far in WoW and in case you liked the videos feel free to check out Nobbel87’s channel for the complete list of lore videos and plenty of other cool stuff spoken with that heavy irish accent (or is it scottish or welsh … I honestly can’t tell). Before I finish this I only wanted to mention the fact that the guides are also getting updated to patch 6.1 so feel free to check in with them and update your addons and in-game guides before logging back into the game once you’ve applied the new patch. Also just a small heads up for those gold diggers and gold beggars out there, the champs from Zygor finally finished their work on the brand new “Gold and Auctions” Addon and are rather proud of it (or so they would seem from the newsletter they sent out to all the partners). Anyways I will be talking more on it once the launch will be underway since they will begin the whole process tomorrow and only launch the addon next week on the 5th of March. Anyways, I’ll scoop it out and let you know if it is any good, as good as they say or just simly epic and I’ll make sure to have a post ready sometime next week where I share all the stuff I know about. Now I am finally done for with this too, thanks again for stoping by and please do visit again when you have the time.