Took me long enough to get through with writing this down, but you know how they say, usually ’tis better later than never (and this time it sure was later, but I already made my excuses for the whole bloody year so I won’t insist on it anymore). Now in terms of gaming this year looks pretty promising too even if there isn’t any new GTA around the corner this time, we still have a few interesting titles that we should be looking up to. Do note I will not include in this list any good games that I mentioned in any earlier posts because of the obious simple reasons (I already talked about them) even if they only get their official release this year (take The Order: 1886 as an example). But should they turn out to be good ones, I might just rip some time out of my very loaded schedule and do a quick review. With these being said here’s my first pick:

Dying Light – E3 Gameplay Trailer

Now this little game here is called Dying Light stands as the representation of the whole concept of first person shooter/slasher as redefined by the fellas from Techland. It’s a next gen release (like all the bloody games from the list) so one needs not worry too much about the quality of the graphics or sound or other issues of the sort and should focus only on the core gameplay when it comes to seeing what the thing is all about. I didn’t had time to do extensive research on the story behind it, but the game looks pretty cool so that shouldn’t matter all that much, plus it comes out at the end of the month so I’ll have time pretty soon to dig into it more thoroughly  as it hits the shelves.

Evolve – Intro Cinematic

Next on the list we have Evolve yet another shooter that targets an even more specific niche of gaming – that of co-op alien bashing just for the heck of it. Play alone or with friends and take out massive aliens in the same way you once had to take out the dragons in Vanilla Wow (with the slight improvement of graphics on hand) and massacre tons of alien wildlife so as to bring them to the brink of extinction. Not really sure about the story in here either, but given the basic facts there are two possible takes on it – 1) The aliens are a threat to humanity thus they need to go (that’s pretty used tho’) or 2) The alien hides are worth a lot of space credits and so we want to get rich and buy even fancier equipment so as to be able to take out even bigger and more valuable aliens (and since there can always be a bigger alien if the game is successful then I guess we shall see quite a lot of them). All jokes aside the game looks pretty good and it is worth checking out.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer (E3 2014)

If we’re still into aliens and space mumbo jumbo then how about a more serious approch with lesser guns and more exploring … Much more exploring. Hell … God only knows if He’ll ever allow us to leave earth realm and explore the infinity of our mighty ever expanding universe, but up until that might happen (if it’ll ever happen – I’m looking at you Nolan) we have simulators … And some of them come in the form of pretty awesome looking video games … Like this one. Although a small title on the verge of an indie game, this game got counted among the biggest releases expected this year and once you go through some of the details about it and soak in the breath-taking beauty of the trailer you’ll see why.

Batman Arkham Knight – Father to Son Trailer

Now that is a pretty nice description of awesomeness on the bat scale … The third and I assume final (at least if they follow in the shoes of Nolan it should be) installment of the Batman Arkham series had a pretty cool presentation with this badass trailer last year and has grown in hype quite a lot since then putting it high up in the top ten of expected games for this year on almost any list you could think of made by all the big blogs out there. Also I couldn’t help, but notice a pretty cool resemblance between this trailer and the Wrath of the Lich King trailers where King Terenas speaks to Arthas … Also both Batman and the Lich King are quite badass  and deserve the title of knights from all points of view and even if we take this out and the game shouldn’t be any greater than the previous two parts this should still be worth playing … Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hunch this is going to be the best of the trilogy (and not just because of the new platforms).

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Trailer – E3 2014 – IGN)

And the last title that I will mention in this list will be the latest part of the Tomb Raider series aka Rise of the Tomb Raider (sounds quite catchy with all the double R title, right?). Now I really enjoyed the reboot and the more or less realistic way in which they took the whole idea of the games, but clearly as with any relatively successful reboot they are bound to keep them spinning so as to maintain their momentum. Now this short preview is the only thing we got so far on it and my guess is that we’ll probably see this game only some time next year, but we may never know, hopefully they’ll make it interesting enough with just a pinch of novelty and enough of the old charm that the series are so well known for (especially among male gamers).

That was my time for now, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the small overview of the these upcoming titles and just as I have said the posting frequency should remain the same or be reduced even more as the agenda piles up with deadlines leaving little room for fun and constructive hobbies such as keeping the blog updated. Thanks for stopping by and as always enjoy your game!

Blogging Confessions Vol. I

Bloody hell … Another year goes by and we are still here (for now at least). Now you might have noticed that the posting frequency has gone down to 1/2 posts a month (more or less depending on which month you pick) this would obviously lead people to believe that the blog no longer gets updated (which is true …to some extent … with decent content related to games), but it is not entirely abandoned, so for those of you who still check back from time to time with one reason or another let me tell you that at least till summer, this will still be going. Afterwards I’m not so sure about what exactly will happen. Stick with me and try to make sense of what I’ve written and you might just get where I’m going with this, eh?

Now it has been a good time so far and I achieved quite a lot through this blog (no seriously I mean it … 1m pagehits isn’t quite a small number for a blog of this sort if you ask me), but as with anything I believe that things have to move on and at some point this blog will end as well … But not just yet, for I still have a few things to finish and a few topics to cover … A few strategy guides, a couple recommedations and maybe even some babes of posts and afterwards at some point we will run out of ideas and funds and give it up … Or maybe we will start another blog and link to it from this one and keep going … Or maybe not … Who knows …

Anyways for now the posting frequency will stay the same (or incease even more … oooo … I know I’m a lazy bastard), because of various reasons (the one hinted at in the previous paranthesis  being the best- meaning an honest comment in case you needed a hint to the hint) out of which I will only mention a very few short ones and to the point ones; like: I’m buys, I’m lazy, I’m out of the mood and I am way to overjoyed by my new ventures to keep this alive (at least the way I did so far – Seriously just check the Warlords launch date – I was in over my head with that!). And last but not least … I just don’t play that much anymore and so the main source of inspiration is gone … I mean I still play, but not as much and not as diversified as I once did … You know … College and Stuff and … I also feel that I lost touch with my inner writer and I am unable to write anything anymore the proper way (as if there would be such a way).

So in an overall kind of a conclusion I need some time to consider things … Think them through, digest them a little, munch them for a while and when they are ready to be spilled out I might just let you know what I decided (whatever that may be or whenever that might be). For now I bid you all a Happy New Year and plenty of luck in whatever you might have added to the bucket list for this year. Three cheers for you all!

Quite a long time passed since the last post in which I talked about the stories and roles played by the girls of Azeroth … Now at last I finally decided to make the fifth part in the series and talk about the human babes (who are more or less humane, depending on the case) that we have loved playing alongside or why not even playing with (depending on the game we talk about). Without further dealys let us get started with one of them ladies that we haven’t seen throughout our travels in Azeroth, but whose presence and mighty destiny have played a crucial role in the development of the story as we know it.

Magna Aegwynn (Guardian of Tirisfal)


This lovely lady here is probably one of those few persons in the world that actually had more power than anyone should be allowed to wield and throughout her time as Guardian her rule was filled with awesome and epic events … So epic they were that you find her legend being passed on through a whole bunch of books you might just find yourself reading at one point or another (if you want to become “Well Read” – in azerothian terms obviously). Even if we never see her within the game world, Aegwynn and her legacy was and will be forever a defining part of Azeroth’s history, from her fight with Sargeras, to the destiny of her son (Medivh) and as we will soon see grandson (if the name Med’an doesn’t ring a bell you should really work on your lore) she will always have a place of worth among the legends of the world (of Warcraft).

Lady Jaina Proudmoore (Grand Magus of The Kirin Tor)


Quite frankly this charming lass should be one of the best known girls on the face of the whole Azeroth. She started out small in WC3 and moved upwards from there by having passed through a whole bunch events that shaped her into a perfect leader … A little ruthless and quite unnaturally hateful and with a little help and advice from the previously mentioned lass on the list she will surely have an even greater role to play in the story of Warcraft. Now I honestly hope that they’ll turn her into a villain at some point and have her wear some skimpier garments as a result of that (not that her current whereabouts are all that puritan, but still … she could do better), but either way she clearly had a huge impact so far and will certainly contiue to enchat us with her charming looks and archmage style.

Gwen Armstead (Mayor of Duskhaven)


Who says that women in Azeroth don’t get to have their say in politics? Well miss Gwen here present played her role quite well in the story of Gilneas and their passage from a secluded faction of humans to the ferocious worgen that joined the Alliance. We get to find her all over the gilnean starting zone and move on alongside her up until we finally reach the more or less permanent home of the wolf people within the Howling Oak of Darnassus. ‘Tis really odd if you ask me that although she was right there in the middle of the action from start to finish she somehow managed to escape the worgenish corruption and managed to make it out alive and in one piece, but then again who am I to judge the mayor, right? Cause after all she might just be having a “wild side” as well somewhere within that soul of hers …

Lorna Crowley (Commander of the Gilneas Liberation Front)


Now if you thought that Gwen was quite an exceptional example of feminism within video games, wait till you see this enchanting lady with roses in her hair. Miss Crowley, is also part of the Gilnean adventure as she is the daughter of one of the leaders that will defend the city against the rampaging forsaken at first (Lord Darius Crowley) and then will continue to fight them all for the next few expansions in the form of the liberation front alongside his daughter and some other wolf dudes. She leads the assault and fights valiantly throughout the starting campaign, all the way from her family orchard up until the Horde’s gunship she’s right in the middle of the action accompanied by nothing else but her wits and that big blunderbuss of hers. She sure leaved a good enough of an impression to make me give her a spot on my list and I sure do hope that at some point she might just get a more proeminent role in the story of the Alliance and who knows maybe even win the darned Battle for Gilneas.

Anveena Teague (Avatar of the Sunwell)


And the final lady on our list that happens to cover humans this time isn’t really a human but at least she looks humans so I guess that will do it. Anveena, who, as we know from the comics was created by Krasus (that’s the Dragon Queen’s Consort) when the Sunwell was destroyed embodies all that remains of the once mighty powers of the High Elves’ source of power. She appeared to be a kind and fair young lass from Tarren Mill with unknown origins (origins which are only later cleared) and o my she has quite an anime ring to herself, doesn’t she? In terms of story she remains hidden up until the events of the Burning Crusade and then after the defeat of Kil’Jaden (well sort of a defeat) she takes her place back within the Sunwell … If you are a lore junkie then I am sure that you must be familar with the reaction of Lady Liadrin when she sees the Sunwell remade and the legacy and power of her people restored.

With these being said I must conclude this post as well because youall  knowvery well  that all that begins must have an end as well. There still are a few babes which I would like to mention and hopefully at some point in the future we might just deal with them as well. For now I thank you for dropping by, reading, watching the pictures and whatever you might be doing around there and I hope to be back soon enough with some more content. For now, take care and enjoy your game.

There’s been over two weeks since the spankin’ new expansion for World of Wacraft went live and by now almost everyone is over the initial hype so I assume it would be good to draw some conclusions while we deal with the aftermath of the launch (that is in terms of guides and achievements). Now I don’t now about you, but leveling from 90 to 100 has been quite a pleasant experience for me, however I only managed to get a few feats of strength and I am quite sure that none of you managed to get that realm’s first either on level or even on professions or I don’t know what else might there be of the sort (if you did then congrats to you) … For those who didn’t I say 0don’t worry for those kind of “feats”are reserved for a special breed of players and be happy you ain’t one of those (at least that’s what I think, but feel free to contradict if you like – and if you are one of them then take no offense, I am player myself –  a casual one, but still a player). Thus in the wake of the leveling frenzy and exploration of the new content there was a lot of talk about the guides and addons and their purpose in the world of Azeroth and as with everything the opinions were divided, most people not really finding them useful while a select few (who managed to master them) contradict the unknowing majority and say that they all work just fine.


As I assume that you know if you’ve been reading through the blog I only promoted Zygor directly during the launch and in these two weeks following the release of the expansion due to various reasons and I am quite happy with the results so far … But let us not forget that there are quite a few other guide provodiders out there that one might find useful and perhaps even more interesting to use than the ones mentioned previously. So let me quickly go through all the other guides to which I provide links (because I do find them somewhat useful as well) and make tell you a few words about each and how do they fit in with the Warlords of Draenor edition. Oddly enough most of them only updated their support for the expansion and patch 6.0.3 right before the update and there really wasn’t all that much fuss about it, but shortly after that there was a small change with all of them and emblems with “Updated for WoD” started popping up all over these websites and voila they too were selling the Warlords version of their guides all of a sudden – No pre-launch, no pre-order or anything else of the sorts, just a good old Updated section sticked to it. Anyways in most cases it did the trick because quite a lot of you actually bought the stuff and most of you found it useful (since you haven’t asked for a refund I assume you did) and so it is that today I draw the line of all that there was out there in term of response and satisfaction so you all know where the majority is headed and maybe join them if you feel like it.

Dynasty Addons (Tycoon, Booster, Edge & Impulse)


The good old addons from Dynasty have been doing pretty well for some time now, however during this launch if we are to add up all the sales of all the four addons (both seperately and as bundles) they barly make up half the number of sales that Zygor managed to achieve through a very productive marketing campaign and plenty of pre-hype work (hence my interest and support for them). Anyways, the best product remains Tycoon, their gold guide addon that now works with the new updated features of the Garrison as well alongside the Auction House, farming, gathering and crafting that was previously its main focus. Sure thing they won’t tell you that just yet on the website cause they were too lazy to remake the damned presentation page and they only added the “Updated for WoD” tag that I was talking about, but once you join you’ll be able to access all these new features of the addon. The rest of the addons work fine as well, however Booster lost a lot of popularity since Blizzard released its own “booster” and thus messed up the deal with most power leveling guides in general, but they can’t help it now, can they? Impulse and Edge haven’t been doing so fine either since there weren’t too many changes to be made with them given the fact that the game was over-simplified with the coming of patch 6.0.2 – the so-called “squish” if you still remember and these were working well on a complicated game during their launch back in WotLK. And if you thought this was bad, just wait till you hear about the other guides.

Dugi Guides (Complete set of in-game guides)


So the story of Dugi is quite a sad one if you think of it, as for a long time he was the only provider of paid WoW in-game guides and so you can imagine that things worked out pretty well for him up until competition came (in the form of Zygor). As with any story of rise and fall because the competitor was better at promoting than the older tycoon that had the market only for himself his monopoly was gone and so were most of the clients. I for one haven’t made all to many sales for him, but I did have just enough to help me see a pattern and thus if it weren’t enough that the guides just simply aren’t as good as they once were, the poor chap thought that he would solve the problem by reducing the costs (so that now his guides are the cheapest thing in the market – you can virtually have them for 5$/month and it would do nothing but convince you that you should really try out the competition) – Plus think of the how many people would actually invest time and effort in something to earn only 2$ when with the same time and money they could earn 5 times that amount (by going with the competitor) … I know marketing sucks and it is unfortunare, but that is it, that’s real life or Warcraft. In terms of the updated to Warlords we have the same issue as with Dynasty that was mentioned previously, no strategy in marketing before the launch and thus very few sales and those too were really quite hard to come by (at least on my part that is). Who knows maybe at some point he’ll actually come around and it will be once again a fair competition in the field of paid in-game guides for Warcraft between these two old rivals, but at least for now things aren’t looking too good for Dugi and his community.

X-elerated Warraft Guides (Same as the above)


Now let me tell you that there is a huge problem with the whole pack here as well, not just that the number of sales/customers has went down dramatically in the past weeks (as compared to the top seller), but then again it is all due to the fact that there wasn’t all too much interest in dealing with things the right way (we’re really starting to see a pattern here, right?). Certainly the customer service is decent and the few bugs that they had in their WoD version were fixed relatively fast, however I am talking about principles here that make a guide popular and wanted. One needs to be told and shown exactly what he will get once he pays for something and it is quite a poor strategy to go on with generalities because that way there is no emphasis placed on actually getting getting the visitors (who are more or less interested in what you offer) to buy (for genralities we have websites like wowhead or wowwiki – and those are FREE!). Such as it is X-elerated ranks in on the fourth position in my top guides for this hype session and I am quite sorry to say, but they could have had so much more success.

Hayden’s Secret Gold Guide


And we finally ended up with the king … I mean queen of awfulness in terms of guides for WoW. Don’t me wrong she still had plenty of sales (like all the previously mentioned guides – and thus made a lot of money), but I just simply find the whole presentation/product package to be less than satisfactory (and obviously it ranks in as the lowest on almost any list of WoW products I have seen because of this) my friends enjoy Hayden Hawke’s Gold Guide in ten simple steps. Seriosuly just drop by, read it or watch the video and tell me if it isn’t one of the least professionally designed and laziest product page that you have ever seen (again I do not want to be mean, only critical and this has to be seen as compared to the other guides/products discussed). Now as with most of the guides it too only updated to WoD after the game was out and it did so by adding a cursed tag and ordering a new video – quite a poor one if you ask me, but hey it’s a bloody fiverr testimonial so it does the trick. I will refrain myself from commeting on the video cause you can watch it yourselves and draw your own conclusions, however things are not looking good.

And with this I shall wrap up my ranting about the guides of Warcraft as I have seen them during the hype caused by the launch of the new expansion. Certainly this does not change the fact that each of them made loads of cash during this period and that in one way or another they helped players achieve that which they promised (in a more or less complete manner). I shall be talking more about each on in particular as they are changed and developed throughout the following weeks and who knows maybe at some point we will see a change in the list and plenty of updates (on a more positive note taking place at least with some of them). I for one hope I managed to convey the message and I wish you all a good time playing from here on out with or without any of these guides. Cheers and good luck!