Since our second favorite event that happens in autumn (that’s Halloween to be more precise, second only to Oktoberfest) is already knocking at our doors and is bent on trick or treating the candies out of stores I assume it would be good to also take this into consideration within our field of video game posts, thus for this year’s holiday I picked five titles, both old and new, good and not so good that entertained and annoyed our gaming career throughout the years and some that still do … So without further ado let us get right into it with the first trailer.

Dead Space 3 – Story Trailer

The first bone chilling title is Dead Space which managed to get a scare or two out of all us with its amazing graphics and absolutely charming story (about what happens when science takes the wrong turn) from when it was first released up until its newest version (presented in the trailer above). Among many other things I assume that the whole idea of undead mutants in space certainly managed to bring a slice of the good old zombie flavor while not forgetting the most intense part about them … Killing them over and over again and thus transforming their sorry undead corpses into “deader” corpses … For the time being of course, because after all whenever you start a new game they will rise again and again and again and so on. Anyways the story had a great run and although it won’t get a fourth part I’m quite sure that after ten years or so we’ll still enjoy replaying this cool horror shooter trilogy.

Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Survival Guide

The second title that I picked for this list of games that are supposed to scare you while you play them and to some extent manage to do that is the Left 4 Dead series. The first game in the series was awesome and back in 2008 when it was first launched things were still quite fresh, however after the release of the second game I honestly got rid of the first because to a great extent its the same game plus a few extra features here and there, but the thing that made me pick this one over the first was obviously its improved story and empowered monsters. I mean those bastards have everything they need to get almost anyone who is sane enough and is wise enough to play it with headphones on max volume. The game didn’t continue its story with a third part, however they added plenty of DLC with tons of awesome new content that sated our hunger for butchering (and being butchered) by zombies and witches and other digital ghoulish pests that succeded in riping a scare from me now and then.

Evil Within Final Trailer

Alright so this sick twisted game only came out a couple weeks ago and as soon as I layed eyes on it a year ago when the first trailer came out I sort of knew what to expect from it, but now that I finally got to play I have to confess that it totally blew my mind. The game is basically a survival horror in the style of Outlast however it also gives you the chance the fight back (not that it would matter all that much when you don’t have any cursed bullets and there is no green gel for miles), but still it’s something, right?. Overall I have to admit that so far I wasn’t able to get to far away with the game, but I expect to do at least a little progress next week when I’ll finally have time to take a closer look at it and get past that damned situation I got stuck in … But anyways, scare themes are awesome, graphics are totally amazing and the overall feeling of insecurity the game offers its players simply leaves you speechless. So if you haven’t managed to get it already do please order the game cause that’s the title you’ll have to play for Halloween and try to discover the Evil Within.

Dante’s Inferno (The Video Game)

If you guys liked the Devil May Cry series and haven’t made the connection to Dante’s Divine Comedy just yet, then allow me to tell you that there’s a game out there that points this out in the easiest way possible … A game called Dante’s Inferno that basically goes on the same framework as Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay and story, except that it’s slightly different in terms of … naming I guess? Well anyways taking it as a standalone game it still is pretty cool and although it gets monotonus at some points the literature major in me is happy to see a different enactement of the well known medieval allegory of the journey through the catholic hell (well this is more of a colored version of it, but I guess that the essence is the same). Just in case you won’t have time to play it or you might have trouble finding it, I recommend the animation that was released together with it that is called (let’s see if you guess)Dante’s Inferno: An animated epic! It’s not much really, but if you’re into this kind of stuff that binds together gaming, literature and religion, you’ll like it.

Manhunt 2 (Official Trailer)

And finally from Rockstar games comes a title that’s filled with violence and torture and that’s not GTA (I’m sorry to disappoint). No sir, I know that whenever anyone uses the Rock + ☆ together the first thing on your mind is Grand Theft Auto, but since it’s Halloween I digged around the web and I got across this pretty title here. Manhunt 1 and 2 are a much more serious approch to horror/slasher/shooter/troture video games that Rockstar somehow managed to sweep under the carpet (once you’ll take a closer look at it you’ll know why) because it just didn’t appeal to such a great audience. Now the game ain’t perfect, but it works and if you get the guts to play through you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations worthy of the Saw/Hostel series both on the giving and receiving end of ultimate pain. This and a whole bunch of other sick ways to end someone’s life make this classic game my final pick for this sickly spooky list on this Hallow’s Eve.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed our small roundup on horror games and I advise you all to take a closer at all these games for I found them quite entertaining (in the given context of pumpking carving of course). For now I wish you all a Happy Halloween with plenty of spooks and candies (all of them being age appropriate of course) and I guess that I’ll return soon enough with our normal news on whatever updates might be up in our strategy to winning a top spot in the new Warlords expansion for Wacraft, in terms of good guides/addons and tips and tricks and everything in between. Till then, have fun playing!

Well it is no wonder that whenever a new expansion for Warcraft looms on the horizon, people go nuts about getting the best guides to help them achieve at least a couple of unique achievements and basically be the first (or among the first) to explore and find out the secrets behind the lore and the newest features and updates that the new content has to offer. Now do please allow me to tell you that after seven years of being on the front lines of Warcraft and over two years of blogging about it here on this gaming journal of mine, I know a thing or two about both the game and the guides that work with it. High on top sits Zygor (as if you wouldn’t already know from the very title of the post, right?) who basically has the best set of premium guides for World of Warcraft out there, no questions asked, then come all the other guides and addons that you can find listed on the right and many others that you can’t find there cause they simply present no interest whatsoever to anyone (or almost anyone, cause you would be amazed on what people actually spend their money on these days). As with all the other expansions so far, Warlords of Draenor, will basically generate a lot of hype and a ton of competition as new players will drop by to check the action and will have no idea how to get a flying mount (or how to get half the gold needed to train expert riding, which these days comes quite cheap) even if they are boosted till 90 and have a full set of draenic starter gear. For those and for all the others who need that extra edge, the boys from Zygor have been preping their guides since the early stages of Warlords Beta and will have them all available sometime right before the launch so you can jump right into action as soon as the new content goes live.


As you may or may not know the guides provided shouldn’t replace the free ones like the Auctioneer or the Questhelper, but they should be complementary to these and together build a true pro gaming experience even to the beginner player. Also most people have the impression that you’re paying to much for the whole package, which is quite true, if you buy it all with just one order the cost is slightly above that of any average gaming service … Guys as much as I would like to tell you that you need to buy all six guides together as a bundle and profit of the small discount given, I for one advise you all (unless you have like a couple hundred bucks just lying around the house somewhere) to buy each guide seperately whenever you need them because if you’re just leveling the only guide you need is the leveling and loremaster and the others are all basically useless up until you are maxed out (or at least crossed over two or three expansions). And even while you are at max level you should only get the guides you will work on: say you want to grind rep and do dailies then you only get those two and leave out the pets and mounts and so on … This way I can assure that things actually go pretty smoothly and no one can complain that 20$ is too high a sum to pay for a permanent access to one the most badass guides out there for World of Warcraft.

So I do hope you’ve understood, at least a little, how things are supposed to be done with this set of guides and if you truly want to take your gaming to the next level then you might just want to take Zygor into consideration for your own personal MMO success. Also if you still read this at the time when it was posted (or anyways close to it) then you might want to check out the preorder button on the leveling guide for Warlords of Draenor cause that will include the brand new Garrison Guide for free once the expansion is live. Sure thing you will be able to get them both at any later time, but if you miss out on this chance things might just become slightly more expensive and let’s face it we all enjoy a good offer, right?


Anyways, the boys from Zygor are clearly taking their jobs seriosuly and actually try quite hard to improve their services and basically be the first complete in-game guide that will be available for patch 6.0.2 when it will finally be updated with all the Warlords content on the 13th of November (that’s less than a month from now can you imagine that?). I will try to follow them closely and whenever there will be some serious updates I will put up another post and give you all the updates. Likewise we’ll do the same for the other big name in the industry - Dynasty and its four awesome addons. Till the next update then do keep up your gaming spirits and make sure to check back soon enough for more updates as they come, because as every serious player you might just want to be in the middle of the action whenever it starts up, right? I mean sure thing you can do it on your own as well, but it would most certainly be a lot more easier with any of these guides/addons having your back out there! I’m just saying you know, no need to take me seriously!

So I guess that by now you have all noticed that World of Warcraft was updated to patch 6.0.2 and that everything that we’ve discussed so far (well almost everything) has been put into place so that we may finally begin to enjoy the pre-launch events and joust around the newly turned Red Dark Portal that got filled by a boatload of level 90 badass orcs. Once you’re done with cleaning the portal don’t forget to check out the special wing in Blackrock while it still lasts (you have like enough time for a whole month, but still do is as quickly as possible cause you know after you are a kid no more time becomes a real nuisance). Anyways in case you haven’t checked out the official post from Blizz on the topic I invite you do that after you finish reading this, but to make things easier for you I will also embed the updated patch presentation video right here:

WoW Patch 6.0.2 – The Iron Tide Guide

Alright so did you guys have your fill? All cool with the toy box, right? Good! Now you know how to deal with the changes, but if you ask me there are quite a lot of things that might just end up giving us a true headache, but of what I managed to test out so far everything went as smoothly as they said it would. Of course that I’m talking here about the squish issue, which as they said results in seeing smaller numbers on the screen and adjusting the creatures to fit those numbers as well so that we won’t get bashed when going against them … Now do think of it a little – from all the tens of thousands of creatures that they have all around the database they only need a couple of them to have somehow glithced through the squish and keep their stats from Mists and BANG!!! We are screwed up until they will hotfix it with another bloody patch, but still I haven’t found one yet and hopefully I won’t be the “lucky one” to find it if the glitch is out there.


One other thing that’s really annoying is that they applied the model updates already when not all of them are ready … I mean come on, you can do this in a beta version, but goddamnit don’t do it in the official servers! Where is the blood elf super model lass/lad? Where’s the cowgirl (meaning the tauren female model) and all the other race/gender combiantions that haven’t been updated yet? Well I guess that if we waited a whole summer for the updates we can still wait for a month and then hopefully enjoy all of the new content, including the whole of Draenor and all its secrets.

Yet another important thing that needs to be mentioned in this context is the need for a good guide to provide all the help you need all throughout Draenor from the very beginning till the end. Now you can always get the good old free addons like the quest helper or the auctioneer, but if you feel like truly racing through the new content as it goes live in less than a month then I suggest you check out Zygor’s Guides and place a pre-order for the complete 1-100 leveling guide (or if you are already a member then just update with the 90-100 content for free if you haven’t done so already). And so you know if you place an order by the end of this month you’ll also get the spankin’ new garrison guide for free, which as you may realize will come in a later pack as well, but for a price, so if you can, don’t miss out on the offer! Anyways I will keep you updated as they make changes to their system because so far they seem to be the only complete guide pack provider out there who took the new expansion launch seriously and actually provide a pretty nice helpful insight into how things will go down from here onwards with their services.


As always during these kind of times when everyone goes nuts about new content and seek a better guide there are plenty of “newcomers” who seek to make an honest buck by selling you some kind of “ultimate guide” which should make a hero out of any zero you may think of (in terms of Warcraft gameplay that is) and if I ever get my eyes on one of those I’ll make sure to let you know how things go with it and avoid or if they happen to be for real (although I honestly doubt that) then why not buy with confidence. Apart from Zygor the addons provided by Dynasty should also be updated to support the newest patch in a very short time if they haven’t already updated them (cause I haven’t checked in with them for a few days now, but I will soon enough). And I guess this would be quite it for now, stay tuned cause I’ll be updating on the go and hopefully when the Iron Horde is finally unleashed on the 13th the next month, we’ll all be ready. Till then take good care and cap as much untainted orc ass as you can!

Blizzard’s Official Blog Post – Patch 6.0.2 is Live

Quite a long time it has been since the last gaming girls post, don’t you think so? After all this time I decided to grab myself, sit down and do a little backtracking to find another set of five gorgeous fictional ladies that we’ve loved (or hated, depending on the case) throughout the Warcraft series. This time on the list it is the turn of the night elves and among them I shall also include two naga characters, because at their origin they too are night elves, you did know that, right? (With the curse of the old god upon them and the sundering and … Bloody lore!) So without making this introduction any longer do please allow me to start with the first character and her story:

Queen Azshara


Now most of you may be familiar with this lovely lady after you’ve finally got to encounter her in Cataclsym and learn a thing or two about her story, still it begins much earlier in the lore of Warcraft, she is in fact one of the oldest and most influential characters in Azeroth, but she’s one that just simply didn’t really had the chance to say her point of view, so far. Her life, although a very fancy one, did manage to set an example for all the night elves in such a way that they would never again touch magic (that is up until the events of Cataclsym when they again receieve the Highborne among them after 10, 000 years of exile once again) after her meddling with magic draw the attention of Sargares, with whom she is said to have had some kind of a relationship. Azshara in her glory days was basically the ruler of all Kalimdor and you should keep in mind that at the time there were no Eastern Kingdoms, so basically she ruled the entire world (known world at the time that is). As you can imagine such a status might cause someone to take the wrong path in life and even lead her followers to ruin as well and surpise surprise … That’s exactly what she did! But wether we see her as the embodiment of all the night elf splendour (given that one of her many titles was Light of lights) or as the fallen naga sea witch she still is and will forever be a mesmerizing figure within the lore of Azeroth.

Lady Vashj


We first encounter this lovely serpent lady during the blood elf campaign of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne when she arrives to help the elves in their time of need and thus enlist their help in Illidan’s army with the promise of finding a magical source from which they could all feed their addiction. Although her role is rather small throughout the story, she just simply is there to help and all along the way, she remains loyal up until the end and leads the armies of naga in conquering Outland after Illidan’s defeat at the frozen throne. Eventually she settles down in Zangarmarsh where we, the players, get to face her in the Coilfang raid and rid the world of her wickedness once and for all. But as with all the naga she too has a story of the time before she was a cruel serpentine mistress, during the time she was a fair highborne and story of which we learn more during that terrible underwater zone of Vashj’ir (hence the etymology of her name). With these being said I assume that she too deserved this small introduction and earned her place within the noteworthy lasses of Azeroth.

Tyrande Whisperwind


Quite frankly I don’t think that she needs any comments for Tyrande is one of those characters that was there since the early days of Warcraft III and although she went through a lot of things in her long immortal life to this day she remains a beacon of hope for her people and an instrument in her goddesses hand. Her story has everything in it from the love triangle between her, Malfurion and Illidan up until the heavy burden of leading the night elves in the absence of the druids through some very pretty harsh times. Ever since the release of mmo version of Warcraft she was the leader of the night elves and alongside Fandral and later Malfurion she guided her people through the events that we have all experienced as players, from the re-opening of the Dark Portal up until the more recent events with the Siege of Orgrimmar where she was present alongside all the other faction leaders while taking her role very seriously! A truly great and commendable character whose long life turned her into a brilliant leader that just simply had to be on my list.

Maiev Shadowsong


Miss Shadowsong is introduced to us in the expansion to WC3 where we are told that for the past 10,000 years she was Illidan’s jailor, the warden tasked with looking out for him alongside a host of sentinels called the Watchers. Throughout the campaign we follow her hunt for the escaped prisoner up until we actually see Illidan set free by the forces of Vashj and Kael and from this point onward her fate becomes unknown to us. Later in the Burning Crusade we find her allied with the Ashtogue Deathsworn and with a little help from an unsuspecting raiding party she gets her vengance and slays Illidan for good atop the Black Temple, point where her fate becomes uncertain yet again. Her story, as that of every important night elf lady started eons ago and through the many years of her life she has seen much and witnessed a lot thus transforming her from a priestess to warden and finally into a hunter and a rogue who is no longer welcome among her own people due to a small incident she had with the highborne (the ones we mentioned in the beginning as part of Azshara’s crew). Regardless of how we may choose to see her, we need to understand that Maiev stands as a testimony of human life as we know it, ever-changing and being molded by all the events that happen to us, be they good or evil, thus for her complexity and her extensive role in the story so far I believe that she too deserves a spot on the top five night elf ladies of Warcraft.

Shandris Feathermoon


And finally the last lady that I’ve given a spot on the list is none other than Shandris, the general of the Sentinel army. We see her in the form of a ranger during various missions on Warcraft III, including the last mission of the Reign of Chaos series, however she is never given a hero position, but simply remains as a slighlty stronger archer that could simply die and she would never be heard of again in any mission where she is present. Wether you left her to die or not (I know I didn’t!) we meet again with her in classic World of Warcraft at her stronghold in Ferals where she has a minor role to play in the twisted lore of that time. After Cataclysm however her role became slightly more accentuated and she finally took that title of hers seriously and began leading the army. For all that she has done, I decided to grant her the last spot on this list of night elf ladies from the universe of Warcraft.

And that’s quite about it, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the look at the lives of these lovely ladies as much as I did and do allow me to tell you that there still are few that I have mind before finally closing the chapter and moving on with the girls in games posts for good. Up until next time do feel free to wander throughout the world of mysteries and enjoy whatever it has to offer while keeping in mind that one must constantly wonder at the world around him so as to keep it interesting. Have fun and keep up your game!